Sunday, May 13, 2018

Headwaters Forest Preserve, Elk River Trail

Sunday: (05/13) Leftover pork hash with eggs for breakfast. I drove about 10 miles South of town to hike the Elk River Trail at Headwaters Forest Preserve. I enjoyed a trail lunch of tuna salad, bacon jerky, and trail mix. The forest was slightly foggy all day with no sun. The hike is 5 miles out, 3 of which are fairly level following the Elk River. The final two miles climb a mountain about 1200 feet up. At the end is a 1-mile loop trail and then a return back the way I hiked out. I got home a little after 1500. Lou and Dawn were outside trying to get some sun. It hadn’t shown all day until then. They then headed over to the cidery for a drink. I took a shower and then joined them. For dinner, Lou made clam chowder with toast.









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