Saturday, October 20, 2018

Finished the Driveway

Saturday: (10/20) Granola and banana for breakfast. Ernie and I poured the last section of the driveway. I also trimmed the neighbors gate. So it closes better. I reinstalled a section of fence I had removed to make working on the neighbors sidewalk easier. Then some time spent cleaning up from the project in front. Sauerbraten on potato for lunch. Pizza for dinner.

Sunday: (10/21) I announced my hikes for the Pinnacles NP visit to the San Jose Midweek Hikers. I spend some time approving each signup for the five hikes. Outside, I stripped the last 2x4 form from the slab we poured yesterday. I also trimmed down both inlaid fence post sleeves. Next, I secured the floor of the RV service compartment. It was damaged by a blown tire before we bought and the taped up job done by the dealer had failed. I added several runs of plumbers tap underneath it to support the shattered floor. I also washed the RV. Lou washed the Jeep. Should be ready for our departure Wednesday. I then moved the last of the stuff from the front yard and did final cleanup. That included the washout debris from what was the front lawn. I also moved the leftover concrete bags into the tent. I also cleared the area where Ernie’s shed floor will be poured. I measured the length of the conduit run to the RV service point from the main panel and the area where concrete is still needed. I also blew a pull string through the conduit for the RV service. Granola and diced apple for breakfast. Shredded pork and cheese sandwich for lunch. Pea soup with toast for dinner.

Monday: (10/22) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. I relaxed and watched TV in the morning. About 1030 I headed off on a shopping run. First stop was REI to get a new sun shirt. I also looked for an electrical supply but it had closed. I stopped by a sheet metal/welding shop to get an idea of the cost of a replacement floor panel in our RV’s sanitary compartment. Next stop was Harbor Freight to get work gloves. I get a bunch each year for my “Pig fence” hike at Pinnacles NP. They keep the hikers from ripping up their hands on the barbed wire fence on the way down the mountain. Another stop was a Walmart neighborhood market. I then returned some things to Lowe’s. Another stop for a few things at Sprout’s Market. And a final stop at Lucky Chinese Bistro for a late lunch. At home, I put things away and trimmed the gutter in the driveway and installed an end cap that I got at Lowe’s. I also pulled in a rope I got at HF into the conduit for the RV power pedestal. Leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday: (10/23) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. I moved the RV closer to the sidewalk and put the jacks down so I could extend the bedroom slideout as needed to pack and still not get into the road with the slide. I then checked on electrical suppliers and decided on Universal Electrical Distributors in San Jose, I headed off toward San Jose stopping at the Sunnyvale Home Depot to return my 4 pallets from the concrete. Before unloading I asked inside where to take them and they said right here. I unloaded them and brought them in. They tried to accept them and one terminal and couldn’t do it there. I was sent to another clerk who tried to check them in and said they couldn’t take them because they came from another store. I had ordered them online and they were delivered from East Palo Alto. They don’t seem special and any store accepts returns bought at any other store, except pallets? I loaded them back up and continued on to San Jose. I picked up my wire and then headed off to East Palo Alto. They had trouble taking them as well but that seemed to just be their new computer system. This all used to be easier. At home I had lunch, took a nice nap and started packing. Lou was off to the dentist most of the day. Dawn was at the library. Leftover soup for dinner.

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