Saturday, May 26, 2018

Kinetic Grand Championship Race In Eureka

Saturday: (05/26) Day One Of Kinetic Grand Championship Race. Lou made scrambled eggs again today for breakfast. We headed off to Arcata for the start of the race. The racers work on inspections and put on a show from 0900 to noon when the race starts. This year there were so many racers that there were two noons, one for each half of the racers. When the last of the racers departed, so did we. We headed off to the Samoa Peninsula where they will exit the beach, climb a sand dune then drop down a very steep dune. We finally departed at 1700 before the last of the bunch had dropped down Devil's Slide. For dinner, we returned to Arcata to the Cider Bar/ Humboldt Pie Company. Unfortunately, it was a sunny day, or so my neck says.












Sunday: (05/27) Waffles with strawberries for breakfast. We headed off early to the marina in Eureka to watch the Kinetic Art crafts enter the bay to prove they float. The go about a ½ mile in the water. Most made it, which is quite amazing. We then went to look at then where they had lunch at Eureka Natural Foods. Then we had lunch at Adel's restaurant. After lunch, we went down to Fortuna to an animal rescue center. A really nice facility with loads of dogs. They also had a midget horse. After that, we returned to Loleta to watch the kinetic sculptures pass by there. For dinner, we visited Loleta cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches. About 1800 we headed on home. A little cider for dessert to top the day.





Monday: (05/28) Day three of the Kinetic Grand Championship. We enjoyed leftovers for breakfast. We headed off to Fernbridge at 0900. We found a spot by the Ell River below Fernbridge bridge. This is where the Kinetic racers were crossing the river. They were all across by 1400. We then headed out to Ferndale where the finish line is and looked at the vehicles at rest. Another race under our belt. Lots of fun looking at how each vehicle was constructed.






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