Thursday, November 15, 2018

Back In The Mix And Smoke

Thursday: (11/15) Air quality extremely unhealthy (229). I worked outside a little. I removed some of the edge forms and laid some bricks for a temporary home for the garbage cans. I also received the delivery of three pallets of concrete mix and 3.5 pallets of bricks for the walkways. After lunch a trip to Harbor Freight to get some tarps. I think I managed to minimize my work activity to make Lou a little happier due to the smoky air. Lou and Dawn headed to san Jose for an appointment and to do some shopping. Granola for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Burrito from El Gruelense for dinner.

Friday: (11/16) A smokey day mostly inside. About 1400 I finally went outside and did a little work. I added some 2x2 boards to the bottom of the driveway fence to support the bottom of the kickboards at the bottom of the fence. I also installed half of the ripple boards on the greenhouse roof. Big problem discovered. When i tried to install the first piece of roofing I discovered the ripple board didn’t fit the roofing panels. There were 9 ripples per 2 foot on the boards and only eight on the panels. I really find this hard to believe. Evidently looking similar isn’t enough. I’ll have to see if there are correct panels available that fit the ripple boards. All this came from Home Depot so I hope they also have the correct panels. I wonder how the air quality inside the HD store is? Popcorn for breakfast. Chili size for lunch.  Hamburgers for dinner.

Saturday: (11/17) Pumpkin bread and leftover burrito for breakfast. Another smoky day inside? About 1000 I put on my N95 mask and started to work outside. I made a run to Home Depot to check their roofing at the East Palo Alto store. They had the correct type of corrugated roofing for the greenhouse. I bought a piece of the ripple board to confirm it is the proper 4 ripple per foot not like the 4.5 ripple I already have. I bought what I needed and also stopped by the City’s hazardous waste disposal site and got rid of our collection of hazardous things. At home I had lunch then started to work on the roof. It wasn’t easy getting access to attach each panel. It required moving plants and squeezing between the roof framing and plant hangers. I also got distracted by having to prune a tree over my shop and clear all the leave debris from the roof to get access for the final panels installation. That required trimming it into pieces and loading it into our two 90 gallon compost dumpsters. I finished the roof and put things away as it was getting dark. After a shower and dinner, we all went to the Telebration storytelling event. Dawn was one of the tellers. Leftovers for lunch. Dawn’s stew for dinner.

Sunday: (11/18) Busy doing the final tasks to leave. I loaded up leftover materials and made a run to Lowe’s and Home Depot to return things. Lou came along to get some nuts and bolts needed to add cup holders to our tabletop silverware basket. I washed windows, checked oil and tires, dumped and filled the tanks as required and did final packing. We eventually departed about 1500. We got gas at Costco and some groceries and dinner  at Walmart in Gilroy. We stopped near Bradley (Camp Roberts) at a rest stop for the night. Pumpkin cake with peaches for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chicken caesar wrap and potato soup for dinner.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

San Jose Furnace Problems, Again

Saturday: (11/10) Left Pinnacles NP about 1000. Stopped at Lowe’s in Gilroy and bought a pipe plug to cap off the water to the toilet. I’ll have to lift it sometime to check whether it is a broken toilet or a pipe nipple? I installed the plug then continued on to San Jose. I stopped at the house in San Jose. Couldn’t find a parking spot closer than eight blocks away. I met Lou and Dawn there. She had brought the keys to the house. I checked the furnace and found it had a 31 error code which means a pressure sensor was either bad or indicating a problem. It seems beyond my easy solution so I scheduled a repair tech for Wednesday. Pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Lunch at Original Joe’s. I was dropped off at the RV and drove it home and tucked it in the driveway. Lou and Dawn were out shopping. They called me and told me that a neighboring closed restaurant was on fire. I walked down to take a look and found two ladder tower trucks and six pumpers from both Palo Alto and Mountain Views fire departments busy. El Camino Real was closed down so lots of traffic passing by in front of our house. We already had way too much smoke in the air from the Oroville fire so this really didn’t help. Leftovers for dinner.

Sunday: (11/11) We all drove down to San Jose. I dropped Lou and Dawn off at the mall for a walk indoors, out of the smoky air. I bought new smoke CO detectors and installed them at the San Jose house. Replacing batteries every year seems to be a problem so the new ones are good for 10 years. I also intended to install a new disconnect switch on the furnace but was missing some things so task deferred. I picked up Lou and Dawn and we headed home. Granola and diced apple for breakfast. Lunch at Aqui’s Mexican Cafe in Willow Glen. Leftovers for dinner.

Monday: (11/12) Smoky. Drove down to San Jose and installed the disconnect switch for the heater and identified the circuit. I also installed some LED lights in the apartment. On the way home I met Lou and Dawn for a late lunch at LUU noodle house. Pancakes with sausage for breakfast. Dawn’s soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (11/13) Air quality extremely unhealthy. I spent the morning cleaning up my shop. The floor had disappeared so I organized, put away, and disposed of a lot of stuff. I also pulled out a heater for Lou to use in the cottage while they clean it up. I ordered the concrete and bricks I will need for the next phase of the walkway and Ernie’s shed. I started to consider delaying the concrete floor for Ernie’s shed until next year due to some forcat rain next week and our starting to have colder days. I finally decided to go ahead and get the concrete and just have it available when we do have some nice days. I pretty much relaxed in doors the rest of the day. We have unhealthy air due to the fire in Butte County.  Granola for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Dawn’s soup for dinner.

Wednesday: (11/14) Air quality extremely unhealthy. I drove down to San Jose at 0800 to meet the Heater repair technician. He arrived about 1000 and checked the heater and found a tripped outflow sensor. Evidently when the heater was first started for the season it had difficulty lighting and possible that tripped the sensor. It must be manually reset. Now I know. Since the heater is 30 years old i had the igniter replaced while he was there. I also enrolled in Atlas/Trillo’s annual service plan, just in case. I had to go and get a new filter and install it and got lunch on the way from Lowe’s. I also visited Walmart’s super store on Story Road. After installing the filter I vacuumed the attic. Breakfast burrito from La Victoria Taqueria in San Jose. Lunch at TK Noodle House in San Jose. Fish with asparagus and rice for dinner.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Pinnacles NP Hike Week

Sunday: (11/04) Lou made sausage eggs and potatoes for breakfast. It was the first use of her air cooker. I finished preparing the RV to roll, packing, etc. I did a final review of my hike attendance and closed RSVP’s and sent out a final notice to the hikers, I printed my attendance sheets. I pulled out about 1130. I’m traveling solo for this trip. Lou and Dawn were going to meet me late Monday but have changed their plans. The are preparing to do a sale at the Palo Alto High School Flea Market. It will get our cottage cleaned out a little. I stopped at PW Supermarket for some chicken strips and Lucky China Bistro for a lunch combo to go. All for future meals. I also stopped at Smart and Final for energy drinks. Another stop for cash, and then a stop for gas in Sunnyvale, our cheapest spot, an Arco at $3.49, 50 cents cheaper than in Palo Alto. A stop at a Walmart Neighborhood market in Santa Clara for some canned goods then onto the Freeway toward the park. A final stop in Hollister for a super burrito and some donuts before leaving civilization. This seems like work. I stopped beside the road about 9 miles before the park and still had good cell signal so I updated my hike attendance lists and called home. I was settled in at the park ny 1645. I had half of my chinese dinner and a donut for dinner. I took a walk around the campground as it was getting dark. I noticed that they had closed eight of the RV campsites, and others in the tent camping because of fear of tree limbs falling. Evidently the statistics on limbs falling have risen much higher recently. I feel protected, and almost homeless. I napped and listened to the radio in the evening.

Monday: (11/05) I made pancakes with sausage for breakfast. I showered then met my fellow hikers about 0900 at the Visitor Center. Were were 12 hikers and carpooled up to the Bear Gulch trailhead to start. We hiked up Condor Gulch, High Peaks, Rim, Bear Gulch Cave, Bear Gulch Trails returning to our start. Nice hike, I managed get the group to do a couple of extended stops, one at the high peaks and one at the reservoir so we could actually enjoy the view. I managed to return with all 12 hikers. We finished about 1345. After a nice ice cream bar, thanks to Colin, I returned to camp. The campsite was nicely shaded. Leftover Chinese food for dinner.



Tuesday: (11/06) Pancakes with bacon jerky for breakfast. Today’s hike was up the High Peaks Trail, down the tunnel and Juniper Trails and back on the Balconies cave trail. Eleen hikers today. Another nice clear day with moderate temp. Election day. I have to wonder how it went and just hope Americans can start to  awaken from their nightmare. The campground has been full since I arrived Sunday but today we’re down to only three neighbors.

Wednesday: (11/07) Today’s hike was out the North Wilderness Trail. We had a perfect day with clear skies for some nice views of the area. We were 12 hikers. We did another passage through the Balconies Caves and said hello to the lone bat in residence. Pancakes with bacon jerky for breakfast. Trail lunch. Half a super burrito for dinner.

Thursday: (11/08) Cormell, Tina and I had a nice walk out the South Wilderness trail and beyond to check on the pig fence return route. No water hazards this year. Cornell wanted to see the fence line we’ll be coming down. He then said, it looks worse than the photos of the hike present.  Pancakes with bacon jerky for breakfast. Trail lunch. Chicken and rice for dinner.

Friday: (11/09) Pancakes and sausage for breakfast again. I met my fellow SJMW hikers and we headed out to the Peaks View TH to start. We hiked through the Bear Gulch caves then up past the reservoir to North Peak for lunch. We were lucky to see a condor high above the peak. After lunch we continued down and up to South Peak then down beside the pig fence to return on the South Wilderness Trail to our start. Almost a 14 mile hike. This hike takes longer because the two miles down beside the pig fence is treacherously steep and slippery. Trail lunch. We started the hike at 0830 and returned at 1645. Chili size for dinner.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Back To The Projects

Wednesday: (10/31) I relaxed in bed catching up on email and Meetup hike details in the morning. I attended a webinar at 1000. I ran out earlier to remove the fence posts from the roof of the Jep before Lou and Dawn went off for breakfast an shopping. When I got out side after the webinar I drained the holding tanks and filled the water tank. Both firsts for the new driveway plumbing. Tank duty is so much easier now? I also got the LPG tank compartment door open. The latch would unlock the door. It had broken. I went online and found what hopefully is a replacement. It should be here Friday. I then headed off for lunch and shopping. I visited Lowe’s to get fence rail brackets and electrical conduit fittings for the new RV service panel. In the evening I sent out a warning email about next Friday’s hike. Hopefully people properly evaluate their hiking abilities. Leftovers nachos and PBJ toast for breakfast. Dim Sum King for  late lunch. Tamales for dinner.

Thursday: (11/01) I tinkered with projects in the morning. I disassembled the old driveway gate and put some things away. I cut my hair before a shower around noon. In the afternoon I had a dentist appointment. My implant bone graft is ready for it’s crown now. A little grocery shopping at Sprouts to get granola, trail mix and bread. A visit to Lowe’s to get some vinyl roofing panels and fence rails. Unfortunately, their fence boards looked terrible so I stopped by Home Depot to get the fence boards. At home I unloaded all the stuff I’d collected and relaxed a while. Lou and Dawn were out picking up Cecelia at the airport. They all came home for chili with weiner and cheese for dinner. Bacon and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Chili with cheese and weiners for dinner.

Friday: (11/02) I moved the fence from it’s temp location to its permanent location. I still need to trim the top but it is otherwise finished. Much nicer than before. I’ll be replacing the old gate sometime in the future. Breakfast at Bajis Restaurant. Guacamole and chips for lunch Ramen noodles and sausage for dinner.


Saturday: (11/03) I did a little work on the fence. I trimmed the top boards and posts. I made a hardware store run and swapped some vinyl roof mounts that were wrong. I also bought some spring nuts. Back home I installed the new latch on the LPG compartment door of the RV. That required a little filing of the door to get the latch in place and a push nut to attach it. All working well now. I also did a little paking for departure tomorrow. Granola and banana for breakfast. A burrito for lunch. Salad for dinner.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Arroyo Seco Campground

Wednesday: (10/24) Breakfast from Happy Donut, a sausage egg and cheese English muffin and an apple fritter. We finished packing the RV and did some errands before leaving just before noon. I had to get the propane tank filled. It was totally empty. Lou did a little final shopping and got new water bottles. We stopped for lunch in Greenfield at the Rancho San Miguel market. A little more shopping before sharing a chili verde plate for lunch. We headed on in to Arroyo Seco Campground and checked in We were only able to get the site for three days. The days beyond that are controlled by online reservations. There is no cell phone signal here so if we get out where a signal exists tomorrow we might register for the other three days we plan to be here, or just see what’s available. We might have to move. For now, we are the only campers here other than the hosts. Chili with cheese and chips for dinner. We listened to the radio in the evening.

Thursday: (10/25) We took a drive around camp then Lou dropped me off at the trailhead. I hike some trails circling around the camp via the ridge top, about 4-5 miles. After a late lunch I took a shower and a nap. The shower in the camp almost meets the standard of heated, but not much. Banana nut bread and trail mix for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Pork Chops with baked potato and artichoke for dinner.


Friday: (10/26) PBJ toast and bacon jerky for breakfast. Lou dropped me off at the trailhead. I took the trail out along the Tassajara Creek Gorge on Indians Road to the Marble Peak Trail. Along the way, about 1 mile out, I hiked down a trail to the bottom of the gorge by the creek. The Marble Peak Trail crosses the Tassajara Creek on a suspension bridge, the “Horse Bridge”. It then follows Willow Creek. I hiked three miles up Willow Creek to a trail junction, about 7 miles out, then returned the way I came. I returned to camp about 1500 and enjoyed a shower. Lou had gotten the hosts to adjust it so it was warmer. 







Saturday: (10/27) Sausage, eggs and banana bread for breakfast. We drove to Carmel Valley Village via Carmel Valley Road, Tassajara Road and Cachagua Road. We explored the village and the mountains getting there. We had lunch at Kathy’s Cafe. Carnitas tacos for dinner.

Sunday: (10/28) We took a walk around the North Lake and campgrounds in the morning and relaxed in camp all day. I had an opportunity to try out my new, unused jump start battery set. A car had a dead battery over in the primitive campground. Amazing that a battery not much bigger than a cell phone can start a cars engine. It still had 75% of its charge after starting the car. Oatmeal and bacon jerky for breakfast. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Carnitas noodles for dinner.


Monday: (10/29) Oatmeal and bacon jerky for breakfast. I was off before 0830 headed out the Indians Road. I stopped at the second trial about 2 miles out to hike down to the gorge. This trail was easier and the it had a beach down by the river with a huge swimming pond headed up the gorge. It would be a wonderful place to hang out on a summer day. I hiked back up and continued up the road past the Marble Peak Trail Junction about 2.5-3 miles. At about 7.5 miles out  I arrived at a Santa Lucia Trail junction. I hiked down the side of the mountain about 1 mile to the Cawara Trail junction. Another half mile down and I was at the bottom of the gorge at the dry Santa Lucia Creek. The trail down had a lot of overgrowth. There was no real trail at the bottom where the trail headed back down stream toward camp. Little pieces of trail mixed with crossing or hiking on the boulders in the creek bed for ¾ mile brought me to a nice section of trail all the way back to the Santa Lucia Road. Before I left the creek bed I happened upon, and almost stepped on, a 6 inch turtle. After a nice shower we had spaghetti for dinner.





Tuesday: (10/30) Leftover spaghetti for breakfast. We left camp around 1000 and headed down to Greenfield. We walked the toun looking at the shops then headed over to Rancho San Miguel Market for lunch. On the drive home we stopped at the mall in Salinas and at Lowe’s and a thrift store in Gilroy. We got home just after dark. This is the RV’s first parking on the new concrete of the driveway. Leftovers for dinner. Busy catching up to paper mail and email much of the evening.