Monday, September 2, 2019

Catching Up While Doing Little

Monday: (09/02) I relaxed all day. I only have a 20# lifting limit but it’s too easy to abuse that limit doing anything. Granola with a banana for breakfast. Chicken artichoke rice for lunch. Bean soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (09/03) I relaxed all day catching up with mail. I also signed up for a weekend campout with my hiking group after posting the event for the host. Since I’m home early, I signed up for the Silicon Valley Code Camp which i would have missed if we returned in october. Granola with a banana for breakfast. Tomato and hummus toast for lunch. Dawn made a fish stew for dinner.

Wednesday: (09/04) I relaxed much of the day but did get out to the locksmith to order some new key fobs for the jeep and to schedule a smog test for the RV. The RV hasn’t had valid tags since April. Interestingly, I received a bill from Massachusetts DOT for a toll road fee. The invoice was only for the Jeep license plate. Have to wonder if it was cheaper thinking it was one vehicle or if they would have been interested in the out of date tags on the RV? Still going through the unimportant mail collected while we were gone. I also attended my webinar today. Lou made chicken chorizo hash for breakfast. Leftover bean soup for lunch with a toast. Sauerkraut potatoes and chicken for dinner.

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