Sunday, July 29, 2018

Catching Up At Home

Sunday: (07/29) I finished setting up the RV in the driveway putting the jacks down and slides out. I parked it with extra room on the left fence side which will allow me to service the generator. It was shutting down when we tried to run the air conditioner on the road. I found the oil low and added some but it still shut down after a while. I’ll replace the fuel filter and change the oil soon. I moved some things inside and washed my hiking clothes. Otherwise, I relaxed in the RV and tinkered on the computer. I did send in my PCT completion notice to PCTA. Should get a certificate and a medal.

Monday: {07/30) Lou made refried beans for breakfast. I pruned the wisteria on the arbor which obviously liked the warm growth weather. Dawn made a salad for lunch. Roast chicken with baked potatoes and ?? for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/31) I had some leftover rice and beans for breakfast. I was then off to South San Jose to get the Jeep oil changed and a few other items that were due for it. I picked up lunch at Dim Sum King on the way home. At home, I sorted and put away my hiking things. For dinner, Lou made

Wednesday: (08/01)  We went to Trader Joe’s Market for a few things. At home, I prepared spam quesadillas for breakfast. I have quite a few extra supplies to get rid of. I washed my pack, tent and air mattress cover. I installed a new oscillating fan over the dining table. It should help ventilate Dawn while we’re on the road. I also caught up on the blog entries from my notes. Nice salads for lunch. Lou made hamburgers for dinner.

Thursday: (08/02) I fixed spam hash and eggs for breakfast. I'm doing a good job getting rid of the leftover spam packets. Lou and Dawn were off to San Jose for an appointment and to do some thrifting. I was off to the dentist to have my implant preparation checked. it turns out it's 90% OK but I won't be getting the crown Monday as planned. There is a little inflammation and a small area where the bone receded. I'll be back next week to get that fixed and won't get the replacement tooth for a couple of more months. Lou called and needed me to come help get a new dinette set they have been watching at a thrift store in San Jose. The table and the five chairs fit in and on the Jeep and Hyundai. They continued on to Gunther's Deli for lunch and I headed home stopping at China Bistro in Mountain View. I was busy looking for new wipers for the Hyundai and getting information about the RV generator servicing. Lou made a salad for dinner.

Friday: (08/03) Forgot to blog today.

Saturday: (08/04) Forgot to blog today.

Sunday: (08/05) at 1530 we all went to Los Gatos park for Chris Harrington’s birthday celebration. There was a western band there for a concert in the park.

Monday: (08/06) I had a dentist appointment to get fitted for my crowns at Dr Hong’s. Lou and I went shopping afterwards and had Lunch at Applebee’s.

Tuesday: (08/07) I was off to Kaiser, first thing, for a blood test.

Wednesday: (08/08) At 1120 I visited Dr Pechak for some rework of the bone graft for my tooth implant. Dim Sum for Lunch after the numbness subsided some. Hamburger salad for dinner.

Thursday: (08/09) Leftovers for breakfast. I received my new laptop today. Dim Sum King for lunch. Dinner at Harry's Hofbrau then Lou and I went to see the movie “The Spy Who Dumped Me.”

Friday: (08/10) I started setting up new laptop. It will take a while to move my stuff over to the new laptop. I drove up to San Carlos to lyngso and purchased the base rock and geotextile fabric. I also went by Harbor Freight and bought a couple of solid tires to replace the flat tires on the dump cart. Granola with banana for breakfast. A Lou salad for lunch. I made creamed asparagus soup for dinner.

Saturday: (08/11) Lou and Dawn were off shopping and picked up Cecelia at the airport. I visited Home Depot to order the concrete and rebar for delivery and picked up a few other things. I also weeded the front lawn area and moved the used pavers to the side yard. Granola bars for breakfast. Lucky Chinese Bistro for lunch and dinner.

Sunday: (08/12) I made corned beef hash for breakfast. I then replaced the two rear wheels on the dump cart. I had to assemble the new wheels using the old hubs because I got 3.5 inch hubs rather than 3”. The new wheels are solid tires. I moved the woodpile throwing away a lot of the little stuff. Still too much left. I finished cleaning around the fence and broke out the concrete for the temporary fence posts. I need to relocate the fence during the concrete replacement.

Monday: (08/13) I made a quick run the Orchard Hardware and bought a tarp that I’ll have the baserock dumped on to keep the dirt out. I then caught Caltrain to San Francisco for a walk-about. I got off at the 22nd Street station. I had breakfast at a cafe near the station having a nice huevos rancheros. I walked along the bay trail through India Basin out to Hunters Point. I caught a bus over to the Mission District and walked up into the Castro District. I had a donut and tea there as lunch. I caught the Muni train downtown the walked through The new Trans-Bay Terminal. It was opening day there. I caught Samtrans bus #392 down to San Mateo for dinner at a Cuban restaurant then the ECR bus home .

Tuesday: (08/14) Leftover hash for breakfast. The baserock from Lyngso was delivered about 1000, the concrete from Home Depot was delivered about 1120. I moved the RV out from the driveway and parked it across the driveway. I had some computer tasks to get done in the afternoon. I also ordered a concrete dumpster. Weiners and roasted veggies for lunch. I moved two of the pallets of concrete to the backyard. For dinner we went to Lucky Chinese Bistro.

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