Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Salem Witch Hunt And Eagle Spotting

Wednesday: (08/07) Granola for breakfast. We prepared to roll and left the park at 1110. In order to avoid the I93 Tunnels through Boston we headed South on I93 to I 95 then North to Salem, Ma. We made it to Winter Island Park, a city of Salem park about a mile from the old town area about 1250. We checked into our site #12, the best site in the park right in the corner of the marina parking area with views of the harbor on two sides. We were really lucky to get this cancelation just at the right time. We went to lunch at the New York Cheesecake Factory restaurant. The went to the Visitor Center. Lou and Dawn made salmon noodles for dinner.
(GPS:42.526157, -70.868605)




Thursday: (08/08) Lou made ham and eggs with potatoes for breakfast which we had in the gazebo near our campsite. It was a slow morning and I took the day off. Lou and Dawn eventually went our touring in Salem looking for witches. I had leftovers for lunch. I spent some time looking into getting the valve for our LPG tank. I can get one through Amazon with two day delivery but would need an address because there are very few Amazon lockers in the Northeast. And there is the problem of not being sure which one to buy. I can’t be sure until I remove the existing valve, then it would be easy to replace. I’ll probably still try to find an RV shop to do it. Lou made chilli relleno with chicken and noodles for dinner.


Friday: (08/09) Cottage cheese and an apple for breakfast as we waited for the Coast Guard’s training tall ship the Eagle to sail into Salm. It was supposed to pass by our campsite between 0800-0830 but was delayed. It was actually more like 1030. After that we drove downtown and stopped at Red’s Sandwich shop for lunch. It was recommended by a fellow elevator passenger at the parking garage and he even walked us to the restaurant. It was excellent. I had fish tacos. After that we went to the Peabody Essex Museum. It was interesting but not what we expected. Mostly just art. When we closed the museum we walked out to the wharf and toured the Eagle ship. Finally, we stopped at a thrift store and got some things at the market before returning home. As we were driving in the gate at 2115 remembered that the gate was to be locked at 2200 and one needed a card key that we didn’t bother getting. Lucky us.








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