Sunday, May 6, 2018

Visting Santa Rosa

Sunday: (05/06) Lou’s smoothies for breakfast. We finished packing and preparing to go. All I need to do is count my clothes and add any needed and get my computer backpack onboard, and check the tire pressure, oil level, then I’m ready to roll. Not so for everyone. While they finished I brushed all the spiderwebs from the house, trailer, RV, and cars. Traffic wasn’t bad including the traffic on 19th Avenue in San Francisco. We pulled in to the park by 1500. Lunch was a summer sausage and cheese sandwich. We're staying t the Spring Lake County Park campground. It is next door to Anadel State Park that has a section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail. I'll probably try to check that section off tomorrow. Lou and Dawn went to get milk at the market while I took a short walk by the lake and took a nap. We had chicken pot pie and salad for dinner. Lou mentioned that some gusty winds were expected in the afternoon by we didn’t see them.

Monday:(05/07) I prepared a breakfast sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich before hitting the trail. I headed South from Spring Lake Park into Annadel State Park. Beautiful park. Excellent trails. Last year a fire burnt 60% of the park. You could hardly tell it had burnt with the lush free grasses, flowers, and sprouts. Above 15 feet a green canopy, no ash. No scorched earth look. In fact, a March burned and now looks better that before the fire. My hike was 16.1 miles. Lou and Dawn relaxed in camp all day. For dinner, we drove over to Occidental for dinner at Negri’s.















Tuesday: (05/08) Lou’s baked omelet for breakfast. We made a route visiting thrift stores today. Also a little shopping. Lunch downtown At 2 Tread Brew Pub. After lunch, we dropped Dawn off at the Charles Schultz Museum. Lou and I took a drive through the fire burn areas. Over 5000 homes burned in the County last October. Lou made chopped salads for dinner.

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