Saturday, July 1, 2017

Almost To China

Saturday: (07/01) Pizza for breakfast. I started the morning with a simple task. I installed some of the drip tube I got the other day on the bougainvillea and strawberries. This tubing has 1gph emitters every 6 inches embedded in the tube. That should make the volume emitted about 3 times the previous. I then got busy with more digging by Ernie’s trailer. I first had to install a cantilevered beam to the from jacks and move the support which was sitting on the area I need to dig out. Lou helped me clear the next area I’ll be digging, the cactus raised bed. That dirt is leftover bad dirt from a previous dig hidden in plain sight. A nice chopped salad ala Lou for lunch. Spaghetti for dinner.

Sunday: (07/02) Leftover apricot blintzes with sour cream and a couple of wieners for breakfast. It was a typical late Sunday start due to watching Face The Nation. Once outside, I dug out behind Dawn’s shed, then some from the new garden area to be. I eventually started on our neighbor Meili’s walkway. I am installing about 15 feet of walkway there. I needed to grub out for the baserock removing a lot of difficult tree roots in the process. About 75% done today. Leftover pizza for lunch. Salmon chowder and toast with roasted veggies for dinner.

Monday: (07/03) Granola for breakfast. I had a dentist appointment and Lou and Dawn came with me. They dropped me off and shopped until I was through. We then dropped by Aqui’s restaurant for an early lunch. At home I relaxed some then finally got to work on the neighbor's walkway. I got some more roots out and completed the first 4 inches dug out. Two 5 inch diameter roots remain to do after the holiday. Lou made salmon rice and bacon wrapped cheese stuffed mini pepper poppers for dinner.



Tuesday: (07/04) Independence Day. We all (Lou Dawn Meili and I) went up to the parade in Redwood City. It was a two hour parade. We got a nice shady viewing location and seating on a raised tree planter. After the parade we had lunch then walked around the vendor booths. Then we looked around the Cost Plus World Market. I then walked back to our car while they all visited Savers Thrift store. I just got to sleep in the car as they called to say they were ready for pickup. Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Lou made split pea soup for dinner.


Wednesday: (07/05) I spend the morning moving the plans in the junk dirt raised bed into pots to save them for future new homes. Then I spent the rest of the day moving the dirt into the dumpster. I followed that by digging out the ramps I had left in the big hole and added that to the dumpster. That filled the dumpster to all but over full. I still have a few buckets more to dig out of one ramp but no room for it. I’ll have to hide it somewhere. Granola and apple for breakfast. Ham, cheese and spinach dip sandwich for lunch. Leftover split pea soup with baked cauliflower for dinner.


Thursday: (07/06)  I called to have the dumpster picked up. Also called to change my dentist appointment later this month that conflicts with my Lost Coast hike. I needed to go get some materials today. That turned into an all day activity. I was looking for a bull float to make cement finishing easier. None found. I stopped at San Carlos Home Depot and got some material but they had very limited ½” PVC fittings and no 3 inch drain pipe.  I stopped at the Redwood City Orchard hardware. No 3 inch there either. I did get my ½ inch PVC there though. A final stop in East Palo Alto’s Home Depot scored me 5 of the 8 required 3 inch pipes. Oh well. Another day they may get something in. Blintzes for breakfast. Lunch at Chavez Market. Lou made tacos for dinner.


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