Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Williamsburg, VA, American Heritage RV Park

Wednesday: (05/29) Granola and banana for breakfast. We took showers and dumped out tanks then were on our way South. We took Hwys 211, 17, I95 and I64 to get to the American Heritage RV Park in Norge, VA near Williamsburg. We’ll be here five nights. The temperatures are in the high 90’s. Good thing to have power for the AC unit. We got  some soup for lunch at Walmart. Once settled into the pak we did our laundry then went to dinner at the Golden Corral. (GPS: 37.3759274,-76.764964) We had big gust of wind as I was putting away our awning. I had to hang on to it until a lull in the wind.

Thursday: (05/30) We enjoyed showers at the parks shower room. I headed off to get gas, cash and deodorant. We got to the Visitor Center at Williamsburg early and toured the Governor's Palace and some of the buildings. Is was a really hit day so we called it quits at 1600. Lou made soft boiled eggs for breakfast. We had lunch at the Chownings Tavern. We had leftover soup with toast for dinner. About 0200 I woke up and found the lights not working . There was no power, AC nor DC in the RV. We’d had a heavy rain earlier. A breaker for the inverter had tripped. We continued to have power until the batteries died later in the evening while we slept. It turns out the likely cause was when Lou used an electric fry pan for the toast. For a heavy appliance like that we need to bypass the inverter or watch our total load. I installed a special outlet in the kitchen just for use to bypass the inverter for an electric heater of whatever. I reset the breaker and we were charged back up by morning.



Friday: (05/31) We were off to Colonial Williamsburg again today. We start where we left off yesterday at Merchant Plaza and walked the other side of Duke Of Gloucester street. We visited a blacksmiths, shoe maker, gunsmith, and the old capitol building. We also attended a presentation about the largest plantation owner freeing his 500 slaves. We ended our day visiting the Folk Art Museum. Today was really nice. Never hot and only a tiny sprinkle of rain. Granola and banana for breakfast. Lunch at the Kings Arm Tavern in Williamsburg. Lou’s hot chicken potato salad with gravy for dinner.



Saturday: (06/01) Granola and banana for breakfast. We were  off again to Williamsburg. We visited  everything we haven’t seen yet like the wheelwright, the carpenters, the brickyard, and the Bassett House, which was the home of John D Rockefeller, the benefactor of the colony. He bought and restored colonial Williamsburg. We had a couple of nice rain showers today. Lunch at the Chownings Tavern again. Dinner at the Cracker Barrel. It’s been an interesting three days. Tomorrow we rest.



Sunday: (06/02) A nice day, no rain. I picked up our mail package from the office this morning. I also extended our stay a couple of days. We all relaxed to the extreme today.Lou made omelets for breakfast. Spaghetti and meatballs for lunch. Chicken, mashed potatoes and succotash for dinner.

Monday: (06/03) We stopped for breakfast at the Capitol Pancake House in Williamsburg. They had gluten free waffles for Lou and their breakfasts were excellent. We then went to the Jamestown Village and Museum. They had some reenactment interpreters for the Indian Village, The old fort and  the ships. The ships were about the best to give the idea of sailing across the Atlantic at that time. The museum wasn’t really too good. Bad lighting and little to see. We had lunch in the cafe there. When we closed them we stopped off for groceries at Walmart on the way home. Leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday: (06/04) We had an easy morning then headed out  about 1100. We went to Yorktown Battleground. The little Visitor Center  Museum was interesting but the ranger talk by Ranger McAleny was outstanding. Very detailed information about the battle that enabled our independence from the British. The presentation was detailed and funny. The ranger was much like Bill Engvall in voice, accent and humor. Before we left the area we took a walk by the beachfront. We didn’t finish so will return tomorrow. Leftovers for breakfast. Soup and salad at a pub in Yorktown. Dawn made onion soup for dinner.

Wednesday: (06/05) We needed to get our teeth cleaned so before we went off on our exploration of the day, we stopped by a couple of Dentists offices. The first could get us one of us in next week. The second office said to come back this afternoon and we could all three get our teeth cleaning done. So we walked around in the Williamsburg Market Square, had lunch there and returned to the dentist. Nice to get that off the list. Leftover pancakes for breakfast. We had lunch at the cheese shop in Williamsburg. Dinner at the Golden Corral.

Thursday: (06/06) We spent the day in Yorktown at the American Revolution Museum. We also toured the Yorktown battlefield that we missed the other day. After dinner, we intended to go out to the Historic Jamestown, which is open until sunset. We arrived a couple of hours before sunset at 1830 and the gate in was closed. Nowhere does it say you have to enter before that. We were a little upset. We’re leaving tomorrow so it will just be missed.  Granola and banana for breakfast. Brunswick stew for lunch at the museum. Pizza for dinner at Harris Teeter Market. Lou and Dawn did the laundry this evening.




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