Saturday, July 15, 2017

Moving Rock

Saturday: (07/15) I was up at 0500 and outside to move some rock. It was supposed to be hot today so starting early helped. Ernie joined me after an hour or so. We filled the rest of the area for his shed. The remaining pile of rock will probably be a little short for the front walkway and for Meili’s walkway. Lou and Dawn were out at estate sales and called me to come and get some aggregate concrete flower pots. They probably weigh over one hundred pounds empty and they were all full of dirt which we had to take. I had help to load them by the sales staff but unloaded them by myself. Using a ramp to slide them makes it fairly easy. They will have to sit around for awhile until a home can be found for them. About 1500 Home Depot arrived with my three pallets of concrete. It was a 14 hour work day today. Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, a salad for lunch and sausage and baked potato for dinner. Lou and Dawn made the sausages.



Sunday: (07/16) Leftover mexican omelet for breakfast. After the usual Sunday morning TV i finally got outside. Today was a 100 degree day so I started by erecting a 10x10 sun shade. I then tried to drill some holes to pine old concrete to new but had to go get more drill bits. I got the one that each of two Orchard Hardware stores had. While out i picked up some dim sum at King Dim Sum. The first bit of those seemed to melt too quickly. So I changed direction. I started installing the forms for the driveway. I made a run to Home Depot and got some 2x4’s and more drill bits. At home I cut a bunch of rebar to make the pins. So, really not a productive day today. Leftover pizza for dinner.


Monday: (07/17) Ernie and I got to work just before 0800. I cut the rebar and wired it together. I also drilled holes for the pins that attach to existing concrete. Ernie installed the dobbies (little blocks of concrete that raise the rebar about 2 inches.) We then made and installed some forms to section off the pour for easier control. I changed my original plan to pour three large sections in one pour rather than six sections on two days. If all goes well we should be able to finish the concrete pour over the next two days. Two ifs are the condition of my back and the amount of concrete on hand. Before quitting for the day we moved the mixer out front. Lou made ham, eggs and potatoes for breakfast, homemade sausage and ranch beans for lunch, spaghetti for dinner and pineapple upsidedown cake for dessert.


Tuesday: (07/18) Busy day. Granola and banana for breakfast. Ernie and I planned on starting the concrete pour of the driveway at 0800, the time we can begin making noise. We poured the three big sections of the driveway. The first section got away from me and dried a little too much before I finished it. It took some extra effort to get it good enough or at least to city sidewalk crew perfection but not to don’s normal standard. We poured 113 bags of concrete so I hefted over 3 tons of concrete into the mixer and Ernie pushed around the same. We had a late lunch after the second pour. Ernie went down the street to El Gruelense Mexican Restaurant while I continued to mix concrete. We finished up around 4pm. My dinner was leftover lunch. Lou and Dawn were out all day in San Jose.



Wednesday: (07/19) Granola and banana for breakfast. Ernie and i were out at 0800. We got the holes drilled, rebar and forms installed and were ready to start pouring around noon. I grabbed a burrito from El Gruelens which i shared with Dawn. After lunch we started mixing and pouring the concrete. We only got about 12 bags mixed when the mixer failed. It kept stalling and the motor started smoking. I couldn’t get it working so we mixed enough bags by hand to complete the first section of the three we needed to do. I did the finishing until I completed the last troweling. I then trotted off to Home Depot and bought some nuts and bolts, grease and a few bags of concrete. When i got home I disassembled the mixer and found nothing wrong. I lubed the mixer, added new bolts to the gearbox, made a little adjustment to the gear housing and the mixer tested OK. I guess it wanted the day off. Lou was off to San Jose to to try to get a San Jose parking permit and get the Jeep washed. Dawn made macaroni and cheese with wieners for dinner. Tomorrow we will hopefully get the pour completed after 1000 when I have my new tooth crown installed




Thursday: (07/20) Granola and apple for breakfast. Lou and I were off at 0700 to the Dentist. I had an appointment to get my new crown installed and a replacement filling as well. Lou had her previous crown checked. After the appointment we returned home. Ernie and I were starting the concrete pour by 1000. All went well and the mixr did a great job. We used my old antique wheelbarrow to transport the concrete. It’s at least 70 years old. As te last of the concrete was busy drying and i was doing the final finishing we cleaned up the front yard. The sunshade was moved to the backyard, debris removed, and tools put away. It looks pretty good now. I still have a deep hole where the new sidewalk will go and it was taped off. Sam for the hole in the backyard where the new flower beds will be. I then spent some time working on the RV trying to get the new inverter/charger to work. When I powered it up it didn’t charge and continually ran on inverter. I thought it had now AC to it. Still a possibility though i replaced the power cord to it. It seems the more likely cause was just a switch setting that told it to always run from battery. I also installed a jumper so i can bypass it if it gives any problems in the future. Since all power goes through it if it doesn’t work there would be no power for Lou’s CPAP even though we would be in an RV park with electrical hookup. All tested good by 1900. Lou got me a nacho supreme from El Gruelense for lunch. For dinner we went to the Corner Bakery nearby.


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