Friday, February 15, 2019

Marfa, Texas

Friday: (02/15) We were on the road early. We stopped above Las Cruces, NM and took showers and ate breakfast. Ham omelets for breakfast. We decided to continue on into Texas. We stopped at  Visitor Center in El Paso for a ton of literature on things to do in Texas. Nibbles for lunch (Beef log and cheese) We then continued on to Marfa, texas where we stopped for the night at the Apache Pines RV Park. We had dinner at a BBQ place called Convenience West. Really good BBQ brisket. After dinner we drove 10 miles East on highway 90 to the Marfa Lights Viewing Area. It’s a Rest Stop where you are supposed to possibly see the elusive Marfa Lights, something like the Northern Lights or regular UFO sightings. We watch for an hour or so and gave up. Evidently they were not coming out tonight.
Our campsite at Apache RV Park in Marfa.

A rest stop above Las Cruces. The road runner statue is 30 feet tall and made from junk. Amazing likeness. On the right is a view looking over the town.

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