Wednesday, June 1, 2022


Wednesday: (06/01) Granola and berries for breakfast. Salad for lunch. I made a run to deliver some van paperwork to Fedex related to vehicle registration. I then went to Walmart to buy the microwave convection, air fryer oven. Only $99. May simplify my electric kitchen. I also received a bunch of stuff from Amazon for the van. Leftover sauerkraut with potatoes and pork for dinner.

Thursday: (06/02) Lou made sauerkraut potatoes with uncured beef bacon and eggs for breakfast. Lots more materials for the van arrived today. Salad for lunch. While trying to determine what gray water tank would be best, I determined that the van layout needed to be reversed so that the shower is on the passenger side. Now the refrigerator will be under the counter behind Dawn’s seat and the sink next to the shower in the doorway. That way all the plumbing can be on one side and all the electrical on one side. No crossovers needed under the floor. Leftover chicken soup over rice for dinner. Lots more studying on the van build.

Friday: (06/03) No breakfast. Tinkered in the yard. Removed the bad motor from the cooler and tried to fix it. The starter doesn’t work. I burnished and adjusted the starter contacts. Then I had trouble getting it back together with a free spinning armature. I determined that the 35 year old motor served us well and will be laid to rest. I located reasonable cost replacement motors at Ace Hardware and Home Depot. ACE was more expensive and a few days before delivery. Home Depot claimed to have 4 in stock in East Palo Alto for less. I decided to try Home Depot even though I don’t like shopping there because of their founder's politics. After bunch of leftover chili and soup, we went to get the motor. In the end, I ordered it from ACE. There were none at Home Depot, even the row and shelf that their online presence claimed they were at didn’t exist. Dawn came with me and looked around the garden shop and got a few items. We stopped at the Grocery Outlet on the way home for milk. Leftover sauerkraut potatoes with grilled bangers for dinner. I received more van materials like the sink, a water tank, and the water filter.

Saturday: (06/04) Rice with honey and trail mix for breakfast. Green salad with crab meat for lunch. Strawberry waffles for dinner. More parts received. I got some Kreg tools for the cabinet construction. The BT2 (bluetooth modem) for the inverter monitor. More van planning. Inow plan on a convertible bed that sets up as a couch in either the forward or backward direction. The mattress will lift ,aided by gas struts, to provide the seatback and also access to storage under the bed. All the utilities have been relocated from under the bed. The water heater,pump, accumulator and water filter will be under the sink. The batteries, inverter, charger, and other electrical will be under the refrigerator. In addition, the bed will be removable as will the drawer cabinet under the bed so that the van can be used to haul long tall objects, limited by about 40” wide by 132” long. I’ll be installing L-track in the floor and garage walls to secure loads. I also spent a lot of time studying the gray water tank placement and decided where the inlets should be located.

Sunday: (06/05) Sausage for breakfast. I received the van refrigerator and some caulk today. Couldn’t check it’s operation for 24 hours so the fluids can settle. It seems to fit nicely. Otherwise, I spent the day thinking about the van floor installation, electrical, framing and watching videos about those things. Home grown artichokes for lunch. A burrito for dinner.

Monday: (06/06) Dawn made ham and cheese arepas for breakfast. I made a run to Lowe’s for some wood. I got 7 sheets of plywood. No problem to carry in the van. We tried to get lunch from Lucky Bistro but found they are now closed on Mondays. I was set on Chinese so we stopped by the China Wok and I got some rice and shrimp. Lou doesn’t trust that they are safe for her to eat. She is sensitive to any cottonseed oil, MSG and Star anise that many restaurants use. Dawn made another chicken soup from her chicken soups from around the world cookbook for dinner. It was served with hard boiled eggs and was very good.

Tuesday: (06/07) Up early and collected what I thought I’d need for the repairs in San Jose. I even took a shower though , since I’ll be working on a toilet, that may have been wasted. I stopped for a breakfast burrito at La Victoria before going to the house. Rick was there and said the problem was that the toilet didn’t fill with water and the water didn’t seem to be flowing into the tank. I confirmed the flow was good to the float valve and then headed off to get a new valve. No need to waste time trying to fix a $15 valve. The valve went in nicely, no leaks. All I needed was a crescent wrench and my wet/dry vacuum. All those snakes and wrenches weren’t needed, fortunately. I took El Camino Real home. I prefer not driving on freeways, especially during heavier traffic. I picked up some dim sum on the way back. Back home I found my inverter and cooler motor had arrived. I checked on my two projects, the city sewer replacement and the apartment building down the street. Then, I tried to install the motor but I broke the pulley trying to get it off the old motor. None available locally so I ordered from Amazon and have to wait a couple of days to continue. I also received my electric sheet metal shear, 8020 rail couplers, reflective self adhesive insulation, and aluminum foil tape. Lunch was dim sum and leftover chinese rice and shrimp. Lou picked up more Chinese food from Lucky Bistro on her way home. We all dropped our ballots off at our polling place as good citizens. \

Wednesday: (06/08) I did some checks on the van and ordered the gray water tank. I also made a run to the dump to cash in Dawn’s cans and bottles. Then more research on van materials and parts. I received the second water tank today. Leftover hot and soup soup for breakfast and lunch. Also leftover salad for lunch. Leftover Chinese food for dinner.

Thursday: (06/09) I emptied the plywood and tanks from inside the van. I slowly made the decision and ordered the windows for the van. I also received the batteries today. An, to make Lou happier, I received the pulley for the cooler and installed the new motor and pulley and it works fine now. Granola with a banana for breakfast. Lou made fried sauerkrauted potatoes with ham and eggs for lunch. Green salad for dinner. Lou and Dawn started dog sitting today. Momo from across the street is our guest for a few days.

Friday: (06/10) Breakfast from Happy Donut, a sausage egg and cheese English muffin and a donut. I met Alex at his house and we picked up Bianca and headed up to Bonny Doon Ecological Preserve for our hike. The area suffered fires in 2008 and 2020 but was still nice. Lots of plants and animals only exist on these sand islands in the area. This was the hottest recent day in the high 90’s but the hiking group of 13 didn’t complain and all seemed to enjoy the hike. On the way home I picked up lunch at Los Altos Taqueria then relaxed the rest of the day. No dinner needed due to the late lunch.

Saturday: (06/11) Another hot day. Early in the morning, I got my chainsaw out and removed the two tree shafts that remain after having removed all the dead limbs of two of the trees over the shop. I relaxed inside and planned the van’s electrical system most of the day. I received my shower pan about 2045. Chicken and rice stew for breakfast. Salad with some bologna and cheese for lunch. Mushroom rice soup with egg for dinner. At 2045, my shower pan arrived.

Sunday: (06/12) I brought the table saw out of the shop and ripped some pieces of hardboard to use as templates for the van floor installation. Then I got distracted and worked on the two electric saws that needed repair. My 48 year old saw was rather noisy when you stopped it. It sounded like it would fall apart but worked well otherwise. I cleaned it up and also removed and replaced the grease in the gearbox. Works well now. The other saw was an expensive Milwaukee saw that I’ve used for years as my concrete cutting saw. It lost power and also the blade safety protection was frozen. I cleaned it up and changed its grease as well. I also tightened up the depth mechanism. It worked well in all ways after my repairs, except it still had no power. Must be a bad motor winding so I tossed it. In the afternoon I received my two Arctic Tern windows for the van. Now I really need to get to work. Only the compost toilet hasn’t arrived yet. Leftover rice mushroom soup for breakfast. Nachos for lunch from Tacos El Grullense down the street. Artichokes with waffle potatoes and baked fish for dinner.

Monday: (06/13) Leftover sauerkrauted hash browns with ham and eggs for breakfast. I installed the roof rails on the van. I needed to get some M6 hex bolts to install the rail couplers so I rode the bike over to ACE hardware then stopped at the Grocery Outlet for eggs and milk. Of course I left with a lot more and had lots of fun securing the load on the bike. Back home, I had some of Dawn’s congee for lunch. Evidently, what I’ve been calling rice soup is congee. A relaxing afternoon. I received the spacers for the rear roof fan so I’ll be installing the fans soon. Lou made ribs with green beans and tater tots for dinner.

Tuesday: (06/14) I had a PT appointment at Kaiser to learn how to reduce my back pain. There is always hope. Lou had a dental appointment. We did some grocery shopping at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on the way home. Back home, I relaxed the rest of the day. Granola with banana for breakfast. Chili over leftover breakfast hash browns for lunch. Sauerbraten over baked potato for dinner

Wednesday: (06/15) I received two of my three solar panels today. I also pruned the maple tree by the driveway to clear my new van. I installed a couple of bricks to let Lou slip by the front porch in her wheelchair. And I worked on my van construction spreadsheet. Granola and banana for breakfast. Leftover chili and rice for lunch. Leftover sauerbraten over baked potato for dinner. I ordered more materials for the van.

Thursday: (06/16) I received my reflectix insulation this morning. Otherwise I studied some of the equipment manuals in preparation for installations. About 1400 I showered and at 1500 drive up to San Bruno and caught the BART train to San Francisco. BART doesn’t come to our area and it is most convenient for my late return tonight. I got off at the 24th street station and walk over to La Torta Gorda for my dinner. I had a poblano, onion, avocado and cheese torta. They make the absolute best tortas. I then wasted some time walking around the area. I was there to attend an 8pm concert at The Chapel by Jenny and The Mexicats. The doors were supposed to open at 7pm and I arrived some time after that and waited. The doors finally opened at 8:10pm. The concert didn’t start until 9pm. The warmup band was Suenatron, OK. Very energetic but a muddy sound. Fortunately Jenny and her Mexicats were just as expected from their Youtube videos. They did all their favorites and provided an excellent show. The Chapel provides an intimate venue. Their show ended at 1130 and I had to dash off to catch my train. I got home very late at 2am. Scrambled eggs, ham and cheese sandwich for brunch. Dinner at La Torta Gorda on 24th Street in San Francisco. Here is a sample.

Sunday, May 1, 2022


Sunday: (05/01) Leftover salad for breakfast. We finished up preparing for Lou and Dawn to leave in the jeep with the trailer and head home. They need the things they will need in the next couple of days to be with them. I prepared to roll. I took care of dumping the tanks after our week here. They were pretty full. I added enough water to the fresh tank for my stay at the pinnacles but didn’t make it full because there was a line behind me and I didn’t need it full. I stopped in SLO for gas at Costco then at the Taco Temple for a big burrito for dinner tonight and tomorrow. Did I mention big. Then another stop in Atascadero at a Smart and Final Market for a couple of things. And I stopped for lunch in Paso Robles at the Golden Dragon Chinese Buffet. Then I was finally back on the road at about 1300. I took Highway 152 from San Lucas over to Highway 25 then up to the Pinnacles. I settled into my campsite at about 1600. Time to relax. I did walk the campground about 1800 then had my dinner, ⅓ of my burrito.

Monday: (05/02) I got up early and took a shower. I made a ham egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. All my hikers were early so we were off a little after 0900 to drive up to the trailhead. We hiked my Pinnacles Grand Loop hike, 10.5 miles going through all the caves and tunnels and through the High peaks rocks. No condors were seen today. The views were nice and the weather excellent though a bit warm. After the hike I hosted a lemonade party at the RV since I only had 5 fellow hikers. After they left I had another shower and relaxed in the RV the rest of the afternoon and evening. Dinner was more of my burrito. I prepared the RV to roll in the evening since I plan to roll out of the campground at about 0500 to beat the morning commute traffic going home. So slides were brought in.

Tuesday: (05/03) I awoke at 0430, ate a banana and did the final ready to roll items and left camp. Only one other vehicle on the road until I got near Holister, then I was in a traffic jam from Holister to San Jose. I thought going through there at 0530 would have been better. I got home around 0700. I warmed up my final ⅓ of the burrito I've been dining on the last three days. Nice breakfast. Lou and I moved the recliners out of the trailer and I returned the trailer to Uhaul. But, now the sewer replacement project had moved in just in front of our house so both the Jeep and RV were left out on the highway. We were busy watching the construction the rest of the day. I had a salad for lunch. About 1600 some of the equipment cleared out from in front of our driveway so I asked if I could bring in the RV. I fetched the RV but by the time I got back even more equipment was in the way. They were enlarging the pit in front of our house in preparation for tomorrow's pull. I parked and waited while they dug two pits out but I was parked on where their third pit was to be so they plated up the big hole and I parked the RV back in the driveway. Next project was to repair the washer. The water level switch was broken. I located a replacement and ordered it. $60 dollars and a week and we’ll be back in business. I picked up dinner from Chili's Restaurant, BBQ ribs.

Wednesday: (05/04) Granola and banana for breakfast. Busy catching up on my sewer project and apartment building inspections. They made some progress on the projects while I was gone last week. Salad for lunch. Artichokes from our plants and baked potatoes with steak for dinner.

Thursday: (05/05) I made a ham, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Another busy day watching them connect the laterals lines to the new sewer. Unfortunately, the pipe came in high so there are several more lateral line that were too low so a new line had to be installed to provide proper drainage. They were also removing a lot of the scaffolding on the building down the street. I had a salad for lunch. Then I had to head off to Kaiser to get my 2nd covid booster shot. On the way back I stopped at Walmart Neighborhood Market for a few (lots) of things. Lou made artichoke chicken over rice with broccoli for dinner.

Friday: (05/06) Granola and banana for breakfast. Salad for lunch. We went to the nursery and bought a bunch of plants. I got some corn and peppers for my garden to replace the ones that never sprouted from seed. I also got some color flowers for the planters. Back home, I planted them all in the garden and planters. Dawn’s baked beans and Lou’s cornbread for dinner. Otherwise, on this hit day, I just watched the sewer pipe replacement project work.

Saturday: (05/07) First thing done was to plan a new hike route and post a hike at Foothills Preserve for Tuesday. Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and some cornbread with honey for breakfast. I swapped out the Gell batteries in one of Lou’s scooter battery packs with some LiPo batteries. I put them on the charger to see what voltage they charge too. Then I’ll get them tested for range. I put the washer back together and manually set the water level to large load. The new switch won’t get here until next week. We all went up to Redwood City to get Lou’s Mother’s day prime rib from Harry’s Hofbrau. I had my usual lasagna. Of course it also included a visit to the Saver’s Thrift store. Back Home I decided to do another search for my van. It’s been looking like new one’s won’t be available for more than a year and used one’s are almost always overpriced for worn out high mileage vans. Well, today I found a low mileage one with many of the added features I would be getting with a custom ordered van. It’s from Carvana has 15K miles for $45K. While that is more than a used van should cost, it is way low for anything I’ve seen, and I’ve been looking for quite a while. The online buying experience is not easy. The van was in the process of being bought by someone else. I continued to check it and that hold timed out after about 30 minutes so I jumped in. I’m hesitant to spend money anyway so I lost my hold myself later and it was immediately being held by someone else again. But I persisted, watched the clock and got it myself again later and completed the process. I’m supposed to pick it up 5/24, delayed a little by our next camping trip. Leftover salad for dinner.

Sunday: (05/08) Leftover lasagna for breakfast. A windy cold day. I wanted to test the range on the new Lithium batteries I put in one of lou’s scooter battery packs. The range should be around 8 miles. We all got on our scooters and rode down to Castro Street in Mountain View, a little over 4 miles. Lou’s new battery made it for over 9 miles but a couple of blocks from home. Dawn’s battery died about the same. Lou’s scooter went through three old batteries. Since the new batteries proved themselves, I ordered 6 more to reload three battery packs. Hopefully that fixes Lou’s dying batteries. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chili and toast for dinner.

Monday: (05/09) Another cold breezy day. Dawn and I made a Costco and Walmart run for a few things. I checked all the remaining scooter battery packs. Not many good batteries including two of the lithium batteries. Then more van planning. Rice and diced apple for breakfast. Salad for lunch/ Chicken over rice for dinner.

Tuesday: (05/10) A cool morning. I prepared my usual hikers breakfast of a ham, egg and cheese sandwich. I met my fellow SJMW hikers at Foothills Nature Preserve for an 8.5 mile loop hike. Great weather with some gusty wind and broken clouds but really nice in the sun and great views of the bay and mountains. Back home, I checked on the construction projects and had some leftover rice and chicken for lunch. Then I had to provide an insurance verification and bank verification for my Carvana van purchase. Roast chicken with baked potato and asparagus for dinner. I rode my bike down to Walmart to get some 9volt batteries for our recliner control. It is stuck in recline position. Unfortunately, they didn’t fix it?

Wednesday: (05/11) More wind and cold. We moved my old cement mixer and the recliner loveseat out front with free signs on them. The mixer was taken in a few minutes by one of the construction workers. Our sewer project seems to be ready to pull in the last segment of pipe on our street tomorrow. The intersection of our street and the alley by the apartment being built had about 5 contractors working near it. The crew building a fence for an apartment next door, the cement contractor finishing the concrete wall of the new apartment building, electricians preparing a foundation to install a new transformer for the building, the sewer construction crew in the middle of the intersection removing a manhole, a crew installing hangers and window brows for the building, the drywall contractor moving supplies from the basement to the upper floors, and, most importantly, the honey bucket service truck came. I also attended my Wednesday webinar. Rice and banana for breakfast. Squash soup and toast for lunch. Chili beans for dinner.

Thursday: (05/12) Rice and diced apple for breakfast. The sewer construction crew pulled in the final section of pipe today. Always fun to watch construction crews. Also the apartment building crews were busy finishing the wall in the alleyway with grinding and patching. Also a crew was installing fencing. Lou’s lentil soup with toast for lunch. I did the RV tank duty and washed the windshield. We need to roll out of here tomorrow morning. While I had the date marked on my calendar, Lou was thinking we left on Sunday rather than Friday. We previously had reservations that started Sunday in Pismo Beach but changed them to go North to Sam Taylor State Park instead. I noticed the date after lunch so we shifted gears to get ready. All packed and ready now. I made a grocery shopping run and picked up dinner at Lucky Chinese Bistro. After dinner, I harvested 10 artichokes which Lou steamed and we had an after dinner snack. The rest were put in the fridge.

Friday: (05/13) Up early, showered and prepared to roll. We were on the road about 0745 just before the street would close for the construction in front of the house. Traffic was light, even through San Francoisco’s 19th avenue but there was a backup there because of lane closures. We passed our exit from Highway 101 but came into the park on different, better country roads a little North. We arrived at 1030, much too early for our campsite and there was nowhere to park to wait so we drove out to Point Reyes Station. Lou and Dawn looked around while I rested. We returned to the campground and settled in a little after 1400.

Saturday: (05/14) Granola and banana for breakfast. Lou and I erredted our tent that she and Dawn use for crafts and games while I’m out playing. Otherwise, we relaxed in the park around camp most of the day. Lou made strawberry pancakes with ham for lunch. About 1530 We took a drive. I explored some trailheads for upcoming hikes. We stopped at a garage sale and a thrift store in Geronimo. We drove through Fairfax and decided we must return to explore more there. I wanted to see more trailheads so we drove the Fairfax Bolinas Road through the mountains to Highway 1. I examined where the Bolinas Ridge trail crosses the road and how it’s located to the Pantoll Campground. I’m planning a backpack hoike through here in the future. We enjoyed the view from the top of San Francisco, Oakland and the bay. We were back to camp by 1830. Leftover spaghetti with home grown artichokes and toast for dinner.

Sunday: (05/15) A cool day today. Latkes and ham for breakfast. We all had out showers. Hamburgers for lunch. Relaxed in camp all day today. Leftover soup with toast for dinner.

Monday: (05/16) I made my usual hikers breakfast ham egg and cheese sandwich to start. I met Jeff and we both drove down to the Bear Valley Trailhead. Ludamilla and Pavel arrived and we all headed up to the top of Mt Wittenberg. We continued down to the coast trail and stopped for lunch at Sculpted Beach. Then more Coast Trail and back home on Bear Valley Trail. The Bear Valley Trail is really lunch and something like a fern Canyon with not so steep walls, just normal hillsides covered in fern. Lou and Dawn joined me for a shower. We share the shower because it takes one dollar count and four minutes to get warm. Leftover steak and artichokes with baked potatoes for dinner followed by cranberry pear compote.

Tuesday: (05/17) Lou and Dawn had fried oatmeal for breakfast. I had ham and eggs with toast. We explored the shops in the village of Fairfax. Lunch in Fairfax at the Gestalt Haus, sausages with German potato salad and coleslaw. Lou had a dental appointment at 1330 there in Fairfax. After the appointment we drove over to the Kaiser pharmacy in San Rafael to pick up a prescription. Dawn checked the stock at the Goodwill Thrift store in San Rafael. Back home by 1700 so we could run our generator for a few hours before quiet time. I had a good backache all day.

Wednesday: (05/18) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. We relaxed in camp all day. Crab salad for lunch. In the afternoon Lou and Dawn had a campfire. My back was better today. Beef noodles for dinner.

Thursday: (05/19) Leftover corned beef hash and fried eggs for breakfast. I drove Dawn over to Fairfax where she bought a book she had seen. It turns out the most shops don’t open until noon and we had arrived at 1000 so we waited around. I took a short walk in the neighborhood. While I waited for Dawn I enjoyed an ice cream cone and bought a great brownie for later. Back home I had some leftover salad for lunch, and a taste of the big brownie. We showered in the afternoon having finally learned how to prime the hot water for th ehower by running a faucet in the adjacent restroom. Normally, it takes four minutes or a $1 of the hower running to get hot water. We all shower sequentially to keep the water hot. Leftover beef noodles for dinner.

Friday: (05/20) Moving day. I relaxed in bed. My back has been bothering me, om and off, the previous few days so I started the day relaxing in bed. Lou and Dawn did much of the preparations to roll before I got up. I even got to enjoy Lou’s omelet ala “everything in the fridge” in bed. We finished preparations and rolled out a little after 1000. Traffic was high getting out to the freeway in San Rafael but not bad the rest of the way home. We stopped in Millbrae for lunch at Neal’s Cafe. I dropped Lou, Dawn and the Jeep off in San Carlos and they stopped at a couple of thrift shops and the library on their way home. I got LPG and gas in Sunnyvale, then parked at home and settled in. We had pizza for dinner. There is a problem with our inverter that appeared yesterday and persists today. It seems like the transfer really can’t decide which position to be in when the generator or utility power is present.

Saturday: (05/21) Granola and banana for breakfast. A relaxing day at home. I rode the bike to the market for a few things, like salad. Of course, I came home with much more than I went for. Broccoli salad with tuna for lunch. I did research on my van electrical system and also on the problem with the Surfside RV inverter acting funky. Now running on battery at home to lower the charge in the batteries to test better tomorrow. I also did tank duty. This RV is nice for a week with three people due to it’s 40 gallon tanks. Mac and cheese for dinner.

Sunday: (05/22) PBJ toast for breakfast. Our gardener called this morning. He hasn’t been able to get in on the street for the past two weeks and won't be coming on his regular day this coming week due to a medical problem. Our lawn was six inches high and needed to be mowed so I brought out our old electric mower and mowed the lawn. It’s only the back yard that has a lawn. I also edged it. It should be good until he can return in a couple of weeks. Salad for lunch. In the afternoon I relaxed and did research for my van build. I am rethinking using 8020 aluminum instead of all wood. Chicken pot pie minus the crust for dinner.

Monday: (05/23) Granola and banana for breakfast. We all drove up to Daly City and picked up my new to me van from Carvana. It’s a 2019 with 15K miles on it. A few papers to sign for the DMV title and we were off. Quick process. Lou and Dawn each got individual test drives with me. It only has two seats for now. Then they were off thrifting and had lunch on the way home in San Mateo at Jack’s Restaurant. I drove the van home and read the manual. Two things I needed to know. How the cruise control worked and how to open the fuel fill door. To my surprise it wasn’t at all complicated. It does.t lock, yu jt pull it open from the bottom rear. Duh!. Not key fob button, no inside button, no pull latch. And, no protection since the fuel cap is unlocked as well. Something to replace. Leftover Spanish rice for dinner.

Tuesday: (05/24) Hot day. Lou and I drove the van down to San Jose and met the termite inspector for our annual inspection. All OK. Lou visited with Ceceia down the street. Lunch at the Country Inn in San Jose. On the way home we stopped at Walmart for groceries and Harbor Freight for RV leveling ramps. Worked at escaping the heat the rest of the afternoon.Salad for dinner

Wednesday: (05/25) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. Ernie’s cooler water pump failed. I confirmed it was the pump, not the switch and then ordered a replacement. One thing about the bay area is that evaporative coolers and parts are not available here. I also weeded my garden. Then I raised the new van on blocks and crawled under it to inspect everything. All OK. I can’t get a professional inspection in my time frame due to scheduling already out more than 2 weeks everywhere and also because most shops can’t raise a tall vehicle. Then, after a shower, I cut my hair and beard, then another shower. After salad for lunch, I drove the van up Page Mill Road then out Alpine Road to Tarwater Trailhead. A good bad road test with a good climb and bumpy narrow road. No problems. I came down on Highway 9 into Saratoga. I stopped at Smart and Final and Knob Hill to get granola and tea. Then I filled the van with gas. I also stopped at Walmart for a gas log book. Later, I hooked up my OBD2 scanner and checked the van for problems. One sensor test failed with a reading of .027 for a test that should read between .03 and 1.999. It really doesn’t seem important. I’ll have to do more research to try and find out what it senses. Lou made corn on the cob with ham steaks and French fries for dinner.

Thursday: (05/26) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. I had a doctor's appointment at Kaiser this morning. My back has been bothering me and Lou spotted a lump. Since I was seeing the doctor at Lou;s insistence, she accompanied me. Dawn came along as well and visited the Library. The doctors says that the lump is just an old age thing, actually has some name but my description may be more accurate. As to the pain, she sent me to get an xray and ordered blood work so we visited the lab and drove to Kaiser Santa Clara for the x ray since the Mountain View clinic’s machine was kaput. We then had lunch at Applebee’s then I dropped Lou and Dawn off at a thrift store and I got gas for the Jeep. Back home, I installed the new cooler pump that Amazon delivered. It wasn;t easy due to the location of the cooler and a change in pump layout requiring wiring and tubing changes. Everything is cool in Ernie’s trailer now. I relaxed the remainder of the day. Lou made chili sizes for dinner.

Friday: (05/27) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. I installed the replacement water level switch in the washer. I spent some time in the new van measuring and planning. I also weeded the park strip. It had a lot of burrs that would likely enter the van with my constant in and out. Lou and Dawn had an appointment then had brunch at Coupa Cafe. When they got back, I took Dawn for a ride in the van and stopped and got my lunch at China Wok, some fried rice and coconut shrimp. At home, We all prepared dinners. I started sauerkraut potatoes with pork in the slow cooker. Lou was baking BBQ ribs in the oven. Dawn made a chicken soup with salsa and peanut butter in another slow cooker. Dawn won, we had soup over rice for dinner. Lou and I took a drive in the van after dinner.

Saturday: (05/28) I drove down to San Jose to get some lumber from the attic there at Dawn’s house. It was left there 35 years ago with the plan to make a couple of rooms up there. Never happened. Breakfast at La Victoria in San Jose. It is well seasoned wood now. I’ll use it for the van mock up and build. I also picked up three sheets of hardboard for the mock up. It is odd that it isn't much more than cardboard sheets. Back home, I put the wood away and started a little shop cleanup. It needs a lot of cleanup. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Sauerkraut with potatoes and pork for dinner. I took an evening run looking for a microwave/convection oven and did a test drive on the freeway to check MPG. This is the last day of my 7 day return period.

Sunday: (05/29) Ham and eggs with toast for breakfast. Some tea in the backyard. Watched the SF Carnival parade. I tinkered with the van laying out the interior with blue tape. Salad for lunch. Leftover sauerkraut with potatoes and pork for dinner.

Monday: (05/30) Granola for breakfast. Artichokes and pork chops for lunch. Lou made my birthday cranberry pear pie today, only 5 weeks after the day. She is so much like myself. I worked in the shop until about 1400 cleaning out junk from past projects. I’ll need lots of room to work and store materials for the van soon. BBQ bibs with fries and broccoli for dinner. In the evening I placed an order for much of the materials I’ll be installing in the van. Electrical, plumbing, refrigerator, etc.

Tuesday: (05/31) Granola and berries for breakfast. Lunch from the Safeway deli. Lou had a dental appointment. Dawn and I went to the Stanford Engineeringbuilding to attend a presentation by groups providing disability assistance applications. Dawn had provided input to one of the teams. Leftover peanut butter chicken soup over rice for dinner. 

Friday, April 1, 2022


Friday: (04/01) Lou made fried eggs with leftover roast pork and toast for breakfast. I prepared a new hike route for Tuesday’s hike. I’ll post it tomorrow morning. Lou made sauteed mixed vegetables with leftover roast pork for lunch. I drove down to Lowe’s and bought some mulch for my garden. I also stopped by Ave and made some returns as well as bought a new toilet fill valve. Dawn made chicken with rice for dinner followed by chocolate Moose.

Saturday: (04/02) Rice and diced apple for breakfast in the backyard. I rode the bike over to the Grocery Outlet and bought milk and salads. We had salads with sausage for lunch. Lou and I disassembled the temporary tent by her garden. Dinner from Harry’s Hofbrau. Lou and Dawn had their prime rib and I had lasagna. In the evening I started filling in our tax forms. Went pretty smooth with all the information previously collected. Only a couple of items to resolve.

Sunday: (04/03) Leftover chili baked potato for breakfast. I did a little washing of the used tarps from the removed tent. Lou and I made an ACE hardware run for a few things. Back home I replaced the TP holder in the RV bathroom. The original would only hold single rolls which are rather rare anymore. The new one holds the current mega rolls. Leftover cabbage sausage salad for lunch. Also today was tank duty day for the RV. Time to take dare of the dootie. Lou prepared fish with fries and baked zucchini.

Monday: (04/04) Leftover lasagna for breakfast. I finished cleaning the last tarp and added some clamps to my critter screens in my garden to allow it to hinge up to open as needed for garden maintenance. Sill no seedlings spotted. I rode my bike over to Grocery Outlet to get lunch. Salad for lunch.

Tuesday: (04/05) Ham and cheese egg breakfast sandwiches to start the day. I led a hike at Monte Bello and Los Trancos Open Space Preserves. It was a new route that covered most of the most interesting bits of those two preserves while being only 6.5 miles and having 1000’ of climb. We finished at 1159 having started at 0930, a fast hike. Nice weather and nice bird songs and stream sounds to enhance the hike. Only 9 hikers. After the hike I stopped by the China Wok restaurant for some fried rice and coconut shrimp. Lou and Dawn were over at Stanford University for a couple of appointments and lunch. Dawn made an interesting stew like dinner with artichokes, olives, potatoes, sausage, tomatoes and who knows what else with poached eggs on top. Tasty.

Wednesday: (04/06) Rice with diced apple for breakfast. A little yard tinkering, weeding out some sucker trees from the beds, installed the new hose rack by the garden shed. I also harvested the first purple artichoke. Even though it is small, it looks like itis starting to open up. So i sliced it off nd left the other two on that plant. I attended my Wednesday webinar. Leftover salad with Chinese fried rice and shrimp for lunch. A little yard tinkering and a little computer time. Lou made artichoke chicken over rice with leftover corn on the cob and artichokes for dinner.

Thursday: (04/07) Up early, took a quick shower and headed off to the train at 0630 to go for a walk in San Francisco. The early departure is to get to the Arboretum in Golden Gate park before 0900 because it’s free. The last train that assures enough time to get across town to the park in time left Palo Alto at 0650. I ended up with about 50 minutes extra so I got my breakfast from Peasant Pies, a nice sausage egg and cheese hand pie. I enjoyed a good walk around the arboretum with very few other people and took way too many photos. It seems it only takes me about 2 hours to cover the whole place. I left the arboretum and picked up a donut and a tea then walked over to a neighborhood garden I like to enjoy them. It was overpopulated with tiny gardeners from some school. Then I hiked up to the top of Mt Sutro and over to Sutro Tower then back through the Sutro Open Space Preserve. I caught a train out to Ocean Beach. The train was delayed 45 minutes on a route that should have been every 10 minutes. Six trains passed by going the opposite direction. I probably could have walked out to the beach in the same time, only about 40 blocks. I had an idea to walk up along the bluffs to the Golden Gate Bridge then come back to get dinner in the Mission District at a restaurant I like, La Torta Gorda. I had checked earlier in the day and knew it closed at 6pm. It was 3pm now and I had run out of gas, so I decided to walk back through GG Park and head to dinner. I hadn’t had lunch and needed something so I picked up a snack and a drink at Safway. I enjoy my snack at the tulip garden by one of the windmills in the park. Then I walked across the park back to the East end. I made it back and caught the train back toward the Mission.That train doesn’t go all the way so I was walking several block to get over to 24th Street then catch a bus to get me to the restaurant. I was 5 blocks from 24 St and it was 5:50pm. I finally realized I had goofed up and couldn’t possible make it before the restaurant closed so I returned to Mission Street and caught s bus toward the train. I transferred to a T train and returned to the Caltrain station. I had to wait 25 minutes for the next train. That next train was an Express train that would stop at the downtown Palo Alto station but not the California Avenue station near my home. The following train would be 25 minutes later and stop at California Avenue but would stop at every station and arrive in Palo Alto 45 minutes later than the earlier train. When I got to Palo Alto I caught a bus toward my house and arrived a block from the house at 824pm so the plan saved me 20 minutes and a half mile walk from the station to home. All day, Lou had been fighting getting the power back on for the cooler. In trying to restore that she lost power other places. To top that the LPG detector was sounding and couldn’t be reset either. When I got home I turned on a couple of breakers she had turned off and I cut the power to the LPG detector. I had already ordered a new detector but it had been cooperative and only needed to be reset once every couple of days. Fortunately, the replacement arrives tomorrow. I prepared a tortilla with ham, cheese and salsa with scrambled eggs for my dinner.

Friday: (04/08) Big day of discovery in the gardens. All three purple artichoke plants are producing. The other two plants each have one artichoke on them now. From nothing to a one inch sized choke in a day. A hot day but only a day. Also, in the backyard swing garden, I have half a dozen bean plants popped up, some carrots and a broccoli plant. I had some rice with a banana and honey for breakfast. I rode over to the Grocery Outlet Market and bought some salad kits and milk. We had salad for lunch. Shepherd’s Pie for dinner.

Saturday: (04/09) I made ham, eggs and toast for breakfast. Lou was busy working outside emptying her temporary tent. And speaking of tents, she bought a huge family tent at the thrift store and we erected it and disinfected it. Today some of my corn popped through the surface as well as more carrots and some broccoli. I also announced a hike for Tuesday as well as signing up for one of next Friday. Salads for lunch. Lou’s Iranian chicken salad and ham for dinner.

Sunday: (04/10) Morning was nice, afternoon was windy. First, we put away Lou’s new tent from the driveway and moved the cars back into the driveway. The sewer replacement project starts tomorrow and parking is prohibited on our street. My car is parked at Meili’s house next door and Lou and Ernie’s cars are in our driveway. I prepared to start on Ernie’s trailer roof resealing . I got a piece of plywood to distribute my weight while I removed the old caulk and install the new seal tape. I also removed some weeds from the lawn. We worked in the yard a little for me and a lot for Lou and Dawn. Rice with banana and honey for breakfast. Iranian potato salad for lunch. Dawn made stew for dinner.

Monday: (04/11) We were off early to try to get our Covid booster shots. On the way to Kaiser we stopped for breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant. We learned that you need appointments to get a shot and, yes I had tried to get one but it is next to impossible to get the appointment. I tried again after we left Kaiser and we could get an appointment in San Jose, Stockton, etc. Nothing near us. On the way home we stopped at Safeway, Whole Foods and Grocery Outlet. It was raining (more like drizzle) in the morning and extremely windy the rest of the day. I relaxed inside. Salads for lunch. Leftover stew for dinner.

Tuesday: (04/12) I prepared my usual pre-hike breakfast of a ham, egg and cheese sandwich for my breakfast. I headed up to the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve to lead my hike. We hiked across the preserve on the Bay Area Ridge Trail then returned on the Hawk, Alder Spring and Ancient Oaks trails. Lots of wild flowers to see but it was so cold and breezy that the poppies stayed rolled up. 16 fellow hikers for this 8.3 mile loop. We finished about 1300. Back home I had a salad for lunch. Chili over rice for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/13) Rice with diced dates and banana for breakfast. I prepared my next Tuesday hike posting that I’ll post on Saturday morning. I attended my usual Wednesday webinar. Salads for lunch. I finalized our tax return and sent it off to the IRS cloud. Dawn’s stew for dinner.

Thursday: (04/14) Granola and banana for breakfast. I had a dental appointment this morning so we all went out. I was dropped off at the dentist’s office and they headed off shopping nearby. After my appointment we stopped by a Walmart neighborhood Market, a Lazy Boy sofa store and several thrift stores on the way home. We stopped for lunch at Chili’s restaurant. Leftovers for dinner. I readied my backpack for tomorrow's hike at Henry Coe park.

Friday: (04/15) I prepared breakfast sandwiches for breakfast. I was off to a hike at Henry Coe State Park. Tara was leading her annual hike through the Narrows, a hike with ¾ mile of creek wading. Wonderful day, wonderful hike. 12 hikers, beautiful green hills, nice weather. We started at 0930 and finished the 12.2 mile hike at 1600. I took the non freeway roads home. Much more relaxing. I picked up dinner for Lou, Dawn and I at Aqui’s Restaurant in Cupertino on the way home. Mine was carne asada and Lou and Dawn shared a salmon enchilada plate. All good. I felt much better after my shower but I’ll need to go through my backpack tomorrow.

Saturday: (04/16) Heavy rain this morning. Toast and honey for breakfast. I picked several artichokes which we had for dinner. Chicken soup and toast for lunch. Spaghetti for dinner. I posted a hike for Tuesday.

Sunday: (04/17) I rode the bike over to Grocery Outlet to get some peppers and then cooked some corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Dawn made honey glazed ham with rice au gratin and green beans for dinner.

Monday: (04/18) Leftover corned beef hash with eggs for breakfast. We had our Easter morning breakfast today, chocolate dipped everything. I spent some time watching a new project on our street, the sewer line replacement project. Leftover ham with leftover au gratin rice and green beans for dinner, again.

Tuesday: (04/19) The usual breakfast ham egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast before my hike. I led a hike at Palo Alto Foothills Nature Preserve doing the Los Trancos Trail. It was a 6.5 mile hike with 1500 feet of climb. Beautiful green after last night’s good rain. The flowers were certainly out in abundance. 18 fellow hikers joined me. We started at 0930 and finished about 1220. Back home for a shower and some corn chowder with toast for lunch. Salad for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/20) Rice with banana and honey for breakfast. Salad and ham for lunch. Lou made beef noodle stew for dinner. A busy day watching the sewer line replacement project on our street. It was so interesting that I missed my Wednesday webinar. The screw is very efficient unlike so many construction workers. They are slipping in an eight inch main line to replace the existing six inch line. They pull and hammer in the HDPE pipe breaking the existing clay pipe. Quite amazing. What is most amazing is that there is no bad smell even though until they connect the lateral lines from the houses, all the sewage just pools in the pits they dug to intercept the lines. This is even more interesting than when they replaced our gas lines.

Thursday: (04/21) Rice with banana and honey for breakfast. Salad and ham for lunch. Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for dinner. I had a busy day watching the sewer line replacement project on our street. It rained last night and showered starting about again 1830.

Friday: (04/22) Ham, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. I met fellow SJMW hikers at Wunderlich Park in Woodside for a hike to Alice’s Restaurant on Skyline Blvd. This was a special hike because one of our fellow hikers, Karen who moved to Switzerland, was visiting. In addition Don, another hiker who moved away to the central valley was on the hike. And, it was also the last hike for Chris, who is moving away to Phoenix. Even with the heavy rain we had last night and early this morning, we enjoyed a rainless hike. Evidently they had showers here at home. Back home, I checked on the sewer project and took a shower then relaxed the rest of the day. Lou made shrimp rice with veggies for dinner.

Saturday: (04/23) Rice and diced apple for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Nachos Supreme for dinner from Tacos El Grullense. We worked all day preparing to leave. I washed the RV, in particular the solar panels. I did the tank duty emptying and filling as needed. I checked the sprinklers for the garden to see if they are working. Dawn’s garden timer had failed due to a leak in the control. I replaced it with one of the non Internet connected timers. My preparation isn’t too involved since I live in the RV full time even here at home.

Sunday: (04/24) On the road by 1000. We drove separately as we left so I could, more easily, get into the cheap gas station that has little room to maneuver. Luckily, the lane I needed was clear when we arrived. Cash price $5.19 which is .20 - 1.30 less than other stations nearby. We then hooked up the Jeep and hit the road South. We stopped in Gilroy for breakfast at the Longhouse Restaurant, great garlic pork chops. Breakfast was about 1100 so no lunch was needed. We did stop in Greenfield for me to take a nap while Lou and Dawn explored the shops. We were settled into our campsite at Pismo Beach State Park, North Campground by 1700. For dinner we had leftover pork chops with artichokes from our garden, brussels sprouts, and pancakes.

Monday: (04/25) I made toast with ham, cheese and hummus for breakfast. Green salad with chicken for lunch. Chicken artichoke over rice for dinner. We did some shopping at Walmart and Outdoor supply. On our way yesterday our chair compartment door opened and we lost our doormat so we replaced it today. Of course, we also stopped at a couple of thrift stores on the way home. Otherwise I just relaxed in camp.

Tuesday: (04/26) My birthday. Lou made latkes with ham for breakfast. We were out of flour so she substituted cornstarch and it actually made them better. We set up her thrift shop tent. Interesting figuring out just how to do it. Even though the directions were in English, they obviously lost something in translation. About 1100, I took off for a walk. I walked South toward our usual campground in Oceana through the dunes then along the river and around the airport finally arriving at Old Juan’s Cantina. I called Lou and she and Dawn met me for a late birthday lunch. I had a wonderful Adobo Poblano pepper stuffed with chicken shrimp cheese and who knows what else. We returned to camp and I needed to do some work on the tent. We hadn’t installed the fly so I did that and added some tie down ropes because the wind had picked up and was really gusty. Lou plans on using the tent to work on a quilt and they used it for games when I took my walk.

Wednesday: (04/27) We drove up to San Luis Obispo after breakfast. I took a hike in the Irish Hill Preserve. The hike was 4.5 miles and about 800 feet climb, a good stretch. Afterwards, I stopped at Costco and joined myself. Lou and Dawn are already members. I needed to join to be able to try to use their AutoPurchase program. I had one of their chicken bakes for lunch. I then walked over to the Ford dealer and asked about ordering a van. The word was as I expected, no chance. They aren’t even able to order anything right now and if something was available it would be $5k over MSRP. So, I’ll have to make other considerations, like converting my little Hyundai. Lou and Dawn were thrifting. Leftovers for breakfast. I had a latka, some carnitas and some shrimp rice. Lunch at Costco in SLO. Roast beast with baked potatoes for dinner.

Thursday: (04/28) We spent the morning in San Luis Obispo. We visited a couple of thrift stores including a new one I spotted. Unfortunately I spotted two butt lift recliners there in great shape for an excellent low price of $100 each. We have been looking at replacement loveseat recliners but they run $800-3000 each. So we bought them and will pick them up Saturday. I reserved a box trailer and Lou will tow it home in the Jeep. I’ll be stopping at the Pinnacles on my way home. She may get them out of the trailer before I return or they will wait in the trailer for me to arrive. Toast for breakfast. Lunch at Pismo Fish and Chips. Salads for dinner.

Friday: (04/29) Another cold windy day. Breakfast at Francisco's Country Kitchen in Arroyo Grande. No lunch due to the slightly late and excellent breakfast. Lou made pasta with leftovers du jour for dinner. A little shopping after breakfast and otherwise relaxing at home today.

Saturday: (04/30) Leftovers for breakfast. We headed up to Morro Bay to get our Uhaul trailer. The hooking took a couple of minutes but the paperwork took 30 minutes. Uhauls’ computer was down. Then we were off to Harbor Freight to get some web straps and a drop hitch. The rental trailer rode with its rear bumper quite close to the ground. We couldn't find a good drop hitch so just got the web straps. Then we made it to the thrift shop to get our two recliners. They were not open and two workers were waiting outside. It seems that the key man called in sick. After a couple of hours the shop opened and we got our chairs. I tied them down and we tried to get gas at Costco but the line was too long so we got it closer to home. Then back to camp to relax. Later we disassembled the tent and put everything away to be ready to leave tomorrow. Lunch at IHOP on the way home. Leftover lunch for dinner.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022


Tuesday: (03/01) I made my usual ham, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. I headed up to Portola Redwoods State Park to lead a 0930 hike with 4 fellow hikers from SJMWH group. We hiked out to Peter’s Creek Loop, a 12.25 mile hike with about 1829’ feet of climb. Nice day, nice group, nice hike. We finished the hike about 1510. As usual, I was the slowest hiker but they all have to wait for me to catch up at trail junctions. A nice salad for a late lunch/dinner at home.

Wednesday: (03/02) A new era begins. I’m trying to finally do something about my weight. Covid stay at home non activity has taken a measurable toll. In addition I have been neglecting my Heart healthy diet recently. So, I need to pay more attention to the type of foods I eat in addition to the quantities. I like my breakfast sandwiches and granola but I need to now enjoy them less often. I am going to try to eat simpler cereals like rice and low processed non sugary granola about 5 times a week. Lunch will be changing to salads 5 times a week. Dinners will just be measured and less. Dish it up and put away any leftovers before eating so the temptation to return to the pot is gone. I’ll still do two days without as many restrictions. This is my plan and I hope I can stick with it for a while.

Since I need to get some rice and such, this morning breakfast was the usual First Street French Vanilla granola with a banana. Lunch was a nice green salad from Grocery Outlet. Leftover enchiladas for dinner. I attended my Wednesday webinar and tinkered in the office all morning. I made a shopping run and got some rice.

Thursday: (03/03) Since we are getting low on LPG gas for the range, Lou brought out the induction cooktop and loaned me one of the house pots that works with it and I cooked some rice. Evidently we’ll need some new pots and pans for the RV soon.

Friday: (03/04) A cold windy day, all day. I tinkered inside. Lou and Dawn managed to get some work done in Dawn’s garden in the morning before going out shopping later. Rice and banana for breakfast. Green salad for lunch. Garden grown cabbage and sausage with potatoes for dinner.

Saturday: (03/05) Rain again last night. Cold all day. Windy in the afternoon. I relaxed inside all day except for installing a new solar panel on one of our front yard cameras. I worked on Lou’s original scooter that occasionally dies with the battery still nicely charged. I suspected a loose connection and isolated it to a 8 pin network cable that connects the display board to the controller. I had also found the faceplate on the battery meter had come loose and jammed the needle occasionally. I reglued it last night and reinstalled it today. I glued the connector back onto the display board and determined the most likely pins that would cause the problem, only 3 could. I ordered a new soldering kit to do the repair later. One of my OK to eat normal days. I prepared ham, and eggs with toast for breakfast. A nice green salad for lunch. Chili beans and toast for dinner.

Sunday: (03/06) PBJ Toast for breakfast. A nice green salad for grocery Outlet, again. Lou’s asparagus soup and toast for dinner. I received my new soldering iron today and worked on Lou’s scooter controller re-soldering a connector. The scooter worked well, for 25’ before skidding to a stop showing it was dead. No voltage indicated. I worked on it some more and swapped the 8 pin connector cable that goes up to the switch display panel. No defined fixes but it did start working again for a while then failed again. More work needed, someday.

Monday: (03/07) Rice and diced apple for breakfast. Lunch from Lucky Chinese Bistro. Chicken nuggets and tater tots for dinner. I made a grocery run today. I stopped at Smart and Final, Safeway, and Walmart markets. Each has their own favorites. I also stopped at Marshall’s and bought a couple of new induction compatible pans frying and sauce Had to return Lou’s borrowed pans. I’ve been using an induction hot plate to reduce LPG consumption. We’ll be rolling out to camp next week so I’ll fill up LPG then. Meanwhile, here at home I’ll just start using electric cooking only.

Tuesday: (03/08) Rice with diced apple for breakfast. The usual green salad from Grocery Outlet for lunch. Dawn made Tuscan soup for dinner. In the afternoon I went outside and welded up two frames for my garden rodent and bird screens.

Wednesday: (03/09) Rice with banana for breakfast. The usual green salad from Grocery Outlet for lunch. Leftover Chinese food for dinner with cheesecake for dessert. I attended my usual Wednesday webinar. Dawn and I picked up a load of compost from the city garden for her garden. I washed both cars and vacuumed and wiped the interior of my car. It was quite dirt after all the bucket hauling it has done these past two years.

Thursday: (03/10) Ham and egg with cheese breakfast sandwich. I headed out early to pickup a car pool passenger and drive up to Mori Point in Pacifica for a hike. This is my first hike with Chris leading. It was an 11 mile 1700’ loop up onto Sweeney Ridge via the Banquiano Trail, down to Milagra Ridge and on to the beach. Then down the beach through Mori Point to our start. Chris served Terrabites, some mincemeat like tarts he made at the end of our hike. Several of us (Chris, Kathy, Sally, Joe and Lynn) stopped for a late lunch at Guerrero's Taqueria. Pretty good grub. I had a super Quesodilla the was more like a big burrito. I ate half and packed the remainder home. Back home I showered and relaxed the rest of the day. Leftover green salad and hot and sour soup for dinner.

Friday: (03/11) I had the leftover quesadilla for breakfast. I drove down to San Jose and picked up the Hepa vacuum for Lou. Green salad for lunch. I worked on my garden bird and squirrel screens. I added a cross brace to the frames I built earlier and started attaching the chicken wire. I cut the wire and attached the ends but still need to do the sides. Pizza for dinner.

Saturday: (03/12) Cottage cheese for breakfast. Green salads for lunch. Dawn made stew for dinner. I worked a little outside and got the wire attached to the two chicken wire screens I worked on yesterday. I set it up and it looks like it might work. Now to make three more pairs to do the rest of the garden.

Sunday: (03/13) Rice with banana for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Chipotle bowls for dinner. I cut the pieces and welded the frames for the garden. Somehow I managed to miscount the quantity needed. Not only am I missing one, I’m also out of EMT sticks for them. I only bought 8 and needed 11 so I’ll have to get more tomorrow. I managed to mess up the number needed, and the count of the frames during the cutting and welding. Only noticed I was missing one as I was completing the last frame??? Getting old, I guess.

Monday: (03/14) Lou made refried beans with sausage and cheese for breakfast. Green salads from the Grocery Outlet for lunch again today. Dawn salmon baked potato and asparagus. I made a run at Walgreens, Smart and Final and Grocery outlet for a few things. I had ordered some items online from Walgreens for pickup at the store. I found they were much cheaper online than in store even though they came from the store and were delivered to me at the curb. I could like this. I also stopped at Lowe’s for some more EMT tubing. Back home, I cut the tubing and welded the final garden pest screen frame. When we return from our camping trip I’ll need to put the wire on them.

Tuesday: (03/15) Granola and banana for breakfast. We finished preparing to leave. I took the RV down to Sunnyvale to get LPG and fill the RV gas tank. Back home, we hooked up the Jeep and headed off about 1100. We headed North on Highway 280, through San Francisco on 19th Avenue and up 101 to Sir Francis Drake Blvd toward San Anselmo. We were settled into our campsite by 1330. We had green salads produced by Lou for lunch. Then a nap was needed. About 1600 I headed off for a hike around the park. I checked out the facilities then hiked West on the Ox Trail to the old paper mill. I continued a ways further then turned back and returned on the creek trail. The creek trail is part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Leftover soup and toast for dinner.
GPS: 38.021761,-122.735921

Wednesday: (03/16) I made ham and egg sandwiches with cheese for breakfast. Lou and Dawn dropped me off at the Devil’s Gorge trailhead about 1030 for my hike. I hiked up Bill’s Trail to the top of Barnabe Peak. I had my trail lunch there by the fire lookout tower with two lizards. The trail down is a fire road and rather steep. I frightened a deer along the way.I was back home by 1500. The trail up is one of the nicest trails with beautiful forest all the way up and a easy consistent grade. I had some corn chips and salsa as a snack. I took a shower at one of the campground showers. The use $1 tokens for 4 minute showers. The first four minute token expired just as there was finally a trace on non ice cold water. I decided to give it another try thinking that maybe it was about primed. About 30 seconds into the second coin the hot water finally arrived. I had a nice shower with the remaining 3.5 minutes. Leftover roast with mashed potatoes and corn for dinner.

Thursday: (03/17) Lou made pancakes and sausage for breakfast. We snacked for lunch. Chili topped baked potatoes for dinner. We took a drive today out to Point Reyes National Seashore. We looked over the Visitor Center which is well done. Then drove out to the lighthouse. It is only open on the weekend so we couldn't see it up close but it has nice views of the area. We also drove up to the highest mountain top in the park which ends at the Inverness Trailhead. We stopped for a snack at the Inverness store then drove up to Point Reyes Station and explored the shops there. We returned home via some back roads past Nicasio Reservoir.

Friday: (03/18) Leftovers for breakfast. We stopped in Millbrae at Neil’s for lunch. We left camp about 1000. We drove out Sir Francis Drake Blvd to Highway 1 at point Reyes. We took Highway 1 South through Stinson Beach and Muir Beach. We stopped to stretch in Golden Gate Park then stopped for lunch in Millbrae. We then stopped at a couple of thrift stores on the way home. Arrived home about 1600. Leftovers for dinner.

Saturday: (03/19) Rice with banana for breakfast. Tomato soup for lunch. Fettuccine with clam sauce for dinner. I worked on my garden pest screens adding the wire to a couple of the frames. Heavy rain in the evening.

Sunday: (03/20) The usual slow Sunday morning I made ham and eggs with some home fried potatoes for breakfast. I worked some more on my garden pest screens adding the wire to three more frames. Three more to do. I took a bike ride over to look at the city compost pile at Eleanor Pardee Park. Still empty. Dawn needs some more and I need wood chips which is also empty. On the way back I stopped at the Grocery Outlet and picked up salads for lunch and a corned beef roast and a lot of milk and some eggs. A big load for my bike. Lou pulled all the cabbage from my garden spot and cooled it with the corned beef for dinner. I made a reservation for the Pinnacles NP for a couple of nights following our Pismo Beach visit. I’ll stop on the way home and take a hike, possibly with my fellow SJMWHG.

Monday: (03/21) Rice with diced apple for breakfast. Grocery Outlet green salad for lunch. I added the wire to the remaining three garden frames. Then I cut the tubing for the four end caps and welded the frames up. I’ll add the wire Wednesday. Linguini for dinner.

Tuesday: (03/22) I had a ham, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. That is my go to hikers breakfast. I drove up to Montebello Open Space preserve to lead my 5 OSP Black Mountain hike. It was a 12.5 mile hike through five preserves and to the top of the highest mountain in that area. I didn’t lose any of the 10 hikers. Nice clear views of the ocean and bay from the top. On the way home i stopped at Grocery Outlet to get a salad for lunch. I also stopped to pickup some free items from Talk and Trade for Dawn. Dinner was fish with tater tots and asparagus. After my shower I did my usual nothing post hike.

Wednesday: (03/23) Start by cooking up a pot of rice and browning a bunch of ham. I had some rice with a banana for breakfast and also had to test the ham. I attended the usual Wednesday Alpha Anywhere webinar. Grocery Outlet salad for lunch. After lunch, I rode my bike over to out ACE Hardware to get some more wire, galvanizing paint and vacuum filters. I completed painting all the welds and added wire to a couple of the end frames. A couple more to do. We picked up dinner from Lucky Chinese Bistro.

Thursday: (03/24) Rice with diced apple for lunch. I completed adding the chicken wire to the pest frames and cultivated and fertilized the other half of my garden. Lou made baked cauliflower with artichokes and ham for lunch. In the afternoon I planted my garden of corn, beans, broccoli, carrots, peppers and tomatoes. I also installed the new critter protection screens. Lou and I went to the Sprout’s Market for a couple of things and I enjoyed my leftover Chinese food.

Friday: (03/25) Rice with banana for breakfast. I weeded the front yard bark. I rode the bike over the Baji’s Cafe to meet Lou and Dawn for lunch. Along the way to and from lunch I tried to find a better off the main road bike path to the area of the cafe. Not easy due to missing street connections. Lou made clam chowder for dinner.

Saturday: (03/26) Cottage cheese with banana for breakfast. I gave myself a beard and haircut. My process is to shower and wash my hair to get rid of the oils in the beard and hair. Then go sun myself to dry out. Then do the haircut and take another shower to get rid of the debris. It pretty much fills a morning. While shopping at our nearby Sprout’s Market, we found some salad kits for $3.99 each. I’ve been getting my lunch salads from Grocery Outlet. Those come in a bowl with the makings. Sprout’s kits are in a plastic bag, much less debris and a good kit as well, however their kit does not include the chicken so that needs to be added. Those salads were lunch and quite good. Lou made Chinese egg flower soup and Dawn made chicken Pad Thai noodles for dinner.

Sunday: (03/27) I decided I wanted a diet exception day breakfast so today I picked up huevos rancheros for everyone at Tacos El Gruelense down the street. Later we tinkered in the backyard and I ended up pruning all the jade plant blossoms off which was a major project. They were very prolific last year. I also plucked all the grass out of the brick walkway in the rear yard. So that was my relaxation on Sunday morning. I had leftover salad for lunch and Lou and Dawn prepared liver and onions for their lunch. For dinner we had leftover Chinese food that Lou and Dawn prepared yesterday for dinner. We had lots of clouds and some wind that turned into high wind gusts and heavy rain in the evening.

Monday: (03/28) Granola with a banana for breakfast. Lou made a fruit, nut, tuna and green salad for lunch. Leftovers for dinner. It was a day with occasional heavy rain. I checked a rain gutter above the cooler that Lou complained about. I cleaned the gutter and tested the downspout then added a little rain diverter to direct more water into the gutter. I then cleaned up the leaves that blew down during the storm on the sidewalks and patio. I tinkered with the computer much of the day.

Tuesday: (03/29) I prepared scrambled egg, ham and cheese breakfast sandwiches. I was off at 0830 to lead my hike at Long Ridge Open Space Preserve. On the way there I stopped at several other OSP’s to see if they were open. There is the possibility that Long Ridge could be closed for a mountain lion study. It could also affect any of the other preserves during this week. Specific closures are not adequately publicized so it was a guessing game to see if Long Ridge was closed and if it was where to move the hike to. The seemed to be at Russian Ridge OSP so we were able to do our hike. It was foggy during the whole hike but still a beautiful hike with my other 11 fellow hikers. It was only 7.1 miles. We started at 0930 and finished before 1230, quite fast for one of my hikes. Back home I took a shower then relaxed and had lunch. Later I checked on a new project in our neighborhood. They started a sewer line replacement project in our neighborhood. They were busy marking the street and using a camera to ID the specific locations of the lateral connections. Our street will be really pockmarked since each lateral connection requires a 3’ square hole. Lou made Chinese noodles for dinner.

Wednesday: (03/30) Granola and banana for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off early for appointments and shopping. I attended my Wednesday Alpha software webinar. After that, I rode my bike over to the city compost pile to see if it had been resupplied. It had. On the way home, I stopped at theLocal Kitchen restaurant to get a salad for lunch. I worked on our tax return the rest of the day collecting information. We tried to go out to dinner at Chili’s restaurant to use a gift card we had. Unfortunately they were over occupied and under staffed, so we returned home for chili baked potatoes for dinner.

Thursday: (03/31) Lou and Dawn were off to appointments today. I prepared a quesadilla for my breakfast with some leftover homemade tortillas. I tinkered with a couple of small projects in the morning. Later, I rode my bike over to REI in Sunnyvale to get some GU electrolyte tablets. I picked up some dim sum for my lunch. I worked on tax preparation again. Dawn BBQ’ed a roast, potatoes and apples for dinner with rice and green beans.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022


Tuesday: (02/01) I started by making breakfast sandwiches for all. Then off to Russian Ridge OSP where I met a couple of fellow San Jose Midweek Hikers and hiked the Bay Area Ridge Trail through the preserve. *.1 mile and 3 hours later, I returned home for a shower. Lou picked up a pizza for lunch from Pizza-Chicago. Then we all went shopping at the Grocery Outlet. Lou made spaghetti squash with shrimp and green beans for dinner.

Wednesday: (02/02) Granola and banana for breakfast. A cold and very windy day. I tinkered inside all morning. I attended my morning Alpha Software webinar. Chilli and toast for lunch. I made a rice, pepper and beef dish for dinner. In the afternoon and evening I worked at downloading missing photos from my laptop and organizing the photo folders. I still need to rename a lot and post the best to the blog.

Thursday: (02/03) Granola and banana for breakfast. I weeded the front yard and walkways before lunch. Leftover rice with peppers and beef for lunch. Our tenant emailed that the fence at the San Jose house had been hit by a tractor. I drove down for a look. I spoke with the contractor and they will be repairing it. I pointed out the pickets are redwood and the rails and posts are pressure treated. I then headed out to visit the Ram van dealer on Capitol Avenue in South San Jose. They had a nice used van on the lot with 51k miles. I spoke with a salesman and found out it sold for $45k yesterday. I also confirmed they are selling new vans at $7.5k above MSRP. Likely the same at all bay area dealers. I stopped by Smart And Final Market for a couple of things on the way home. A little more work in the yard and I also sorted the recycle cans and bottles. A ham and cheese sandwich for dinner.

Friday: (02/04) Up at 0500 to get ready for a hike. After a shower and breakfast sandwich, I was off to Art’s house to carpool down to Pinnacles National Park. Tara was leading a copy of my hike Tuesday before last. She calls it a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) hike. I decided to join her on her hike. Never too much of Pinnacles. We were a group of 15 and enjoyed a nice day. We were lucky and got to see two condors but not too closely. We finished up about 1530. Art’s car is a Bolt electric. We had to stop for a 15 minute charge in Holister on the way down and another 30 minute charge time on the way back. While it was charging I had a snack from Panda Express chinese food of rice and walnut shrimp. Back home, after a shower I had some chili for the rest of my dinner.

Saturday: (02/05) Granola and a banana for breakfast. I lounged in bed/the office much of the morning. I did make a plan for an almost new hike, not done since 2013. I scheduled it for next Tuesday to hike from Pichetti Ranch OSP, through Stevens Creek Park to Maisie’s Peak in Fremont Older OSP. Leftover chili for lunch. In the afternoon I finally got outside. The day had warmed nicely. I weeded the raised succulent garden and the swing garden spot. Dawn made sauerbraten over baked potatoes for dinner.

Sunday: (02/06) Granola and banana for breakfast. Lou and I went shopping at Walmart’s Neighborhood Market and Sprout’s Market. Shepherds pie for dinner.

Monday: (02/07) Hamburgers for breakfast. We had breakfast for lunch from A Good Morning restaurant. I worked in the afternoon weeding the new garden. I also drained the holding tanks and filled the water on the RV. Leftover sauerbraten over baked potatoes for dinner.

Tuesday: (02/08) I made my usual hikers breakfast, a fried toast sausage egg and cheese sandwich. I headed up to Pichetti Ranch to meet my fellow SJMW hikers. I had 13 hikers on thi hike. We headed out Zinfandel Trail the up Lookout trail into the Fremont Older Preserve to Maisie’s Peak. We returned via the Coyote Ridge Trail and the Tony Look Trail through Stevens Canyon County Park. About 9.4 miles and 2010 feet of climb. On the way home I picked up lunch at the China Wok Restaurant on Mary Avenue in Sunnyvale. For dinner we pickup salads from Panera Bread.

Wednesday: (02/09) Waffles with sausage for breakfast. I tinkered on the computer much of the day including my usual Wednesday webinar. Hamburgers for lunch. In the afternoon, I did a little garden weeding. I contacted my credit union auto representative about locating the van I want to convert to an RV. Scrambled eggs with sausage and toast for dinner.

Thursday: (02/10) Granola and a banana for breakfast. In the morning I got a call back from the Credit Union Autoland representative I talked with yesterday. He was unable to locate the van I’m interested in on the ground so I ordered exactly what I wanted, a Promaster van equipped for RV conversion. Lunch at Panera Bread. I enjoyed an Asian Salad and French Onion Soup. BBQ ribs with tater-tots and corn on the cob for dinner. I work on sourcing materials for the van. Also preordered the compost toilet.

Friday: (02/11) I made a late corned beef hash breakfast. I also started some pork, sauerkraut and potatoes in the slow cooker for dinner. My major task for the day was to start locating materials and parts for the van build.

Saturday: (02/12) Granola for breakfast. I prepared a hike plan and posted the hike for Tuesday. Lou and Dawn were off with Meili to a free garage sale first thing. Later, we all went to the Palo Alto High School flea market. I rode my bike. On My way home I visited the Arizona Cactus Garden at Stanford and got a Tiger Chai at Coupa Cafe on campus. Harry’s Haufbrau prime rib and lasagna for lunch. I worked in the yard in the afternoon. I cleaned up a flower bed in preparation to plant berries there. I cleared the area and now need to till the soil and mix compost in. I had leftover lasagna for my dinner.

Sunday: (02/13) Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. I worked on tilling and de-rooting the new berry planter spot. I broke about 1330 for a shower and lunch. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I went grocery shopping at Walmart neighborhood market for a few things. The real reason for my outing was to get more 5 gallon buckets. Harbor Freight had none so I stopped at Lowe’s and got 6 more. I like to have 14 for a full load in the little car but so many have found other uses since my last hauling project. I need to dispose of some of the heavy clay soil and bring home some compost to mix in. Leftover sauerkraut, potatoes and pork for dinner.

Monday: (02/14) I had some leftover pork and potatoes for breakfast. Lou and I were off to Kaiser for her appointment after noon. I dropped her off and drove around nearby exploring. I picked up a late lunch at Wok On Express Chinese food. I picked Lou up at about 1600.

Tuesday: (02/15) I made my usual ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich to start. I was off to Tarwater Trailhead to lead my hike with 7 other hikers forn SJMWH group. We hiked down Tarwater Trail, up Canyon Trail and down East Brook trail to Jones Gulch. We enjoyed seeing a waterfall there that usually isn’t there. We hiked back on the Pomponio Trail and up the Shingle Mill Trail to our start. I had leftover sauerkraut, potatoes and pork for a late lunch. A little leftover chopped salad for dinner.

Wednesday: (02/16) I prepared sauerkraut potatoes with ham and eggs for breakfast. Lou made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. I filled the second compost bin with leaves from the roof of the garden shed. I wasn’t able to work on my planned project of filling my buckets with the heavy clay soil where I’m going to plant the black berries. It had flooded. Evidently I didn’t turn off the sprinklers fully and they water on Tuesday. I did make a run to the Sunnyvale dump to trade in all our can and bottles at the recycle center. Lou made tater tots with chicken nuggets and corn on the cob for dinner.

Thursday: (02/17) Granola for breakfast. Lou made tuna stuffed tomatoes for lunch. Spaghetti squash with shrimp for dinner. I dug out and loaded 16 buckets of clay soil and took it to the Smart Transfer station in Sunnyvale. Unfortunately, my city of Palo Alto didn’t renew their contract with Sunnyvale so, effective January 1st, I can't use their site for disposal. They did provide a list of other locations Palo Alto residents can dispose of stuff. I drove further down to Santa Clara and dumped at the Mission Trails transfer Station. Worked well. Back home I dug out and loaded 15 more buckets with clay dirt. I ruined one of the buckets on the previous trip. The Transfer Station hours are 0600-1400 so I couldn’t transport the second load today. Also, the convenience of being able to fill the buckets on the return trip with compost is lost because Mission Trail doesn’t have compost. I’ll have to get it at a park in Palo Alto.

Friday: (02/18) Eggs, sauerkraut potatoes and toast for breakfast. I headed off early to the dump to get rid of another load of dirt. I stopped at REI on the way home and traded my new pants for a better (larger) size. Darn covid. I also stopped by Lowes and bought some manure and planter mix then at the city compost pile to fill all my buckets with compost. Back home I had leftover ham and pea soup. I then mixed the compost and tilled soil on the first half of the new berried bed. Another trip to get more compost. On the way back home I stopped to watch the installation of a modular home section. They seemed to be having some kind of problem. By 1530 they were just setting the second section in place. That seemed to have taken many hours and there is only a couple of more hours of daylight. I returned home and continued to roto till the remaining half of the bed. I need to go down another 6 inches then mix in the compost. Lou made stuffed bell peppers with baked potatoes and asparagus for dinner.

Saturday: (02/19) 0620 I drove Lou up to Redwood City to pickup Dawn at the Stanford Sleep Clinic. Granola and a banana for breakfast. More napping back home. When I did get up I prepared a hike for next Tuesday and posted it. Then it was outside to the backyard to continue with the berries bed. I completed the rototilling then back filled and mixed in the compost. I then mixed in some steer manure and topped it all with some garden soil mix. Then I planted the berries and the naled lady bulbs. Then a lot of cleanup and putting things away. I now have nicely washed buckets. Lou made a green salad with three beans and chicken for lunch. She also made chicken soup/stew for dinner. After a shower, I relaxed all evening.

Sunday: (02/20) Granola and a banana for breakfast. Lou and I went to the nursery to look around. I bought some seeds. We also visited ACE hardware and I bought some eyelets and wire. Back home, we installed the eyelets and wire on the fence to support the black berries. Dawn made soup for a late lunch. We had French fries from McDonald’s for dinner.

Monday: (02/21) Granola and banana for breakfast. We took a drive up toward Mill Brea traveling all the back roads and through neighborhoods we haven’t been in before. Lou and Dawn planned on having lunch at Jack’s in San Mateo but they were way too busy so we continued up to Neil’s in Mill Brea. We drove back stopping at a couple of Thrift stores in Burlingame and another in San Carlos. I had chilli and toast for dinner.

Tuesday: (02/22) I made a toasted egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. I forgot to put in some bacon jerky so I ate it separately. I headed off to my Tuesday 0930 hike at Palo Alto Foothills Preserve. 12 fellow hikers joined me on the hike. Nice 7.8 mile loop around the park on a cold windy day. We finished a little after 1300. I drove up to Redwood City afterwards to look at a couple of vans at a used car lot. I noticed them yesterday on our drive. Three Ford high top short vans 2017-2018 with 70-80K miles each all around $40K. Short Ford vans would not be good for sleeping crosswise so the bed would take o too much of the interior. Also for only a $10K discount off a new vehicle, the price is way too much for a 70k mile vehicle. I may have to convert my little Hyundai yet. I picked up lunch for the USA Chinese restaurant in Redwood City on the way home. Back home and after a nice hower, I finally warmed up and relaxed the rest of the day. Dawn made pizza for dinner.

Wednesday: (02/23) Lou was off for an 0800 dental appointment. I heard off to ACE hardware early to pickup the cooler pads we ordered. We have to order them because coolers are not in much use in the bay area. At the store, I found that they were not in. It was a problem with the ACE computer system. I’ll have to check back later. Back home, I had granola for breakfast. Lou picked up salads from the Corner Bakery restaurant for lunch. Dawn made a caramel banana pie in the afternoon. I attended my Wednesday webinar and tinkered in the office and with the computer the rest of this very cold day. Leftover stuffed peppers for dinner.

Thursday: (02/24) Lou made omelets with grapes for breakfast. I had a sausage and cheese sandwich for lunch. I tinkered on the computer collecting tax information today. For dinner I made Lazy Man's enchiladas.

Friday: (02/25) Leftover omelet for breakfast. I delivered my broken tripod to Kol’s to return to Amazon. I then stopped by Walmart and bought some fuel canisters for my torch and a few other things since I was there. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I tinkered in the office the rest of the day. Lou’s chili beans for dinner.

Saturday: (02/26) Granola for breakfast. We drove down to Gilroy for Dawn to deliver books to the Book Seller bookstore. We also visited the Camping World store for a look and several thrift stores. I managed to find two pairs of shorts and a shirt. For lunch, the best Cuban sandwich ever at the Garlic Cafe in downtown Gilroy. Leftover lazy man’s enchiladas for dinner.

Sunday: (02/27) Granola and banana for breakfast. I cleaned up the leaves behind the garden shed between it and the fence. I also cleaned up behind the tent and cottage. And, to stretch my efforts, I planted the succulent that Lou bought last week into my succulent garden. Lou’s three bean green salads for lunch. Leftover lazy man’s enchiladas for dinner.

Monday: (02/28) I prepared fried eggs with ham and toast for breakfast. We all did a little garden work. First, I had to bring out a little electric cultivator. I decided to try it instead of the rototiller. It would run so I started to clean it up from some caked on mud and disassemble it to see if I could fix it. Lou came over and discovered it might work better if the other end of the extension cord were plugged in. It did. The cord is always plugged in but for some reason she had unplugged it? It did a good job of cultivating and mixing in some fertilizer to the half of the swing garden. We have decided that the Swing Garden is mine, the New garden is Dawn’s and the Old Garden is Lou's. After that, I decided to go to Lowe’s to get some wire to make pest covers for my garden. We need to defend against crows and squirrels, especially for sprouted plants. I intend to plant seeds. On the way home I stopped for lunch at the China Wok Restaurant. I also stopped at Grocery Outlet for some things. Dawn made arrapa burgers for dinner.

Saturday, January 1, 2022


Saturday: (01/01) I prepared steak, eggs and toast for breakfast. Lou picked up our late lunch from Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City. The usual prime rib for Lou and Dawn and veggie lasagna for me. I tinkered on a few projects. I did the tank duty on the RV filling water and dumping holding tanks. I replaced batteries in a sprinkler controller, removed one camera that continues to not charge its battery, and removed another camera battery that wasn’t charged. It has been good to this point, the other has been a problem for too long. I also scheduled a hike for next Tuesday. Leftover lasagna for dinner.

Sunday: (01/02) Granola and banana for breakfast. Salami and cheese with hummus English muffin for lunch. Steak with rice, red peppers and green beans for dinner. A dry, cold day so little outside activity today. My major activity was catching up on my YouTube subscriptions.

Monday: (01/03) Granola and banana for breakfast. Salami, cheese and hummus sandwich for lunch. I made steak with rice, red peppers and green beans for dinner. It was too cold outside so I tinkered and relaxed inside all day.

Tuesday: (01/04) I made a salami, cheese and egg English muffin for breakfast. Off for a nice hike of 8.1 miles with some interesting views at Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve with 17 other San Jose Mid-week Hikers. While we enjoyed an abundance of mud along the trails, we still made it back at 1315 before our estimated return. Almost too much green today. The rains really have helped. I picked up lunch from the China Wok in Sunnyvale. Leftovers for dinner.

Wednesday: (01/05) Granola and banana for breakfast. Lou made Brussels sprouts with bacon and baked potatoes for lunch. It was too cold outside so I tinkered and relaxed inside all day. I attended my Wednesday AlphaAnywhere webinar. Leftovers for dinner.

Thursday: (01/06) Lou made scrambled eggs with cheese sauce and bacon for breakfast. Lunch and dinner were an El Paso (corned beef hash) from the Crepevine restaurant in Mountain View. I spent some time starting the income tax preparation and working on updating my budget worksheet.

Friday: (01/07) Hot and Sour soup for breakfast. The project down the street finally started the roofing. Leftover pea soup for lunch. Homemade tamales for dinner. I tinkered inside again today. I managed to restore my troublesome websites to show up. There was a problem with a server configuration file. I also abandoned Wordpress for my blog. It is now fully on blogger.

(01/08) Granola and banana for breakfast. I tinkered with some programming on the computer. I tried out Google AppSheet. Leftovers for lunch. Lou and I took a drive looking at things and shopping for nothing in particular. We also stopped at Smart and Final for a few things on the way home. Super Taqueria burrito and quesadillas for dinner.

Sunday: (01/09) Granola and banana for breakfast. A usual lazy Sunday morning watching TV. Lou reported she saw weeds growing on the sunroom roof when she did her morning walk around the yard. Eventually, I got busy. I scheduled a hike for Tuesday then got to work. I swept and blew off the roof of the house and sunroom. I also cleaned up the debris from the walkways and the side of the house. I managed to fill the compost bin. Lou made a stew for lunch. More tamales for dinner. We also visited Best Buy for Dawn to look at the newest iPhone 13 Pro Max. She needs a new phone.

Monday: (01/10) Sunny and cold today. Granola and banana for breakfast. Leftover pea soup and toast for dinner. Lou wasn’t feeling well so she visited the hospital for a checkup. Unfortunately, they didn’t let her come home tonight. I made three trips back to the hospital hoping to pick her up and to deliver stuff to her for her stay. PBJ toast and ham and cheese bits for dinner. Another general do nothing day.

Tuesday: (01/11) Breakfast from Happy Donut, the usual sausage egg and cheese English muffin. I met my fellow hikers for a hike at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve. We hiked up Razorback Rudge to a picnic spot on Skyline Blvd then back down via Hamms Gulch. Nice 9 mile hike on a clear day with warmer than usual weather. Only a little mud on the trail. The hike started at 0930 and we finished at 1315. I had time to return home, take a shower then collect things to take to Lou at the hospital. I had to take Dawn to a doctor appointment in San Jose. We stopped to pick up lunch at Lucky Bistro Chinese restaurant on the way. After the appointment, we stopped by the hospital and delivered the puzzles, coloring books and hair curler to Lou. We couldn’t actually visit with her due to Covid but they took the delivery up to her. Dawn and I stopped at Safeway and she got some stuff for her eyes at the pharmacy and I got ice cream which we shared for “dinner.”

Wednesday: (01/12) I dashed off early to deliver some pills for Lou at the hospital that their pharmacy didn’t have. I prepared ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for Dawn and I. Lou called about 1020 and said I could come to pick her up. I dropped off her clothes and she came out about noon. Much better now. I had granola for lunch. Panda Chinese food for dinner.

Thursday: (01/13) Granola and banana for breakfast. Dawn’s squash soup with toast for lunch. I took Dawn out to make some Buy Nothing deliveries. We also got gas and did some grocery shopping at Safeway and Sprout’s. I worked on collecting tax preparation info. Baked potato with chili and cheese for dinner.

Friday: (01/14) Granola for breakfast. Tinkered away in the morning. I headed out about 1130 stopping at the Chavez Market in Sunnyvale on Fair Oaks Ave to get some Electrolit coconut drink for Lou. They are evidently the only local source for it and Lou needs something because she can only eat soft and bland foods for a while. I then headed down to the San Jose house to check it out. All OK. Next stop was the House Of Pizza for lunch of a nice Very Small Confusion Pizza. I ate half the pizza in the car watching a construction site next door. Then off to the Walmart neighborhood Market for a few things. I wasn’t able to find cream of rice for Lou there so I stopped at a Safeway on the way home. Across the street I spotted an RV, a 2019 Hymer Aktiv with >3K miles for $92K. Pretty good deal so now checking. On my morning walk to inspect the construction of Wilton Court we met the construction manager that has been absent for the past 15 weeks for hip replacement. Leftover pizza for dinner.

Saturday: (01/15) PBJ English muffin for breakfast. We all went over to look through the Hymer Aktiv motorhome I saw yesterday at the Land Rover dealer. I looked at some reviews and for sale listings so I knew it was a good price but it had too many cons which overcame all the pros. Not a good fit for my needs. My evening working on a spreadsheet was still worthwhile because it confirms it would be affordable and which method is best. Roast chicken and mashed potatoes for lunch. I did the RV tank duty in preparation to leave tomorrow. Leftover beef log and cheese for dinner.

Sunday: (01/16) Lou made scrambled eggs with tuna for breakfast. We finished preparations to leave in the RV and hit the road about 1000. First stop was to get LPG in sunnyvale. Second stop in Gilroy at Costco for gas. Third stop in Greenfield for lunch and a nap. Back on the road about 1500 and arrived in Oceana at our campsite at Oceana County Park. All set up by 1700. We had flan for dessert. Leftover chicken with rice for a later dinner.

Monday: (01/17) We had some of Dawn’s king cake bread with cream cheese and jam for breakfast. We enjoyed a nice walk over and through Oceana State Park campground. Lunch was some leftover pork chops with rice. In the afternoon we had some rain showers. Later we took a drive South toward Guadalupe. We drove out to the Oso Flaco Lake Trailhead of Oceano Dunes State Park. I’ll have to return later for a hike. We also drove out to Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve. We talked with a ranger there and looked over a sand wheelchair. Then back home. Ham with baked potato and green peas for dinner.

Tuesday: (01/18) Lou made pancakes with sausage for breakfast. I made a couple of reservations for Pismo State Parks in April and May. We drove up to San Luis Obispo. Lo dropped me off for a hike at the top of Cuesta Ridge Road. I hiked down the mountain into Cal Poly University property back to town. Lou and Dawn were busy at the Thrift stores and having lunch at a Greek deli. I called them to come pick me up and we stopped at a couple of more thrift stores where I found a shirt at each. On the way back to camp we picked up dinner at Pismo Fish And Chips.

Wednesday: (01/19) Lou made a pita bread tufted with carnitas and cheese for breakfast. Lou and Dawn went out to Nan’s books in the morning. I tinkered on the computer and attended my Wednesday AlphaAnywhere webinar. About noon, Lou and Dawn returned and I took off in the Jeep. I went to Oso Flaco Lake State Preserve for a short walk out to the beach by way of a boardwalk that passed by and through the lake. Nice views of the dunes out toward the beach and lots of birds around the lake. I stopped in Nipomo for lunch, a piece of chicken from the Von’s Market. I stopped in Arroyo Grande for gas and to wash off the Jeep. When I returned again, lou and Dawn took off to visit some thrift stores while I napped. Lou prepared leftover hash for dinner, everything from the refrigerator with some hash browned potatoes added in.

Thursday: (01/20) Lou made French toast for breakfast. About 1000 We headed up to SLO for me to hike and Lou and Dawn to shop. They dropped me off at the Patricia Trailhead. I hiked up to the top of Bishop Peak and enjoyed the top rock for a while as I nibbled some snacks.

On the way back down I met two ladies with three big dogs. One lady said only two dogs were theirs. The third joined them and had a dog tag that said “Likes to hike. Return to <address>”. I had planned to hike back up an adjacent peak but my planned route had me trying to go through posted Private Property. I abated the second half of the hike and stopped for a late small lunch at Panda Express. Lou and Dawn picked me up and we visited a couple of stores before returning home. We picked up dinner from the Old Juan Cantina near our campground.

Friday: (01/21) Leftover French toast with bacon for breakfast. Lunch at Francisco's Restaurant. I had a pork chop. We visited a couple of thrift stores and the hardware store. I did some laundry so I have some clean clothes for my extended camping stop in the Pinnacles NP. Lou made fresh corn on the cob with chicken and baked potatoes for dinner.

Saturday: (01/22) Leftovers for breakfast. I headed up to San Luis Obispo to hike the Reservoir Valley Loop Trail, a 5.4 mile hike in the hills North of downtown SLO. Nice trails and nice views. I saw a couple of big birds on top of a high tension tower. Likely just to really big vultures but possibly untagged condors. I finished up about 1230. On the way back down to Ocean I stopped to pick up a few things I’ll need when I’m at Pinnacles including a Taco Temple burrito. We picked up fish and chips for dinner.

Sunday: (01/23) Leftover French fries for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off toward home in the Jeep about 0900. I finished preparation to depart and me and the RV headed off at about 1030. I stopped for gas in Grover Beach and for lunch in Paso Robles. I had lunch at the Golden Dragon King Chinese Buffet in Paso Robles. Lunch made a nap necessary before continuing. I also stopped for another nap on Bitterwater Road at the top of the hill. Also a good viewpoint to see the South, and North Chalone peaks and the Pinnacles from afar. I was settled into my campsite at the Pinnacles Campground about 1645.

Monday: (01/24) Waffles with peach preserves and ham for breakfast. A relaxing morning inside. I went outside to meander after 1100. I thought I was just going to walk through the campground but walked out the bench trail to the campground exit then headed into the wilderness via deer trails and riverbed. I came upon a service road near the South Wilderness trail and walked to where it is closed by a gate and a do not enter sign. I continued on to Peaks View Trailhead to see how the construction was going. It looks like they may finish it in a few weeks. Back home after my 4.8 mile wander, I ate lunch of a BBQ pork chop and shrimp veggies from the Chinese Buffet. After a shower, I relaxed the rest of the day inside. More burrito bowl for dinner.

Tuesday: (01/25) I made my usual ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich to start. I met my fellow San Jose Midweek Hikers at the store. Only two for this hike, Elizabeth and Kazuko. Great day. I wanted to do the hike because there was supposed to be water in the park. We were not disappointed. Waterfalls in both caves, and water in the streams. Unfortunately, no condors. And, as usual, we met fellow SJMWH’s Susan and Nancy at the High Peaks/Juniper Trail Junction. We finished the hike at 1530. I enjoyed the last third of my burrito and a Chinese pepper pork chop for dinner. After my shower, I settled in to relax all evening.

Wednesday: (01/26) I made my usual ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich for breakfast. I prepared the RV to roll and moved over to the day use parking area. I wanted to walk some of the ranch roads so I walked out to a private ranch gate. I turned back there because I needed to be back to the RV for my Wednesday webinar. After the webinar I walked back and continued on out past the Butterfield ranch to Highway 25 then returned. All told and with the repeated road walk I walked about 6 miles this morning. I left the park about 1330. I stopped at the Longhouse Restaurant for lunch. I enjoyed their wonderful garlic pork chop breakfast. I arrived home before dark and got the RV setup. Ramen noodles and ham for dinner.

Thursday: (01/27) Granola for breakfast. I dashed off early to an 0800 Dental checkup appointment. I returned home then dashed off again to the Alameda RV Show. It was a sparse show but did have lots of class B motorhomes. Not too many models but lots of them and many at reasonable prices. The problem is that only one RV was well made, the Coachman Crosstrek. All the others, even some over $200K were poor build quality and/or workmanship. Also he well made one was also the only one with adequate aisle space. Surprisingly, there were several Revels for sale and even an EKKO in attendance. I didn’t bother looking at the Class A and C RV’s. I did look at some Lance pickup campers. A couple looked like nice roomy RV’s with almost no storage. I had stopped before going into the show for a bowl of very good broccoli cheese soup at Jim’s Country Cafe. On the way home I stopped in Union City at the Asia Eats Chinese restaurant for some chow mein and honey walnut shrimp. I then went down to Santa Clara to look at a van Lou saw at the Porsche dealer. Too long. Then home. Leftover pork chop and rice for dinner.

Friday: (01/28) Lou made bacn, eggs and toast for breakfast. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. I spent some time trying, and eventually fixing Dan’s laptop. It had no sound devices available. Also her email stopped working because her Google account was full. She is supposed to be linked to my Family Google One account but evidently not. To get her going I upgraded her capacity for now. Baked potato with roast chicken and carrot raisin salad for dinner. We also tested Lou’s cranberry pear pie.

Saturday: (01/29) I got up early and headed down to San Jose. I stopped for a breakfast burrito at La Victoria Taqueria. I love their bacon breakfast burrito. Then I went over to the San Jose house. Our tenants had called last night and said they had a leak under the kitchen sink. They said it was secure so I told them I'd come down at 0900 this morning so here I am. I found that the tubing to the dishwasher had failed and it flooded the kitchen a little bit. They secured it fairly quickly and had already dried it out with a fan. It probably failed because the repiping people had extended the copper tubing with a small section of cold water tubing that you normally use for a refrigerator. It had popped off from the fitting. Rather than fix something that was going to cause problems again, I replaced the entire tubing. I was also told that the smoke detector in the master bedroom was sounding. It was another 10 year detector that lasted maybe 2 years. I'm not really happy with it but bought two more smoke detectors and installed them. I also installed the one in Dawn’s apartment that I'd bought earlier which had failed a few months ago. So now all the smoke detectors are working. I was also told about the tub stopper in the bathroom bathtub. They couldn't clean it out so I removed it but in doing so I broke it so I cleaned it all out and then returned and got a replacement for the push stopper for the tub and installed it. She had also complained about the exhaust fan not drying out the bathroom. No failure. That's just a problem that has always existed and they will just have to open the doors. I stopped at the House Of Pizza to get my lunch. Back home I put all my tools away. I also aired up the left rear inside tire of the RV. It’s been 4 lbs low for a while. Lou and Dawn were out to get Dawn her new phone. I ordered dinner from Harry’s in Redwood City and they picked it up on their way back home.

Sunday: (01/30) I had the leftover lasagna for breakfast. Went with Lou and Dawn to Westfield Valley Faire Shopping Center's Apple store. Dawn needed a new phone and she wanted the 1TB iPhone 13 and the only nearby place that had them in stock was there in San Jose. Getting the new phone was quick but we spent the rest of the day in the store getting her old phone data (Photos and Videos) backed up to iCloud so she could bring them over to the new phone and not lose anything. I hung around with the phone while they went out looking around the shopping center. They picked up our usual shared lunch from the Cheesecake Factory, a shepherds pie and a slice of cheesecake. When they finished their portions, I was relieved at the store and got my share of lunch. We arrived at the store just after 1100 without an appointment and left a little after 1600 with a new working phone. We stopped at Costco to shop on the way home. Back home I relaxed. I prepared a new hike route and posted a hike for Tuesday. Leftover pizza for dinner. I did online shopping for my new van in the evening.

Monday: (01/31) Granola and diced apple for breakfast. Dawn and I went to Best Buy to get an OtterBox Defender case and protective screen for Dawn’s new phone. We picked up lunch on the way home from Lucky Chinese Bistro. Back home I installed the protection screen and case on Dawn’s phone. I tried to tinker on the computer but eventually needed a nap. Dawn made a raisin cream cheese pie for an afternoon snack. Leftover Chinese food for dinner.