Monday, May 14, 2018

Eureka, More Drizzle

Monday: (05/14) Lou made scrambled eggs with chorizo and peppers for breakfast. We went up to Arcata for the day. Dawn was browsing the bookstores and selling some books to them. Lou and I visited some shops. We had lunch at the Chinese Buffet again. We also discovered a cider bar downtown that had most of the Humboldt ciders on tap and a bunch from other cideries. They also have good looking meat and other pies. Definitely, a place to visit for lunch sometime. Pork with rice and orange marmalade carrots for dinner.

Tuesday: (05/15) A rainy day. Apple fritter for breakfast. We went out on a shopping run to start. Lunch in Arcata t the Cider bar where we enjoyed meat pies. I had a beef mushroom, Lou a gluten-free chicken and Dawn had a spinach ricotta empanada. And then there was pecan bacon pie for dessert. And of course, more cider samples to drink. More looking around Arcata before returning home. Leftover pork with rice and artichoke for me and liver and onions for Lou and Dawn.

Wednesday: (05/16) A banana for my breakfast. Lou and Dawn walked over to the bagel bakery for breakfast. I attended a webinar while they visited a thrift store. We drove downtown for lunch at the Lost Coast Brewery Pub. Dawn examined the two bookstores there. Lou and I walked around and looked in some shops. Back at home, we visited a salvage yard here in the fairgrounds that was only open on Wednesdays. Just junk, but interesting. Lou made hamburgers for dinner. In the evening I prepared for a hike tomorrow at Prairie Creek Redwoods SP. It’s about 45 miles north of here and it looks like we’ll be here in Eureka through the 24th then at Ferndale for the holiday weekend. The Kinetic Art Race is that weekend.

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