Friday, March 2, 2018

Annual Accident In The Jeep

Friday: (03/02) Granola and banana for breakfast. We were off for an appointment for Lou. Dawn inspected a bookstore and I went down to San Jose and checked the sump pump. It was raining nicely today so there was water to pump, and it did. I also labeled the outlet cover in an attempt to keep the pump plugged in. I then went to our credit union, which only has branches in San Jose, to complete some forms related to changing our main bank. I then stopped by Lowes and bought some hardware and oak molding. My final task was a little shopping at a Walmart Neighborhood Market. I then stopped back at the bookstore and waited for a call from Lou. After picking her up we went to lunch at Bill’s Cafe in Santa Clara. On the way home, a lady scraped the side of our Jeep. She was trying to slip into the left turn lane and didn’t fit. I dropped Lou and Dawn off at home and then went to Yeamen’s Auto Body to get an estimate of $1650 to remove the ¼” deep two-foot long crease and have it painted. This is the third year in a row having our jeep in a collision just as we plan to leave on our extended trip. So we’ve delayed departure for more than just my needing to finish the TV cabinet in the RV. Leftovers for dinner.
Our sadly damaged Togger The Jeep on the left above. The escaping culprit on the right above.
Only a quarter-sized scratch on the other car.

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