Monday, April 10, 2017

Pinnacles Condor Gulch / High Peaks Trail

Monday: (04/10) Off early for the Pinnacles hike. It’s 96 miles down from home. I stopped at the Cozy Cup Cafe in Hollister for breakfast. I arrived at the park at 0850. Lots of time. Met my fellow hikers at 0930 for the hike up Condor Gulch to the High Peaks Trail them back down to through Bear Gulch. We finished the hike just before 1400 and stopped for snacks at the park store. I was by myself so I took the back way home on the dirt road that connects Highway 25 to Highway 101 at Gonzales. I stopped for lunch at the Santa Fe Market for a nice burrito. I go home a bit before 1800 and washed the car before showering and having dinner, the last half of my burrito.

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