Thursday, September 1, 2022


Wednesday: (08/31) We headed off to Aptos, Ca early to pickup a wall bed bedroom furniture system that Dawn found. Free is nice, timing was also good since the van was still empty inside. It was located upstairs so fortunately the owner helped bring everything down to the van and even to get it inside. On the ay home my tie down proved less than perfect so all the countertops and large cabinet doors flopped back and forth on the curves on Highway 17. Fortunately probably not harmed because of the moving pads between all of them. I stopped as soon as I could and added some more rope. Lou and Dawn stopped by a storage place and rented some space. Back home it was lunch and nap time. Hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Leftover rice and shrimp with ramen for lunch. Pizza from A State Of Mind Pizza for dinner. 

Thursday: (09/01) Started by picking the beans, an every morning task. They are really productive. Lou and Dawn were off early to get another estimate to repair the Jeep. Then they went to the rental storage place in Santa Clara to unload the stuff for Dawn’s wall bed from the Jeep. I headed off to meet them but stopped at the bank and Walmart to get a lock. We unloaded the rest of the wall bed and bedroom/office system from the van. It went pretty easily utilizing my flat bed wagon, Lego rubber mats and plywood handles. After lunch I stopped at Sprouts Market on the way home. Our local Sprout’s closed and I must get my green tea and Bee’s Knees peanut butter there. Back home, I put away the tools, moving pads and blankets, wagon, etc. to provide an empty van again. Too hot and tired to do more today. Granola for breakfast. Lunch at Panera Bread, Baja Bowls for all. Leftover onions soup and coconut shrimp with rice for dinner. 

Friday: (09/02) Walk-about day. I was off to catch the 0727 Caltrain to San Francisco. The train arrived on time, I didn't, so I had to run under the underpass and quickly tag on as the doors tried to close in my face. In San Francisco, I had to use the bathroom then caught the next Muni trolley to Golden Gate Park. Again, I arrived late for the free entry into the arboretum. Missed it by 30 seconds. The rest of the day went better. I changed from a walk in the Arboretum to a neighborhood walk. I explored Buena Vista Park on my way down into the Mission District zigging and zagging my way. I had left this morning without my overshirt and it didn’t get above 60 degrees until after noon. Since it was cold most of the day and I didn’t want a late return this evening, I headed home early. I was back in Palo Alto about 1430. I spotted a crane helping to mount precast concrete wall panels on the new Police Building on my way home and that captured my attention for a couple of more hours. I had a Peasant Pie breakfast, a sausage, egg and potato pie. Lunch at La Torta Gorda, a carnitas torta. Leftover shrimp and rice for dinner. 

Saturday: (09/03) A hot day. I made templates and cut two of the three floor panels today. Granola and banana for breakfast. Dawn’s gruel for lunch. Beef noodles with green beans for dinner. 

Sunday: (09/04) A hot day. I cut out the third floor panel then prime painted one side. I prepare hash browned potatoes with a Denver omelet for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Lou made tuna noodle casserole for dinner. 

Monday: (09/05) Labor Day, which means nothing to the retired. I started and ended my work day by painting a coat of primer on the bottom of the floor panels. After the morning coat of paint, I ran out of primer. After a shower, I headed off to Lowe’s and got more primer and some brushes as well as some EMT conduits for Lou to use on the new grape arbor over the swing. I then headed off to look at flooring. The first place was closed due to the holiday. Floors And Decor in Milpitas was open and had a good selection so I bought some click together oak plank vinyl flooring. After a nice nap I painted the second coat and took another shower. It was hot today, about 104 degrees. Leftover hash browned potatoes and Denver omelet for breakfast. A late lunch from China Wok in Sunnyvale. Leftover Chinese food for dinner. 

Tuesday: (09/06) I started my day by painting the top sides of the floor panels with their second coats. After another shower, I prepared an egg, ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Today was another record hot day. At least 103 degrees but likely more. After a little hiding inside to cool off I decided I needed some spacers for the floor support so I got out the table saw and cut them then prime painted them. Meanwhile, Lou was at the optometrist to get her glasses adjusted. Our San Jose tenant works there and said her refrigerator was freezing her vegetables in the crisper. I had to drive down to see if I could fix it. Even though Lou had tried previously to just have her adjust it, She evidently didn’t so I set it lower. I checked Dawn’s apartment then picked up a burrito from La Victoria for a late lunch on the way home. I also got gas and stopped at ACE to get some construction adhesive before getting home. I received the gray water tank this afternoon as well. Salad for dinner. PA-SJ-PA trip to check the refrigerator. 

Wednesday: (09/07) Granola for breakfast. I attended my Wednesday webinar. Then I spent some time on the computer and designing van layouts. PBJ toast for lunch. We all went out in the afternoon. Dawn had an appointment and then we dropped her off to shop while I took Lou to an appointment. After the appointment, Lou and I went grocery shopping at Walmart and Smart and Final. I opened the gray water tank and looked it over. I now realize I need to be careful about penetrations through the floor because there is no clearance from the tank. I’ll need to use nutserts in the high part of the ridges to anchor the floor, shower, and cabinets. Dinner from Lucky Chinese Bistro. 

Thursday: (09/08) PBJ toast for breakfast. I installed a stake for a sunflower growing in the blackberries by the rear fence. It is over 12 feet tall and started to lean over as the flowers started to bloom. Then I installed the wire frames on top of the swing for the grapevine to grow onto. Lou made peach blintzes for lunch. 

Friday: (09/09) I tried to get started working on the van a couple of times but managed to convince myself relaxing was a better option. Lou and Dawn were out with appointments and shopping today. The van had one of its spells where it says the battery is dead. It should have been dead with the charger still connected and I measured 13 volts with the jumper before I turned on the battery. Not sure if that is a valid indication but it seems like an odd problem. Onion soup and toast for breakfast. Ham, cheese and hummus sandwich for lunch. Artichokes from our second growth from the garden with macaroni salad for dinner. 

Saturday: (09/10) I made an egg, cheese and bologna breakfast sandwich. Then I scheduled a hike for next Tuesday. This will be the first hike I’ve led since mid May. I decided to head over to the Pleasanton Fairgrounds for a Tiny Fest. A Tiny Fest is all about living small. Tiny homes and converted vans and other vehicles were on display. I enjoyed looking at all the vans and homes and also bought my Moon Shade from the vendor. The Moon Shade is a tent like awning for vans. It is attached to the van by magnet anchors and stands on two legs. It is much more wind resistant than an awning. It can be placed on any side of the van so provides lots of options for shade. On the way over to the Fairgrounds I stopped for lunch at the Asian??? Chinese restaurant for some pork chow mein and walnut honey shrimp. Dinner at home was mostly from the garden. Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, ham and olives 

Sunday: (09/11) I prepared ham, eggs and toast for breakfast. I set up my new Moon Shade on the van. It’s like an awning but built more like a tent or umbrella so is more compact and more wind proof. I had to go to ACE to get some cable clamps to use as permanent loops on my roof rails rather than using the suction cup anchors provided.. Corn chowder with toast for lunch. In the later afternoon I removed a lot of moldings from the driver side and ran the #6 wires to the vehicle battery which will connect the battery to the solar charger. We had chili verde on ramen noodles for dinner. 

Monday: (09/12) Granola for breakfast. I went to Lowe’s to look for some metal strips to hang the ceiling panels with. I would have liked to use Flanged L-track but it would have cost about $500 to do the ceiling. Soooo, Plan B, use 1 ½”x ⅛” aluminum bars instead. Lowe’s didn’t have appropriate lengths, either too short or too much waste. The waste drove up the cost. SO, plan C. I checked the flooring department and found some aluminum panel couplers that look good, are wide enough, come in 6’ lengths and aren’t expensive. Back home, I cut a ceiling panel and hug it with a couple of the pieces of aluminum and it looks pretty good. I also worked on cutting and fitting the roof framing to attach the ceiling and the front and rear where there are not supports like in the middle. I am still waiting for the bolts to attach the floor panels, They won’t be here until Friday. But I’ve been worried they would be too short for the way I now intend to place the bolts. Metric confuses me. So, I got a similar bolt and yes they would be too short so I ordered some from Amazon. This new order will arrive three days before the first order. I should have just ordered the correct bolts in the first place but I was trying to avoid penetration into the gray water tank. Now, I don't intend to place any bolts in locations where they would have that possibility. I may just add some adhesive if needed. I also received the correct eye bolts for the awning attachment so I installed them. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. French fries with chili and sliced tomatoes from the garden for dinner. 

Tuesday: (09/13) I prepared my usual ham, egg and cheese ciabatta sandwich for breakfast. I went up to Foothills Preserve to lead a hike with the San Jose Mid Week Hikers. I was joined by 20 other hikers. It was only a 7.6 mile hike. Nice day, great views, nice company. For lunch, I stopped at Panda Express for some fried rice and walnut honey shrimp. Lou made roast pork with baked potatoes for dinner. 

Wednesday: (09/14) I worked in the garden to start. Picked the daily bean and tomato crop. I also routed some of the grape vine runners onto the new arbor on the swing. Next, I made a bike run to the market for salads, milk and cheese. The van battery was dead again so I ran the engine for a while, turned off the vent fan and checked that the trickle charger was working. Granola for breakfast. I attended my Wednesday webinar. A salad for lunch. In the afternoon I cut three more ceiling panels for the van. We had roast pork with ramen noodles and garden tomatoes for dinner. 

Thursday: (09/15) Granola for breakfast. I worked on anchoring the first floor panel in the morning. Lou and Dawn were off to the dentist, as I did later. I had a super nacho from Tacos El Grullense for lunch. Lou and Dawn stopped at Applebee’s. I completed attaching the first floor panel. I had lots of trouble with the nutserts. I had leftover salad for dinner. 

Friday: (09/16) Lou made peach blintzes for breakfast. I laid the other two floor panels on the floor. I decided not to use any more nutserts to attach the floor because they haven’t been easy to use and don’t seem to work any better than just using sheet metal screws. Unfortunately, I don't have the required length of flat head screws to use so I have to wait to attach the panels. I did reinstall the two under bed wall panels. I then emptied the van and went shopping with it. I picked up lots more plywood, likely more than I’ll actually use, but it is better to have all I need on hand. Also, the ¼’ plywood will have a similar appearance since it’s coming from the same pallet. I also got some vinyl panels for the shower walls. I stopped for some fried rice and Peking Pork Chops from Wok On restaurant on the way home. Back home, I unloaded the plywood. I used one and cut the last ceiling panel. I then reloaded the van as well as put the materials I had previously left outside back into the van. We have heavy rain forecast for this weekend. 

Saturday: (09/17) Leftover peach blintzes for breakfast. I worked a little in the garden removing some corn stalks and trimming the tomato plant. I also gave myself a hair and beard trim. Fresh garden tomato soup with a ham sandwich for lunch. I worked on the new van. I cut the rear ceiling panel, and installed the last of its framing, a 2x2 with kerf cuts to allow it to bend to conform to the curved roof. I received the screws I need to attach the floor panels and added more screws to the floor. Then I made sure everything was stowed inside the van out of the coming rain. For dinner we had wieners with pickle salad and ramen noodles I was awake at 0400 and at 0500 the rain started. I heard rustling by the new van’s awning. I thought it would withstand the wind. The legs evidently lifted in the breeze and moved away from the concrete blocks used as weights. I tied the posts to the block at the foot. I also found that some wood by my shed had blown down. This storm is mostly wind. I restacked the wood and looked for other things that might need attention. 

Sunday: (09/18) Granola for breakfast. At 0900 our San Jose tenant called and said her refrigerator was not working. A few days ago it was freezing her vegetables in the crisper. Now the fridge is at 70 degrees and the freezer at 30 degrees. I was there at about 1000 and tried adjusting the settings, then waiting and checking the temperature with my heat gun. It didn’t improve. I also vacuumed the coils and underneath the fridge but I don’t expect that to improve a sudden failure. I stopped for pizza for a late lunch at House Of Pizza. While I ate my lunch I considered the options for the refrigerator. I decided to replace it rather than repair it. This is based on our last experience trying the repair the last refrigerator which wasn’t fixed after three visits. The existing refrigerator is only 5.5 years old and it had a 5 year extended warranty. I think there must be some sort of timer in these things. I checked Costco, Lowe’s and Best Buy and decided on Lowe’s which had the best price. This refrigerator can only be replaced with a couple of units due to the cabinet clearances. Only Whirlpool and an LG model will fit. The new unit will be delivered in place Tuesday or Wednesday. PA-SJ-PA to check fridge SJ-Costco-Lowe’s-Best Buy- Lowe’s to locate and buy replacement 

Monday: (09/19) Scrambled eggs with ham and toast for breakfast. Lou was off to an appointment. I checked out all the neighborhood construction projects. Wilton Court apartments is removing scaffolding and putting up the last of the tile siding. The sewer project is preparing for their final pull on Lambert Street. They also started the open trench digging on Matadero. I worked a little on the van. I screwed down the floor panels completing their attachment. I installed the heater pads on the two water tanks and the holding tank. I installed the nutserts for mounting the gray water tank. But, when I tried to mount the tank I found there is an unused bracket that is in the way on my van and not on the one the manufacturer of the tank used to build the tank. I’ll need to grind it off tomorrow. I had leftover pizza for lunch. For dinner Lou made roast chicken with cauliflower potatoes and cherry tomatoes from the garden. 

Tuesday: (09/20) The usual ham, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. I have a hike this morning and the new refrigerator is being delivered to San Jose today as well. Lou will meet them but my phone is the contact phone so Lou and I had to swap phones today. That made me print out my attendance list for the hike, old school. Normally I use Google sheets in offline mode. Nice hike with my 10 fellow SJMW Hikers. I stopped for lunch at Aqui’s restaurant in Saratoga. Dinner was pizza from A State Of Mind nearby. 

Wednesday: (09/21) Granola for breakfast. Busy inspection morning. They finished the tile siding of the building and removed the last of the scaffolding. Also busy landscaping. The sewer project was pulling in the last section on Lambert Street. Also putting in some pipe in the open trench section on Matadero. Salad for lunch. I tried to install the gray water tank. I had to cut off an unused bracket and an unused stud. But I could only install two of the three hangers. The front hanger doesn’t fit. I’ll have to modify or likely make a totally different hanger. Pickled veggies and wieners for dinner. 

Thursday: (09/22) Granola for breakfast. I took a morning walk by all the construction activity first thing. Then I prepared the three hikes I’ll lead in Pinnacles next month and sent out an announcement to keep the date for those hikes. Salad for lunch. In the afternoon I modified the bracket that didn’t fit by twisting it and finished the installation of the gray tank. Lou and I went to ACE hardware to get a couple of plugs for the inlets to the tank. One is surplus for possible future use, the other won’t get plumbed for a while so I want to keep critters out. Corned beef hash for dinner 

Friday: (09/23) We started with the Wilton Ct inspection. I prepared fried eggs and leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. Then the fun began. I did the RV tank duty emptying and filling as appropriate. I spent some time reading how to install the flooring. I determined I prefer to use standard metal edge screw down molding rather than the plastic glue down type. Seems like a better fit, more durable and easier installation. I was off to Lowe’s to get some. On the way, I picked up lunch at China Wok, some pork fried rice and peking pork chops. A hot afternoon so I relaxed the rest of the day. Ramen noodles and ham for dinner. 

Saturday: (09/24) Granola for breakfast. We had a 1000 appointment with the Wilton Ct apartments project manager to get a tour of the building inside. Nice. Lou and I took the four wheel bike to the Grocery Outlet for a few things. I did a little pruning of the lily of the nile plants and some tomatoes. Lunch as a salad. After a post lunch nap, I got to work in the van. I installed the first half of the flooring. Lou and Dawn made pizza for dinner. 

Sunday: (09/25) Granola for breakfast. Lou and I took the four wheeled bike out for a spin. Still weren’t sure of the range. We rode about 8 moles going out to Gunn High School down to San Antonio Shopping Center then back up to University Ave before going home. Still some juice left. Should be good for nearby shopping runs. Ham and cheese sandwich with creamy potato soup for lunch. Later in the afternoon I worked a little on the van and installed most of the rest of the flooring. Still have the left side last run which includes almost every piece needing trimming. Roast chicken and French fries for dinner.

Monday, August 1, 2022


Monday: (08/01) Granola for breakfast. I inspected my neighborhood construction projects in the morning. They actually delivered the refrigerators and microwaves for the apartment building down the street. They are also finishing the landscaping. Salad for lunch. Ernie came and got me to fix his trailer door. The door is misaligned and has been for a while. Not the door won’t close at all. I checked things. I even got out my carpenters square. It seemed to me the door was more out of square than the trailer so I removed it. When I checked on the sawhorses, it was square. I adjusted one side of the frame, but that was all. So, I needed to adjust the frame. Seemed like that would be harder. I decided to try using the tongue jack but it wouldn’t work. I brought out my lithium battery jumper and used it to raise the jack. The tongue came up 1” and that fixed the frame alignment. The screen door was also too low so I raised it then reattached the door. Both doors needed to have new holes drilled for the screws when the doors were in the correct position. All better now. We had some rain in the morning but it was hotter in the afternoon and a little more rain fell. 

Tuesday: (08/02) Started with morning tea in the back yard. I inspected the apartment building and the sewer line projects and got a call from the neighbor to look at her bike. After that I took a bike ride over to Stanford and had breakfast at Coupa Cafe. Nice ride, no rain occurred as it did as I was planning to take off yesterday. Back home I relaxed the rest of the day. I did get the last of the needed items to install the windows so no more excuses. Sandwiches for lunch and dinner. 

Wednesday: (08/03) Leftover tater tots with chili for breakfast. After some project inspection, I got busy with the van window installation. I prepared the template on the inside of the van then drilled to hole to allow placing the template on the outside in the proper location. I then marked the outline with a permanent marker and added some masking tape on the outside of the hole to prevent scratching. I tried using my electric metal shears but they didn’t work as well as just using the jigsaw. Only a tiny bit of grinding needed to better fit the window. Then after some filing to ease the edge, I painted the edge. With everything cleaned up and put away I was through for the day. I took a shower to get ride of any metal filings that jumped me and then relaxed the rest of the day. Dawn made cucumber tomato and cheese sandwiches for lunch. We had pizza from A State Of Mind Pizza across the street for dinner 

Thursday: (08/04) Granola for breakfast. After a check of the neighborhood projects, I got to work on the van. I installed the left window frame and then painted it in place. Of course, then I had to wait a while while it dried. I decided to paint the other frame to avoid the wait when I do the other window. They only needed to be painted on the ends that I replaced. When it was dry to the touch, I installed the window. It looks nice. Green salad for lunch. After lunch, I cut the opening for the right side window and painted the metal edge. Saturday, I’ll install the frame and window. I plan on a San Francisco walk-about tomorrow. Ham and cheese omelet for dinner. 

Friday: (08/05) No breakfast. I decided to get up earlier than usual and I installed the frame and window on the passenger side. It was looking a bit like it might rain. Since I was going to San Francisco for a walk-about, I didn’t want to leave it open. Fortunately, the installation was really fast and Lou dropped me off at the train station at 0830. I was in San Francisco about 0945. I didn’t do my planned hike because this train didn’t stop at either of the stations closer to where I had planned to start. It went downtown. I decided to walk through downtown and Chinatown following the route of the under construction new underground light rail line. I had decided I’d get a slice of pizza for breakfast on this route but Golden Boy Pizza in North Beach ws permanently closed. Too bad. I continued on to the Marina area and ended up getting breakfast/lunch about 1130 at Mel’s Cafe. Great patty melt sandwich. I continued on visiting the Palace Of Fine Arts lake and Presidio’s new park over the top of a tunnel for Highway 101. I continued to the Golden Gate Bridge then along the bluffs to Golden Gate Park. It was a bad choice going to the park because this weekend there are 200,000 extra visitors there for the Outside Lands concert. I made it to the N train line and returned to the Caltrain station to return home. I managed to do this 13.6 miles on this hike. It was a pretty good test of my range with my recent back pain issues. Back home, we had shrimp noodles in white sauce. 

Saturday: (08/06) Granola for breakfast. I installed the two van window blind and screen assemblies. The one on the sliding door is tight and touches the door rail when fully open. I can probably live with it. I put a piece of vinyl tape on the blind cover to prevent scratching it. I then studied How I should panel the wall and door now that the windows are installed. Lunch at MeiLi’s house. Nap time after lunch. About 1500 we went to Kohl’s department store. Lou and Dawn were there yesterday and Lou spotted a sale on mens shorts. I like shorts with stretch waists and short 6” inseam. Most inseams on shorts are 9-12 inches. Also I had an alarm from one of the sprinkler controller valves so I replaced five sets of batteries that were below 45%. The alarms are sent below for 25% but the others would have needed replacement in 2-3 weeks anyway. Dawn made vegetable soup for dinner. 

Sunday: (08/07) Granola and a sausage or breakfast. I tinkered a bit in the garden and watched a couple of Youtube videos before heading off for a bike ride. I rode up to Redwood City, 10 miles North. I visited Kohl’s Department Store and picked up some more of my favorite shorts. They had a great sale on Croft and Barrel deck shorts. I also needed to pick up a permanent kit for Lou from a RiteAid drug store, our closest and they are one of the few places that carry Lou’s brand. It was located up the hill in Woodside. Shopping completed, I returned down to Redwood City and picked up a Veggie burrito from Tacos El Grullense then peddled home. Total about a 21 mile ride. Back home, I enjoyed half of my burrito for lunch. 

Monday: (08/08) Granola for breakfast. I worked on the van cutting wood framing pieces. There aren’t many pieces of the van’s steel framing that are straight and level. I got the framing pieces cut for the driver passenger side and the sliding door. Then I painted them. Just as I was finishing painting, Lou called and said she was hit in the Jeep by a FedEx truck in the Grocery Outlet parking lot. I drove over and took some photos. Lou took Dawn to the hospital to be checked. I picked up their frozen treasures from the markets and put them in our freezer. When Lou got home we cleaned out the Jeep of all the broken glass. Leftover Chinese from Meili’s luncheon, Lou made chili rellenos with peppers from her garden and corn from my garden. Leftover burrito and salad for dinner. 

Tuesday: (08/09) Scrambled eggs and pineapple sausage for breakfast. Lou dropped me off up Page Mill Road at Gate 2 for Foothills Nature Preserve. I hike downhill through the park into Arastradero Preserve and down into Stanford University. The gate is locked but open to hikers. I hike the Charlie Brown Fire Road, Toyon, Woodrat, Chamise, Panorama, and Coyote Trails. Then entered Arastradero preserve taking Arastradero Creek, Woodrat, Bowl Loop, and meadowlark Trails. I then exited the park and hiked down to Alpine Road into the University. When I stopped for lunch, I had hiked 10.25 miles. After lunch, I caught a Margarite Bus (Stanfords Transit) over to El Camino Real and then caught a VTA bus home. Lunch from Panda Express at Stanford University Student Center. At home I found the group including our neighbor Meili, Our friend Connie, with Lou and Dawn chatting under the arbor in the backyard. Later I installed some drip emitters in the front orchard for Lou’s squash plants. Leftover tofu over rice for dinner. 

Wednesday: (08/10) Lou and Dawn were off early to appointments and to visit Dawn Hackman in San Jose. I picked up an Asada Ranchero breakfast from Tacos El Grullense down the street. Then I attended my Wednesday AlphaSoftware webinar. I also worked at filling boxes and other debris in the garbage. And that was it for the day. My nap consumed the rest of the afternoon. Leftover soup for dinner. 

Thursday: (08/11) PBJ toast for breakfast. I installed the window wall framing and made a template for the door panel. The framing is just tacked in with VHB tape for now. I ordered some screws to more permanently install the framing. I’m trying to only use stainless steel screws. Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches for lunch. The tomatoes came from Dawn’s garden and were sandwich sized. Pot roast beast for dinner. 

Friday: (08/12) A ham, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast. We went to A Good Morning restaurant for breakfast for lunch. I got some information from AlphaSoftware on how to fix my license errors. Now works properly. I finally got out about 1600 and tried to install some Plus nuts to hold the bed to the wall. I didn’t think the Rivnuts would provide enough connection. I ended up changing my mind. The Plus Nuts and hand installation tool failed to be able to install the plusnuts so I changed back to the rivnuts and got all installed easily. The rivnuts just expand into the hole while the Plus nuts provide wings and a broader back support. I’ll see if the rivnuts survive. Squash Alfredo with meatballs for dinner. 

Saturday: (08/13) I made ham, eggs and hash browned potatoes for breakfast. Lou made a tiptoe, cucumber, onion, and bell peppers salad with corn on the cob and steamed green beans for lunch. All but the onion from our garden, even though we do have onions. Baked potato chili potatoes for dinner. I worked on the van a little today. I received the screws I needed to screw in the framing for the windows I installed previously. I also installed some farming for under the bed wall and prepared two bed frame joists but had to order the appropriate bolts to be able to install them. I also pulled in some wire for the rear fan. 

Sunday: (08/14) After a slow morning watching the Sunday morning shows on GTV, I finally got outside about 1100. I got the table saw out and cut the framing pieces for the rear of the van. Then I prime painted the pieces. Ready to install tomorrow. Leftover hash browned potatoes and granola for breakfast. Tomato salad and corn on the cob from our garden again today for lunch. Salmon and rice with green beans for dinner. 

Monday: (08/15) I put the boards I painted yesterday in the van and walked off to the trail station. I walked by the two construction projects Wilton Court apartments and the sewer line replacement. They were installing window brows at the apartments and pulling the last pipe on Fernando St. I was entering the train parking lot when my train was arriving so I missed it while looking at my projects. All for the best really because that train only went to Downtown 4th and King station and I wanted the 22nd Street Station which the train 25 minutes later stopped at. I wanted to get my breakfast at El Torta Gordo. I got a nice milanesa torta for my breakfast/lunch at 1100. I then caught the 48 bus out to Portola Road to where my trail crossed it on a previous hike. I had seen a building that looked like a Tower Records store and they closed up a few years ago. Turns out the building shows what it was but it is now a Mollie Stone's Market. I continued down Portola to West Portal and walked the village street there. Then I headed down and walked through Stern Grove and past Pine Lake. I continued down Sunset Blvd to Lake Merced and circumnavigated it in a dumbbell shaped route. I had hiked about 12 miles so i caught the 29 bus to Fisherman’s Wharf and then walked a few blocks to Columbus and Green Streets where I got my dose of Golden Boy Pizza. I thought it had closed but Google said it would be open and it was, nice dinner. Then I caught the 30 bus back to Caltrain and took the train home. Nice walk-about. 

Tuesday: (08/16) Granola for breakfast. Tomato from the garden with sausage for lunch. Chinese food from Lucky Chinese Bistro for dinner. It was a hot day. I did install the wood framing for the bed area. Only two errors. I had forgotten to paint four pieces and found them in the back yard after having installed other pieces where the belonged. Those other pieces belonged at the top and were installed at the bottom of the bed area. I had to remove them and now have extra holes in the metal. I determined what other pieces I need and intended to cut and paint everything but never got out after lunch. Did I mention hot. I did work on the motorhome door latch that has been jamming. I removed it and determined a better way to install it. I also ground about a ¼” off the latch bolt. That made it close properly. I also determined it was missing two screws so I went to the hardware store and got them. Now it seems to work better. On the way home I picked up dinner. 

Wednesday: (08/17) Awoke to some rain outside, barely wet the ground several times today. Granola for breakfast. The Wilton Court project down the street was busy all day grinding the alley and end of Wilton Avenue in preparation to repave and regrade the street. I had to watch them work most of the day. I did have my saw out all night so it got slightly wet before I dried it off and sawed some more framing pieces. Most of the framing that I’m installing requires a beveled edge of either 10, 15, or 20 degrees, depending on where it goes. Later in the afternoon, I prime painted all the pieces so they can dry all night. We had Lou’s homemade chili for dinner. Lou and Dawn were gone all day for an appointment and shopping. Meili joined them. 

Thursday: (08/18) A busy day watching the crew pact the street and alley by Wilton Ct. It is really nearly completed now. I installed the framing pieces I painted yesterday. I also made a run in the van to get more plywood, enough to do the floor and ceiling. My, my, that stuff is expensive. I prepared ham , eggs and hash browned potatoes for breakfast. Salads for lunch. Chili beans and toast for dinner. 

Friday: (08/19) I moved the plywood from inside the van to under a tarp behind the RV. I set up my sawhorses and laid a piece of plywood on top ready to start cutting. Of course, then I realized I needed a plywood blade for my circular saw and couldn’t find one. So, I headed off to Lowe’s to get one. I also wanted to get some nice straight dry 2x4 boards which I forgot on yesterday’s trip. Lowe’s only had trash 2x4, wet, rough and crooked. They did have a blade for $8 but I decided to break my rule about not chopping at Home Depot, and see how their 2x4 were. Same trash. I left without getting anything either place. I knew I had some nice dry straight 2x8x10’ in the attic in San Jose. Dried for over 30 years. They were intended to be used for making an attic workroom. That’s not going to happen now. I had already brought 4 home before and used most of them already. I stopped by Harbor freight and bought a couple of saw blades for $6 each and went to San Jose and brought home four more boards. At home, I used the plywood saw blade and cut some plywood to use for the van ceiling framing. They needed to be able to bend and follow the curve of the roof. I also ripped up two of the 2x8’s into 2x2’s to make the bed platform frame. I then had to put everything away to provide room to park the jeep securely in the driveway and get my saw out of the yard because the sprinklers run tonight. Lou and Dawn were off to San Mateo for the day. Leftover hash browned potatoes and a banana for breakfast. Fried rice and coconut shrimp from China Wok for lunch. Lou’s homemade from my homegrown carrot soup and Dawn’s fresh tortilla quesadillas for dinner. 

Saturday: (08/20) Leftover chili beans for breakfast. Leftover salad and a chili relleno for lunch. I picked up lunch from Tacos El Grullense relleno for me, tomatoes and plantains for Lou and Dawn. Dawn made fish hash for dinner. I started the day painting my van boards. Then I installed some drip emitters for Lou for some new plants in the front yard. Then a siesta during the heat of the day. I got back to work in the afternoon and assembled the van bed base and a few of the roof framing pieces. 

Sunday: (08/21) Granola for breakfast. Chinese lunch from China Wok in Sunnyvale. Leftovers and soup from Meili for dinner. I made a run to Harbor Freight to get a new corded electric circular saw. I had tried to use my Ryobi saw then I had been using for a concrete saw before and it wouldn’t cut straight. I couldn't see a way to align the base to the blade so I did the easiest thing and replaced it. The new saw is great and even has a laser guide on it. I cut the base sheets for the bed. I also determined how to make the best use of the plywood sheets without having to buy three more sheets. Each board today used one third of the sheet but left nothing big enough to use for other needs. I decided to piece the lower panels together since they will be behind cabinets. 

Monday: (08/22) I cut out the remaining three plywood panels for above and below the bed. It involved fitting to weird corner radii, odd notches and the wheel wells. I sanded all the panels and the bed platform in preparation to prime paint tomorrow. Granola for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Hamburgers for dinner. 

Tuesday: (08/23) I dropped Lou off at Kaiser for a procedure at 0730. On my return home I picked up some things at Walmart Neighborhood Market. I returned with Dawn at 0930 to pick up Lou. We all went to breakfast at the Country Inn near Westgate in San Jose. We then dropped Dawn off for an appointment. Lou and I went to look at vinyl at Joann’s Fabric Store. Not much to choose from. Back home it was napp time and I never recovered. I wanted to paint my panels but the gardener was to come and mow the lawn today. They didn’t arrive until 1600 for the lawn. We also had a delivery of the motor assembly for Dawn’s four wheeled bike. I had ramen noodles for lunch. For dinner, I used the air fryer function of the new van’s microwave to cook some tater tots and Lou found some ribs in the freezer to go with them. 

Wednesday: (08/24) I did my usual bean picking to start the day. Then I prepared some supports for all the plywood panels I need to paint today. I then attended my Wednesday webinar. After the webinar I prime painted all the panels on both sides. After a sower, I relaxed for the rest of the day. Lou made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Dawn made quesadillas for lunch. Lou made biscuits and gravy for dinner. 

Thursday: (08/25) Picking more beans to start the day. Breakfast at A Good Morning Cafe. We all drove down to San Jose to a fabric store and I bought some naugahyde fabric to cover the bed wall panels. On the way home we visited several thrift stores and Lowe’s to get some paint. Back home, we had a late lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches. I painted all the panels that needed a color coat. The color is Ultra White from Lowes, an exterior semi-gloss paint. It’s stocked on the shelf so quick to get. About 0200 we awoke to no power. The AC circuit breaker to the inverter had tripped nd the batteries had exhausted themselves providing power for who knows how long. The Battleborn batteries had protected themselves by disconnecting themselves when they got too low, about 9.5 volts. I couldn’t easily restore them so I just bypassed the inverter to restore the RV’s AC circuits and keep the fans going. At 0400 the batteries were still dead. For some reason, at 0600 they had restored themselves but at a little over 9.5 volts. The Victron monitor ws sounding its alarm though it was extremely faint. I got up and reconnected the inverter so it would charge the batteries. Not much sleep tonight. 

Friday: (08/26) I wanted to sleep in but Lou mentioned there was some activity down the street at the Wilton Court project so we all went down to see what was happening. They were unloading all the paver bricks that they will lay on the second floor patio. I painted a color coat on the van panels and the bed frame. Then I headed off for my required weekly walk-about. I walked up to University avenue and picked up some breakfast at Whole Foods Market. Then i caught a SamTrans bus North., destination still undetermined. I got off at the Hillsdale Mall and walked through it to see what was there after Covid and after their remodeling. I continued North and Walked 25th Avenue Village. More continuing up to Safeway where i got some water. Then on to Hayward Ave where I walked into one of the nicest neighborhoods ever. Nice Spanish style home on larger lots, close to B Street restaurants and downtown San Mateo. I walked around downtown then back through more neighborhoods before returning on the bus. I arrived home just after 2000. I had to put away all the plywood panels because the lawn they were on will water tonight. Lou and Dawn had dinner at Panera breaks and picked up some soup for me. 

Saturday: (08/27) I spent the day assembling Dawn’s HitchHiker electric motor on her Surrey bike. It actually worked when I was finished. It will have to do as our Tesla. I also assembled the van bed panels to their frames. Peach blintzes for breakfast. Garden salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and ham for lunch. Dinner from Harry’s Hofbrau. 

Sunday: (08/28) The usual slow Sunday morning catching up on the usual CBS Mornings and Meet The Press as well as some of my Youtube subscriptions. We toured a house down the street that is totally uninhabitable and a knockdown on a 25% smaller lot than ours with an asking price of $2.6M and already 5 offers. Looks like the Zillow estimates, that have been dropping, are lower than actual. Eventually, I cut and installed some of the insulation needed for behind my bed panels. Leftover blintzes and ham for breakfast. Dawn made a squash and crab casserole for dinner. 

Monday: (08/29) I finished the insulation around the door slam vents in the back of the van. I did some research last night to see what I should do with those vents. The result was I simply cut round vent holes in my panels and ordered some vent covers for the holes. I also had to enlarge the wheel well cut out on the right side panel. Then I had to touch up the paint, again. I then shifted gears while the paint dried. I determined a route for the service entrance cable. I had to punch a hole within one of the van columns for the cable route and sawed a hole in the bumper for the connector. I had to go to the ACE Hardware store to get a cable bushing and a hole saw. The hole was larger than any of my existing hole saw blades. Leftover veggie lasagna and peas for breakfast. Broccoli salad for lunch. Onion soup with toast for dinner. The onions were from my garden. 

Tuesday: (08/30) The van’s battery was dead again this morning. I jumped it and ran the engine a while. It was cool enough then the fans weren’t needed. I worked on the van running wires much of the day. I received the screws I needed to attach the under bed wall panels. One seemed to not fit well even though it looked like it did yesterday. I may have to remove it and trim a little around the wheel well. I then cleaned out the van so it can be used for freight tomorrow. Dawn found a wall bed system for free in Aptos so we’ll be heading over early tomorrow. I made a run to Harbor Freight to get a few moving pads and collected the car quilts and some blankets from Ernie to use for padding. On the way home I picked up some coconut shrimp and rice from China Wok Restaurant in Sunnyvale. Not for immediate consumption but for later use. Must maximize gas use. Granola for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Pork roast and rice for dinner.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

July too

Wednesday: (07/13) I prepared a Denver omelet with a couple of onions and peppers from the garden. I attended my usual AlphaAnywhere Webinar in the morning. After the webinar, I tried to use the app and found it had a license problem. I got the license number fixed but am still having problems with the installation. I’ll have to try more tomorrow. After a salad for lunch, I did the tank duty in the RV. I also did some pruning of the wisteria in our arbor. It seems like I killed it with the last pruning or it has died of old age. Sausage with waffle fries and leftover soup for dinner. 

Thursday: (07/14) Lou and Dawn were off to an appointment and some thrifting. My back is much better but still not back to normal. I did a little gardening by installing some tomato supports in my Lou’s and My gardens. I also pruned the second artichoke plant down to the ground. Its flowers were not developing as fast as I’d liked. While pruning it down, I found two artichoke flowers on the inside that I’d not seen previously. They went in a vase. I picked up lunch at panda Express on my way to get mulch at the City’s Eleanor Pardee Community Garden. They had a good batch so I made three trips getting 14 buckets each trip. I added mulch to my garden and more for the artichokes. It’s nice and thick now. Salad and some leftover pork and beans for dinner. 

Friday: (07/15) Leftover Denver omelet for breakfast. Tea in the rear yard and then some more pruning of the wisteria. I’m pruning it to the ground because most of it is dead or dying. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Dawn called and said they found a lot of plywood panels and lumber at a free garage estate sale. I went over and picked it all up. Squash soup for dinner. 

Saturday: (07/16) Scrambled eggs with chili for breakfast. We had lunch from Harry’s Haufbrau as Ernie’s birthday meal. The usual prime rib for Lou and Dawn and lasagna for me. Leftover lasagna for my dinner. I worked in the backyard moving some planters and disposing of some extra plants. In the afternoon, I installed the first solar panel on the van roof rack. 

Sunday: (07/17) I over did myself installing the solar panel yesterday and strained my back acting like a fool lifting the panel up by myself. Old age, by itself, doesn't make me smarter. Granola for breakfast. I made a run over to the Grocery Outlet Market for a few things like milk and eggs. Otherwise it was a typical Sunday morning. Lou enjoyed the usual CBS Sunday Morning show and Face The Nation shows. Later I watched some of my Youtube subscription videos. Scrambled eggs with chili for brunch. In the afternoon I mounted the other two solar panels. Chinese food from the Lucky Bistro for dinner. 

Monday: (07/18) Early rise today at 0430. Lou had to be at Kaiser at 0615 for an appointment. I dropped her off then went shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market and Sprout’s for a few things and to kill time. Lou was out just before 10am. We headed home. I put the groceries away then prepare a Denver omelet for brunch. After brunch, I tinkered with a few things before deciding a nap was needed. About 1545 we all headed back to Kaiser for another appointment for Lou. Back home, Dawn prepared baked squash sprinkled with parmesan cheese, fried bologna and some green beans from the garden for dinner. 

Tuesday: (07/19) Leftover Denver omelet with chili for breakfast. I spent much of the morning weeding Lou’s garden and trimming back the olallieberry vines. Hamburgers for lunch. Later, Lou and I went to Safeway for a few things. Tuscan sausage soup for dinner. 

Wednesday: (07/20) No breakfast. I caught the 0727 Caltrain to San Francisco’s Bayside Station. From there I hiked West on the Cross Town Trail, or, at least generally along it. I paralleled the train at times when I got off trail. After about 5.5 miles I stopped for breakfast in the Glen park area at 1115. My back was just beginning to be noticeable. I continued on after breakfast. My back told me I needed to head home at about 8.5 miles at Clarendon. I caught the 44 bus and the N LRT line back to Caltrain’s downtown station. I caught the 311 train home. It was an express train so it only stopped at Palo Alto station, not my closer California Ave Station. I then caught the #22 bus home. Back home, after a shower, I relaxed the rest of the day. Chili beans and tater tots for dinner. 

Thursday: (07/21) Not much done today except relax the back. Granola and banana for breakfast. Scrambled eggs with chili and green onions and peppers from the garden for lunch. Beef over baked potato with some beans and corn from the garden. 

Friday: (07/22) Granola and banana for breakfast. Popcorn for brunch. We all went shopping in the morning. Lou and I went to Walmart neighborhood market, Dawn to Barnes Nobles Books. Chinese rice with coconut shrimp for lunch. On the way home we stopped at two Smart And Final Markets and got some cheap meat. After a nap, I got to work. I removed the glue from the slider door and sawed and revved the center brace from the door. I had to make a run to ACE for another can of GoofOff to remove the adhesive. I also bought a plant to fill a vacant planter. It’s a sunny spot so maybe this succulent will survive. We had beef noodles for dinner. 

Saturday: (07/23) Lou made latkes with ham for breakfast. I shortened a couple of walking sticks for Dawn. I set up my table saw and ripped some wood to frame the windows that I need to install. Leftover Chinese food for lunch. Later, I rode my bike over to the ACE hardware store to get a grommet for the solar cable entrance. Dawn made sauerbraten over baked potatoes for dinner. 

Sunday: (07/24) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. Pork salad bowls for lunch. Roasted veggies from the garden with tater tots and wieners for dinner. I punched the hole in the van roof and installed the home run cable for the solar panels. After the caulk is dry tomorrow, I’ll hookup the connectors and reinstall the panels. That should be the last time I need to work up on the roof for a while. Then to the inside windows and wiring. 

Monday: (07/25) First day of Jury Oncall Duty. Actually, not needed but I need to call again at 1100. I made scrambled eggs with chili for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off to an appointment. I finished hooking up the solar panels to the entrance cable and remounted the panels to the roof bars. Otherwise, I checked the construction projects and relaxed. When I checked my jury status at 1700, I’m not needed so I now don’t need to check until 1100 tomorrow. We all went to IKEA for lunch and a look around. They have a mattress I may get for the van. Leftovers for dinner. 

Tuesday: (07/26) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. More jury duty standby time. I cleaned up inside the RV a little. When I checked on my status at 1100, I was requested to report to the court. After a shower and a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, I headed off. I was way early so I dropped off a letter at the San Jose tenants then visited Target, then waited. I Arrived at the Jury commissioner's office about 1345 for my 1400 call. After about an hour wait we went to the court and got orientation on jury duty, introductions to the lawyers and the defendant and were sworn in, but then told to report back tomorrow at 0900 for jury selection. A lot of hurry up and wait this week, I fear. I was back home about 1600. I had stopped for a snack at the Dim Sum King on the way home. I installed the license plates on the van. Not easy getting the rear plates installed but I persevered in the end. Leftover beef noodles for dinner. 

Wednesday: (07/27) Leftover corned beef hash with eggs for breakfast. I headed off early to get to the courthouse for more jury selection. I did become one of the jurors for the trial. 12 jurors elected for the trial from 80 people summoned. Those not selected were free for another year. I got a bowl of broccoli cheese soup from Panera Bread for lunch. Tuna salad stuffed tomato from our garden for dinner. 

Thursday: (07/28) Leftover corned beef hash with eggs for breakfast. I headed off early to get to the courthouse for more jury duty. Again, we didn’t start on time and were released for the day as soon as we got inside the courtroom about 25 minutes late. Nice to have most of the day free. Busy day down the street at the Wilton Court project. Scaffolding is going back up now that they finished the sidewalks and brick paving. They also are receiving the window brows that need to be installed on the front facing walls. Then they will be hanging the tiles on those walls. I checked the needed thickness for my van window installation and recut the framing boards. I then painted them with primer. Chicken with rice and cucumber radish salad for dinner. 

Friday: (07/29) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. I headed off early to get to the courthouse for more jury duty. Fortunately, we did start on time today. Even better, the case was settled and we were dismissed. I stopped at Smart And Final for a few things on the way home. Salad for lunch. I assembled the window frames for the van. Lou slow cooked the London broil roast I bought this morning at Smart And Final and we had some of it with baked potatoes and sliced tomatoes freshly picked from the garden. Strawberry shortcake for dessert. 

Saturday: (07/30) Granola for breakfast. Peach blintzes for brunch. I picked some corn and beans for later. I had intended to possibly install one of the van windows today but, after watching the installation videos and reading the directions, I found my window frame was constructed wrong. The joint is right where the screws to attach the blinds would be going. So, I ripped some more boards and disassembled my frames and constructed them correctly. Since there is now more raw wood I decided I’ll leave it raw and paint it in place after installation. I also needed to order a coup;e of items mentioned in the videos to use for the installation. They won’t be here until Monday. We may have rain later today or tomorrow so all is well and there is no hole in the van. Corn on the cob and green beans from the garden with sausage for early dinner. 

Sunday: (07/31) Leftover blintzes for breakfast. I cleaned out the water fountain that Lou had polluted with soap and bleach. Poor birds and squirrels. A while later, I got a couple of drops of rain on my nose so I went inside where I spent the rest of the day. It never rained, just threatening clouds. Tomato and cheese sandwich for lunch. Beef noodles for dinner.

Friday, July 1, 2022


Friday:;(07/01) I repaired the lock on the garage door. The outside broke and no longer connected to actuate the lock. The lock has been too difficult for Lou to use for a while. I had tried to replace the lock a few months ago but couldn’t get it working with the correct key nor easily. After a dozen tries this morning, having to build a Frankenstein lock and grind down the striker, I got a combination that finally worked. After that, I visited ACE and Lowe’s to get a cable lock for Dawn and some floor protection sheeting for the van project. I think the heavy cardboard like floor paper will make good template material. Leftover Denver omelet for breakfast. Lunch from Super Taqueria. Lou made zucchini with sausage for dinner.

Saturday: (07/02) I worked on the computer in the morning. I removed the sound mats from the wall behind the driver where the new window will go. I then cleaned off the adhesive from the wall. And, finally, I removed the brace that would be in the way. I still have to do the same to the sliding door. Leftover Denver omelet for breakfast. Salad for lunch. BBQ ribs with baked beans for dinner.

Sunday: (07/03) I tinkered in the yard putting some things away. I also trimmed a shop door that was too tight. And I de-cobwebbed the house, sheds and yard furniture. Granola for breakfast. We had hotdogs roasted over a campfire with all the fixings like chili, grilled onions, sauerkraut with potato salad and corn on the cob. The weather was a bit windy and cool. I relaxed in the afternoon. Leftovers for dinner.

Monday: (07/04) My back bothered me all night and I didn't sleep well. Lou, Dawn and I took a ride out to Bol Park to see the donkeys then continued on the bike path through Los Altos and to Mountain View and returned. I’m surprised the ride didn’t seem to bother my back. I drilled one of the solar panels and attached the ell brackets that will attach it to the roof rails. Working on that aggravated my back. My back was very bad in the afternoon and evening. Granola for breakfast. Salad and baked beans with a BBQ wiener for lunch. BBQ ribs with potato salad and carrot raisin salad for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/05) My back was better today but not good yet. I relaxed all day. I did take a couple of walks to look at the construction projects. Granola for breakfast. Plum cobbler for lunch. Cottage cheese with baked beans and a sausage for dinner.

Wednesday: (07/06) I woke up in the middle of the night and my back ache was getting worse until I couldn’t get up at 0630. I had to enlist Lou’s help to get up and get dressed. For some reason, she thought that indicated I should go to the emergency room to be seen, which I did. Lou dropped me off at Kaiser in Santa Clara and then took Dawn to an appointment. I was in the emergency room from 0800 until after 1300. After some lab work and a cat scan I was released again with nothing recommended but rest and exercise as was recommended a couple of weeks ago. That is usually what helps, but usually a little faster. We picked up lunch on the way home. Granola for breakfast. Coconut shrimp and fried rice from China Wok for lunch. Salad for dinner.

Thursday: (07/06) My back was much better with medication and heat. I relaxed all day with a couple of short walks around the construction projects. Biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Leftover Chinese food for lunch. Dawn made a beef stew for dinner. It is hard to not do anything.

Friday: (07/07) I switched to taking my Ibuprofen only every 6 hours instead of every 4 hours like yesterday. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good all day so I reduced it. I felt more back pain this morning but all seems manageable. I hope that some more relaxation will mend this problem soon. About 1730 I rode the bike over to the market for a couple of things. I prepared some home fried potatoes with ham and eggs for breakfast. Salad and leftovers for lunch. Roast pork sandwich for dinner.

Saturday: (07/08) A little tinkering in the yard. We also toured an open house nearby. I found my van chest freezer power cord had come loose. It had some sausages inside but fortunately it was found in time. Granola and a banana for breakfast. Lunch from Los Altos Taqueria. Sausages with chili beans for dinner.

Sunday: (07/09) I prepared a Denver like omelet with sausage, eggs, onion, a pepper from the garden for brunch. I picked three cobs of corn for dinner from my garden. Dinner was the corn, a tomato from the garden and a salad. I relaxed inside most of the day.

Monday: (07/11) I received an email from Carvana that they need a certified weight slip and are sending paperwork to get it. Paperwork should arrive tomorrow via Fedex. Granola for breakfast. Salad with a sausage for lunch. Pork sandwich and PBJ toast for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/12) . Granola for breakfast. I cleaned out all the materials from the van in preparation to be weighed. Then I started removing the residue from the insulation on the sliding door in preparation to install the window. Fedex delivered the paperwork I needed to prepare for the van registration. Basically getting the vehicle weighed and certifying the weight. I went to Metropolitan Van And Storage in Mountain View to get the van weighed. It weighs 4960 lbs empty with ⅓ tank of gas. So, as of now adding all the heavier items that will be installed and with full fresh water tanks and three passengers, I still have nearly a ton more carrying capacity. I stopped at Safeway on the way home to buy some ciabatta buns for me and soup for lunch. Loaded Baked potato soup from Safeway for lunch. Pork and beans with a sausage for dinner. 









Thursday, June 23, 2022

Starting Roof Fan Install

 Thursday: (06/23) A ham, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast. I did a little work in the van before my back and the weather called an end to it. I removed the tie down anchor loops from the floor. I also removed the glued on insulation over the locations where the ceiling fans and windows are to be installed. I worked at the computer later when my back started to bother me. I managed to get a complex formula in the van build spreadsheet to work. It only too a different way of looking at the problem. Salad and some salami and cheese for lunch. Lou and I went to the Grocery Outlet in the afternoon. Lou’s Shepherd’s pie for dinner. First thing this morning I signed up for an interesting hike in Santa Cruz tomorrow. Unfortunately, while trying to make my monthly payments I discovered a problem at my credit union. They upgraded their systems and evidently introduced several problems. I tried to call the bank but their phone answered with a touch tone option menu but it would respond to any input. So I tried their chat but that person was not an employee of the bank but of one of their services and couldn’t help. So, tomorrow, I’ll have to visit the bank in person to talk to another person. All this because their system people evidently don’t check things.

Friday: (06/24) Granola for breakfast. I headed over to the bank to try to get several problem fixed. After an hour of discussion and their insisting I had made some changes myself, enough now appears to be corrected. I’ll see how some test payments work. Salad for lunch. I took a few walks around the neighborhood looking at the construction projects. About 1700, when it got cooler, I did a little work outside. I made a wooden platform to place on the vans roof rails for me to work on the fan installation. I’m heavy and the roof is weak. Leftover Shepherd’s pie with green beans from the garden for dinner.

Saturday: (06/25) I removed all but one of the artichoke plants in the front yard. They have run their course so I cut them off at the ground level and added some mulch over them. I didn’t have room for the big productive one so it still stands until next week's compost bins. They are supposed to regrow and produce again late this fall or spring. I prepared a scrambled egg with salami and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Then, I placed the wooden platform on the van roof rack bars and also washed the roof so It will be clean and ready to install the fans on. We had leftover pork roast and chili rellenos with artichokes and green beans from the garden. After dinner, I got the table saw out and cut some boards to make frames for the roof fan installation.

Sunday: (06/26) Granola for breakfast. I cut the hole in the roof of the van for the front fan. Painted the cut edge of the sheet metal and painted the wood framing. Salad for lunch. Biscuits and gravy for dinner. In the evening we went to pick up an inverter that Dawn found on Freecycle.

Monday: (06/27) I finished the installation of the front roof fan in the van, all but the caulking. I started to prepare to install the rear fan but decided it was too hot to continue. I relaxed the rest of the day. Granola for breakfast. Some of Meili’s miso soup for brunch. Salad for lunch. Chili baked potatoes for dinner.

Tuesday: (06/28) Granola for breakfast. I cut the hole in the van roof for the rear fan. I had to make a trip to, my most hated business, Home Depot to get a Ryobi cordless variable speed jigsaw. My electric metal shears couldn’t do the corrugated roof that the rear fan location is at. The jigsaw made quick work of the hole. I painted the bare metal and prepared and painted spacers for the fan insulation. I had to call it quits after I had everything painted mostly because my back told me to. I had a salami cheese and hummus sandwich for lunch. I relaxed the rest of the day. Tuna salad and cheese sandwich for dinner.

Wednesday: (06/29) I installed the rear fan in the van. I needed longer screws so I went out shopping. I Visited the Credit Union and Lowe’s, then shopped at Walmart Neighborhood Market in Santa Clara, Smart and Final and Nob Hill on the way home. Back home I installed the longer screws and caulked both fans. I also test that both fans work. Granola for breakfast. Lunch from Lucky Chinese Bistro. BBQ ribs with tater tots and green beans for dinner.

Thursday: (06/30) I prepared a Denver omelet for breakfast. I plucked four small bell peppers from the garden for the omelet. My back was a bother all day so I relaxed most of the day. I did take a couple of walks around the neighborhood to check on the construction projects. Leftover Chinese food for lunch. Tomato soup for dinner.







Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Burst Water Main

 Wednesday: (06/22) I was awakened about 0030 last night by a big truck going down our street. I thought, how unusual. Moments Later it’s backup alarm was sounding. I got up and watched it back down our street. It had lights on on all sides. I thought it was a fire truck but hadn’t heard any sirens. A while later I was again awakened by the sound of a jackhammer. So, I had to get up to see what was going on. I found a city crew backhoe, dump truck and pipeline truck and a vacuum truck busy digging a hole. The water main had burst and the gutter was full with a four foot wide flow. Over time, they exposed the crack in the pipe, found the proper part from their shop. I left them to their work about 0430 after they had plugged the leak and were reconnecting a lateral line that was right next to the break. Needless to say, I was done in for the rest of the day. I did pick most of the plums from our tree. Lou and Dawn were off to Filoli Historic House and Gardens to attend the Antiques Roadshow event for PBS. I napped and watched the second City crew refill the hole from last night and clean up the mud all around in the gutter. I also watched the City sewer contractor permanently paving some of the holes they had made replacing our sewer line. Leftover salmon rice for breakfast. Leftover broccoli salad with a salami and cheese sandwich for lunch. Roast chicken, artichokes from our plants and leftover chili for dinner.



Friday, June 17, 2022

June Two

 Friday: (06/17) I slept in. No breakfast. Salad with some bologna and cheese for lunch. More relaxing today. Tuna rice with green beans from our garden for dinner. I received a bunch of electrical items for the van today.

Saturday: (06/18) I started with a run to the hazardous waste event at the dump. I had two buckets of batteries and ink cartridges. On the way home, I made a run to Lowe’s in Sunnyvale to get a couple of circuit breakers I had ordered. I also picked up some more begonias. Back home, I planted the begonia in my succulent garden. I added a stake to hold up some new sunflower plants. I also removed the old ladder in Dawn's garden and installed a couple of my garden screens for Dawn's beans and peas like I installed in my garden for the scarlet runner beans. We all went to look at an open house down the street. I helped our neighbor install a front basket on her bike that needed longer support arms. I just used some hose clamps to tie the arms to the forks rather than the axle. Ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Lunch from Harry’s Hofbrau in Redwood City. I got my usual veggie lasagna and Lou and Dawn their prime rib dinner. I had a pork sloppy joe sandwich with some salad for dinner. I received some bolts and a DC circuit breaker.

Sunday: (06/19) I rode the bike over to Grocery Outlet for some milk and eggs and the usual too much other stuff. I can’t be trusted there. I received some bolts and T-nuts today. Leftover lasagna for breakfast. Salads for lunch. Smoked sausage and veggies with corn on the cob for dinner.

Monday: (06/20) We were off early to the San Jose house to look in the attic for things. Lou and Dawn will be attending the Antiques Roadshow tomorrow at Filoli Historic House & Garden in Woodside and were looking for something to take to the show for appraisal. No luck finding what Lou was looking for. We stopped at La Victoria for breakfast. Next, I stopped at Harbor Freight for a knockout punch set and a Torx driver set. Lou and Dawn examined the Marshall’s across the street. Next stop was Lowe’s. Lou and Dawn got some planter mix and some clay pots. Unfortunately, my order that is due 6/21 didn’t magically come in early. Back home, it was nap time and time to check on the sewer construction project. They were doing some repaving on pour street and pulled in a section of pipe a couple of streets over. We headed off at 1500 for Lou’s dental appointment. Dawn and I did some shopping for a couple of hours while Lou was worked on. When Lou was through, we headed off to visit a couple of thrift stores in Sunnyvale and Mountain View. After the second visit, we visited Nob Hill Market for a couple of things. We then headed back to Lowe’s. I had received notification that my order for the two sub panels for the van were in. Not good timing but halfway good timing since we were only halfway home. I had a salami and cheese burrito for my dinner. I received more puck lights, dimmers and the 30 amp service inlet connecter and a short adapter for it to connect to a 20 amp outlet.

Tuesday: (06/21) The city’s sewer replacement crew was busy working on repaving our street. I picked most of the apricots from our tree this morning. I received the third solar panel but boy did it go through the mill getting here. Footprints all over on both sides of the box. Rips and punctures of the box all over. And most worrisome, a screw fully penetrated the box on the active side of the panel. It was a ½” sheet metal screw. Fortunately, the panel, somehow, doesn't seem to have any damage. I need to test them soon. I also received the wye adapters and home run cable for the solar panels as well. Biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Pork roast and cheese burrito for lunch. More roast pork and some salad for dinner.