Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Santa Barbara Excursion.

Monday: (05/01) I relaxed all day. I made an early shopping run to Walmart for a couple of things I needed and some groceries for Lou. Turns out I needed to buy a swimsuit and thongs as well so another trip to Walmart. Then I finished packing and relaxed. Leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. Lunch at LUU Noodle House. Lou roasted some veggies and some sausages for dinner.

Tuesday: (05/02) Had some of Dawn’s leftover pancakes with strawberries. On the road about 0750. Stopped for gas on the way out of town. I stopped in Greenfield for some flan at Rancho San Miguel Market. Another stop for gas in Santa Margarita. I arrived right on time at 1230 to meet my fellow hikers. Actually, today is a multi-car drive through California Valley, in Carrizo Plain National Monument. All the flowers are gone now except for a few poppies. We continued South through the NM on Soda Lake Road to Highway 166 then onto Highway 33 South. Nice drive through canyons to Ventura for me since I missed the turnoff to Carpinteria. I checked into the Wayfarer Hostel about 1710. Several of us met at the Opal Restaurant for dinner.

Wednesday: (05/03) Breakfast at the hostel, oatmeal, OJ, toast and peanut butter with a banana and an apple.I carpooled with Anne, Jenn, and Kate to the Gaviota Peak Trailhead. We hiked to the peak on a strenuous trail then back on the Trespass Trail which was more primitive for a 6.5-mile hike. I Was worn out So opted not to do a second 2.5-mile hike to Wind Caves. Anne didn’t do it either. Libby started but returned without completing it due to the heat, exposure and overgrown trail. We reserved a table at Enterprise Fish Company for 1900 so we could all get a shower before dinner. I had their fish and chips which was pretty good.

Thursday: (05/04) I woke early to walk over to Joe’s Cafe on State Street. I arrive at about 0700 and they open at 0730 so I took a walk up State Street to where we dined the other night then returned through the closed open-air mall and arrived back at Joe’s just as they opened. I noticed something called a Cubano egg plate and without further menu examination, ordered it. It was quite good. Nice to have a real breakfast. I carpooled with Ann, Kate, and Jenn to the Inspiration trailhead for a hike up the Jesusita Trail to meet Libby, Karin, Judy and Neil for the hike. It was an 1800 foot climb to the point and down the other side to Seven Falls the return on the same trail. We were through by 1500. On return, the hostel a shower really helped The group staying here at the Wayfarer went to Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant for dinner. I picked it out because it had a nice chili relleno description on their menu. Then we took a walk through the mall. Rather different when open. Also continued up State Sreet and through the Old Paseo to the courthouse. Nice walking town.

Friday: (05/05) Up early for a little hostel breakfast of PBJ toast. I met the group at the Old Courthouse and visited the clock tower for a view of the city from above. Then off to the old Mission where I took a look around another of the old California missions. The chapel was occupied with a funeral so I got in at half price. Nice garden courtyard. Then off to the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden. Nice native plant arboretum in a ravine. I said goodbye to Neil and Judy there and headed off toward Bakersfield about 1330. I had a call in to Hillcrest Memorial Park to see if my mom’s niche marker had been installed yet.many years ago it was supposed to have been but the order got lost in the files. I noticed it had never been installed a couple of years ago. The order was lost a second time which I noticed on a visit there this past January. Anyway, the call confirmed it had arrived but wasn’t installed yet due to a crack in the marble. While waiting for word, I was already on my way and visiting Bakersfield was not much further than returning via highway 101. I ended up taking Highway 192 South to Highway 150 the Highway 33 to Lockwood Road and over to Interstate 5 and down the Grapevine to Bakersfield. Possibly the long way but I’ve never taken this route before and it was interesting. I tried to pick up some gluten-free cinnamon rolls there for Lou but the shop was closed, possibly permanently. (sad). I then had a nice shrimp dinner at the Rice Bowl Chinese Restaurant before heading home via Interstate 5. I arrived home about 1120.

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