Monday, October 2, 2017

October Road Trip

Sunday: (10/01) We packed the RV to go and were on the road a little after 1000. Looked around the San Benito County Fair. Nice bunch of animals, mostly pigs and sheep. We left the fair about 1600 and settled into site 91 at Pinnacles NP. Bread pudding for breakfast. Fair food for lunch. Meatballs, broccoli, and rice for dinner.




Monday: (10/02) Up early for a granola breakfast and a hike. I drove up to Bear Gulch and hiked up to the reservoir via the Rim trail and back via Moses Creek trail. Nice light for photos. We left the Pinnacles about 1015. A stop on Paso Robles at the thrift store was fruitful for Lou. Unfortunately, the Chinese Buffet was not open on Mondays. Had lunch at Paso Robles Inn instead. On to our campsite at North Campground in Pismo SB arriving about 1530. Relaxed the crest of the day. Lou made baked beans and sausage for dinner. We met a leash trained cat named Kitty that was out for a walk.



Tuesday: (10/03) We started with a walk on the beach. Along the way we found a common murre that had gotten some oil or tar on itself. Dawn picked it up wrapped it in her jacket and we checked the Internet for a bird rescue location. It was in Morro Bay. I walked back to cam and got the car and we headed off. Then it was time for our late breakfast at Carla’s in Morro Bay. We dropped off a box Dawn needed to ship at UPS and looked at some thrift stores. We also drove by a couple of houses we’d seen online. I called our agent to go see one of them tomorrow. Dinner at Pismo Fish and Chips. In the evening Lou and I visited Von’s market for a few things.




Wednesday: (10/04) Granola for breakfast. I tried to run the generator at 0800, the end of quiet hours here. The generator started but stopped after a minute or so. I knew we were low on gas and the generator veiny run off the tank is below ¼ full. So while Lou and Dawn were off to Oceana to get new passes for the state parks, I headed off in the motorhome for gas. It didn’t help, generator still died. So I figured it was low oil. We had to head off to Morro Bay to met our realtor to look at a house. Nice four bungalows. Perfect place for us as a family compound. Unfortunately we finally considered medical facilities and availabilities. No too good for our needs so likely won't be moving to this area. We had a nice lunch at the Taco Temple in Motto Bay. Wonderful. Once back at camp I added a little oil and the generator ran fine. The dipstick indicated oil was fine before I added oil. Dinner was leftovers from lunch.


Thursday: (10/05) We walked over to the Grover Beach train Station Cafe for breakfast. After breakfast, I walked to Miner’s Hardware and bought some Velcro straps for the RV. The ones I use to secure our awning arms have too much sun rot. On the way home I walked through the neighborhood looking at houses. I also looked around the Sky River RV sales lot that is across from our campground. They had a couple of nice used National RV’s,  Sea Breeze and a Surfside, both 28 foot 2006 models. They Also had a Thor 29M motor home that is pretty much identical to the Winnebago we’re looking at. I returned to camp and napped, had lunch and napped some more while Lou and Dawn we're out shopping. I told Lou about the RV’s when she returned. We went over to look at them. The Thor was a no go because they are asking list. The two 2006 Nationals we're both $29,000. The Sea Breeze looked good but had 95k miles. The Surfside looked good and had 32k miles. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any reason not to buy the Surfside, so we did, We’re trading our existing RV so we have to clean it out and I need to remove the solar system. We return next week to swap. We finished up at the dealer about 1830 so no Farmers Market In SLO tonight. We had dinner at the Pismo Fish and Chips.


Friday: (10/06) We took a walk on the beach and returned via the streets. On the way, we stopped at Old West Cinnamon Rolls and indulged. Lou and Dawn headed off to SLO to do some shopping. I emptied the tanks and drove up to Paso Robles and waited for them to catch up. Dawn and I had lunch at the Golden Dragon Chinese Buffet. Lou couldn’t eat there so dined at Paso Robles Inn. We then continued on to home. Along the way, we stopped in Salinas for a walk. Home a little before 8pm.

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