Friday, July 6, 2018

Horseshoe Meadows, False Start

Friday: (07/06) Breakfast at Jack's. On trail at 0920. Arrived at Trail Pass Junction at 1035. Poison Creek MM746.8 flowing great. Met Vadim from Israel. He mentioned a similar trail in Israel. Came by the first Alpine lake. Camped MM755 for 11.5 miles, 10 trail miles. Just entered Sequoia King’s Canyon Park. When I sent my status message home I learned The RV had electrical problems. The inverter had failed. Many text messages back and forth didn’t correct it. I could either continue or return.

Saturday: (07/07) up at 0630 waiting to hear the status of Lou's RV electrical problem. I am to return to fix it. On trail 0800 heading back to Horseshoe Meadows. Arrived there at 1400. Lou missed a turn and ended up at Whitney Portal. She arrived at 1430. We had lunch at the Mt Whitney Cafe, then drove home. Lou had been using an electric grill and the microwave oven which tripped the inverter with an overload. In her attempt to fix it she didn’t get a connector fully seated. I reseated it and power was restored with that and her resetting a breaker. When I installed the inverter, I included connectors to allow easy bypassing it. I did bypass it because we are connected to power and it isn't needed and eliminates a possible point of failure. We went to dinner at the casino. I resupplied my pack for the use during my two days out and Lou washed my clothes. I should be back on the trail early tomorrow. Returned SB to MM750 from MM755. 5 Trail miles, 4 connector trail miles.

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