Friday, February 8, 2019

Tucson Exploration And iPhone Replacement

Friday: (02/08) We headed off into unknown morning traffic to get to the Apple Store on Skyline in Tucson. We arrived with almost 1.5 hours to spare so we went to AJ’s market in the mall and got breakfast. Apple provide good information but we had thought they covered to phone for our insurance through Verizon. Not so. We bought the phone at Best Buy but they don’t cover apple phones. They did cover my Android and their insurance is better. So we visited a Verizon store and no, they don’t do it there. They provided a brochure that had the phone number of Asurion that did cover the phone. However the process is way more that difficult to get them to send the replacement phone. Among the problems was one of their reps that insisted they couldn’t send it to a Verizon or FedEx store because they needed a street address. Actually, that was not a problem. They could identify the carrier until after everything was completed but the UPS Store accepted either. So after starting at 0830 on this task, it was finally completed online at 2030. It is scheduled to arrive today at noon. That part was great. We had lunch at the Tucson Mall in the food court. Lou and Dawn did Greek and I did Cajan. We headed home early and relaxed the rest of the day other than messing with the online phone stuff. Leftovers for dinner.
(GPS: 32.156610, -111.115531)
Our Tuscon BLM campsite.

A nice sunset.

Saturday: (02/09) Lou made chorizo with eggs and cheese for breakfast. We all got haircuts and showered in the morning. At 1130 we got a call that Dawn’s Replacement phone had arrived at the UPS Store. We headed off to pick it up then went to lunch at the Olive Garden. Then we were off shopping. On our way home we did grocery shopping. Leftovers for dinner.

Sunday: (02/10) Leftover chorizo breakfast. I set up Dawn’s replacement phone to start. We headed out to do more exploring. We drove East on Broadway visiting thrift and other interesting stores along the way. We had a late lunch at IHOP. A little grocery shopping and a bookstore visit to Bookmans and then it was dark and we headed home. We cocked some just pork chops. rice and cauliflower for dinner. It sure does get dark here at night.

Monday: (02/11) Lou and I have been together for 44 years today. Seems like just yesterday. Granola for breakfast. We all went to the Arizona Desert Museum for the day. It is a wonderful zoo/museum with all of the invisible fencing of the animals. Lunch at the museum. McDonald's French fries with leftover pork for dinner.
Dawn with some big bat ears.


 A coyote sunning himself.
Javelina and a ocelot.

 Nice red fox,

Tuesday: (02/12) Leftover fries with leftover pork and some scrambled eggs for breakfast. Shower and wash day today. We dropped Dawn off at the Midtown Bookman’s store and Lou and I headed off to a gluten free bakery where she picked up a cinnamon roll. We then stopped at a laundromat and did our laundry. We then visited Joann;s and Michael’s craft stores. Lou wanted some plastic and magnets to make a cover for out kitchen sink cabinet for when they wash their heads there. We also stopped at the Mall for lunch. I enjoyed cajun fish again. Dawn had some mesquite beans in the slow cooker all day which we had for dinner.

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