Friday, July 7, 2017

Castle Rock West, Beekhuis Loop Hike

Friday: (07/07) Since my car has a warning light on, I walked over to L&L Hawaiian for my breakfast then walk over to Alex’s to carpool to our hike at Castle Rock State Park. We met our fellow hikers at Sempervirens Point. It was a hot day even up on top of the mountain. We hiked about seven miles in a loop including part of the old Toll Road Trail and the Skyline To The Sea Trail. We were back to Alex’s shortly after 1300. I called Lou and started walking home. They picked me up shortly on their return from a Costco shopping run. I relaxed some before taking a shower. Lou and I were then off for the evening. We stopped at the Walmart neighborhood market and bought some electrolyte drink mix. They had my preferred flavors of Orange and Fruit Punch. The normal Walmarts only seem to carry raspberry and grape. We visited some thrift stores on our way toward Almaden Valley in South San Jose. On the way, Lou spotted a loveseat double recliner, which we have been looking for. It was placed by the curb. It looks in really good shape but could use reupholstering. Lou thinks she can do it so into the Jeep it went. We made it home about 2230. Breakfast was and egg sausage and cheese English muffin with a maple bar. Lunch was a tuna snack and apple. For dinner, we stopped at the Country Inn and shared a prime rib dinner.

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