Tuesday, September 24, 2019

San Francisco Walkabout

Tuesday: (09/24) Leftover enchiladas for breakfast. I walked over to the Caltrain station, then checked my wallet to use my Clipper card for the fare. No wallet. Soo, I walked home. I found the wallet in the pants I washed and dried last night. So I’m a money launderer now. Lou drove me back to the station. I caught the 0909 train to San Francisco. I walked out to see the new Chase arena in Mission Bay then headed over to 24th Street. I wanted to have lunch at the Roosevelt Tamale Parlor but they were closed. They have weird hours and are only open a few hours a day and only 1730-2130 on Tu-Th. So, my alternate was next door at the La Torta Gorda. I had a junior poblano, onion, and avocado torta. Good thing I ordered the junior. It was bigger than a whopper. The regular would feed three people with leftovers. It was probably the best torta I’ve ever had. I continued up 24th Street. To Castro the over to Market Street, then to Embarcadero. I had a nice banana and a Chai Latte along the way. I caught a Muni train to Caltrain and headed home. With the 3 miles to and twice from the station and the above 10 miles of walking, I made a 13 mile hike today with only 800 of climb. Only a little difficulty. Today was a hot one, 97 high in Palo Alto, 88 high in San Francisco.

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