Thursday, July 5, 2018

Zero Day In Bishop

Thursday: (07/05) Lou made a nice chorizo and eggs breakfast with the leftover muffins from breakfast a few days ago. I went off shopping for a new headlamp, new water filter, tortillas, velcro, and a drill bit. I had forgotten my drill bit kit so I need a bit to drill a couple of holes to allow a bungee cord to latch our service door when the water hose has to pass through it. My old filter seems to have become moldy so, it's gone and I needed another. I carry two. I couldn't find my second headlight so I bought a new one, a brighter white and also a bright red lamp. We also bought some more electrolyte drink mix. One set of tablets were bad and the liquid bottle in my resupply was empty. I packed things away removing some items that I likely won’t need. I added a daypack to my load for use on the Mt Whitney accent. On my last section, I came out with more than four days of food left. I glued velcro onto my shoes so I can wear my gators. Lou made a cold salad for lunch.

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