Saturday, August 5, 2017

Vintage Computer Festival

Saturday: (08/05) Slept last night in the tent in the yard. My mattress is good, my pillow needs replacement. It flattens in 5 minutes.I worked on my pack load. This should be easier since I haven’t backpacked since i came home but things get scattered. Lou made French toast and sausage for breakfast. We ate in the yard. Lou reminded me that some limbs need to be trimmed from the oak tree that are sweeping the roof. The first problem was extracting my electric pole saw. It was trapped in my shop. Next problem was a good ladder. My 6-foot ladder is far too wobbly, my small extension ladder is in San Jose and my big extension ladder was buried under a bunch of surplus wood and other things. I got the limbs cut and the roof swept then used my new blower to pile the leaves that i swept off the roof. Lou and Dawn are disposing of the limbs and leaves into the compost bins over time.I took a second shower and after that, I headed off with my latest shopping list. REI for a pillow and TP. Walmart for wet-ones and shipping tape. Office Depot for extra strength shipping tape. And Sprouts for trail snacks. I was then off to the Computer History Museum to attend part of the Vintage Computer Festival. Several computer clubs and vendors there. I attended a discussion panel about Commodore Computers. I’ own and have owned several. In fact one of mine is in the museum's collection. The panel consisted of lead engineers involved in the development of those early computers. An interesting tidbit was that the owner of Commodore which also owned Mos technology, the maker of the 6502 microprocessor (used in the Apple II) once turned down an offer to buy Apple Computer for $15,000. It’s interesting that without the 6502, personal computers would have not been developed as soon as they were. I got dinner on the way home at Los Altos Taqueria. Lou and Dawn were out to the Black Bear for dinner.


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