Thursday, December 26, 2019

Henry Coe SP, China Hole Hike

Thursday: (12/26) Granola and banana for breakfast. Signed up for a hike this morning and got on the waitlist. I decided to plan on being accepted. Because getting to Henry Coe State Park takes near 1.5 hours, I departed at 0800 for the 0930 hike. I got the message from the hike leader, Tara, as I got in the Jeep. There were only six of us on the hike to China Hole. The weather was clear but cold. The streams were flowing but manageable. A nice 10 mile hike. I stopped at Super Taqueria for a late burrito lunch on the way home. At home I did some laundry.












Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Time

Tuesday: (12/24) I drove Lou to Kaiser for PT. While she was busy, i wen grocery shopping. I visited the Walmart Neighborhood Market nearby. They are better stocked than our local Walmart. Mostly canned goods. After I picked up Lou she needed us to return the Walmart for a few more things. Then we were off to Lunch. I returned her home then went to Safeway to pickup our Christmas dinner. When i checked in they informed me they didn’t have the order nor any more of their ham dinners. In fact, they said the online orders are alway goofed up. Good to know, but? The deli manager fixed me up with lots of stuff from the deli and market that more than equilled what we had ordered. In fact, it’s now too much. I ended up with two big hams, all the fixings for a turkey dinner (Mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce) and the items from the market for what we would have gotten for a ham dinner (Scalloped potatoes, Mashed sweet potatoes and a huge fruit, nut and cheese plate). We’ll get by. After fitting all that into the RV refrigerator I was worn out and need a nap. Leftover Pepper and rice casserole and chicken for breakfast. For lunch we went to Applebee’s Grill. Chili Beans for dinner. I prepared a plan for preparing Christmas dinner since it’s on me this year. Not difficult to just warm things but it does require a schedule.

Wednesday: (12/25) I made grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast. At noon I started preparing dinner. Meanwhile, we enjoyed a fruit, nut and cheese platter and Ernie's deviled eggs and beef log. Cecelia and Courtney joined Ernie, Dawn, Lou and I for dinner. Ernie prepared the pies for dessert. This was my first holiday meal prep.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Calero County Park Hike

Monday: (12/23) Up early and off to a hike at Calero County Park. At 1000 I met my fellow hikers there and Neal led us on an 8.7 mile loop hike. We finished the hike about 1345. It was a nice day but cool and overcast. We didn’t see the sun until the end of our hike. Breakfast was leftover pepper rice casserole. I had a snack on the trail and after the hike I stopped at the Lucky Chinese Bistro for some chow fun noodles and black bean fish, my favorite.




Thursday, December 12, 2019

A Little Rain and Cold For The Holidays

Thursday: (12/12) Dawn and I dropped her new computer off at Best Buy for them to transfer the apps and data from the old to the new laptop. Lou had a PT visit. I tried to catch up on my sleep much of the rest of the day. Granola and banana for breakfast. I made home fried potatoes with smoked pork chop and fried eggs. Dawn made veggie soup for dinner.

Friday: (12/13) We had an 1100 appointment at Best Buy to pick up Dawn’s computers. They finished really quickly moving all Dawn’s apps and files from her old laptop. We also dropped a couple of boxes off at the Post Office. Back home, I prepared breakfast (lunch) of leftover potatoes and smoked pork chops with eggs. I did some cleanup in the backyard organizing my wood pile. It was disheveled due to working on the cottage roof. I also did some laundry.

Saturday: (12/14) Granola and banana for breakfast. Chili size for lunch Chopped salads from the Corner Bakery Cafe for dinner. Not much else accomplished.

Sunday: (12/15) Leftover home fried potatoes for breakfast. Lou and Dan had waffles. Since it was sunny much of the day, I took thee electric bike out for a spin. I stopped by Trader Joe's, Safeway, and Sprouts market and filled my saddlebags with some needed groceries. I picked up a chicken strip for my lunch. Dawn made beef stew over rice for dinner. I spent some time cleaning up my study today.

Monday: (12/16) Another relaxing day at home even though it was a sunny day and we have five or more stormy days to follow. I took Dawn to the Post Office to mail a registered letter and for some reason, the line was out the door, What is it Christmas? In the evening I researched and ordered some parts for the RV. Granola for breakfast. Hummus toast for lunch. Chilli size for dinner.

Tuesday: (12/17) Lou had an appointment for PT today, her first trip out. We stopped at Applebee’s for lunch on the way home. I got a text from Walmart that my new Roku TV was in at the Mountain View store. I took the grocery shopping list with me and picked up the TV and groceries from Walmart, Sprouts, and Trader Joe’s. The new TV is a UHD 4K Element Roku TV. All our TV’s except the living room are Roku TV’s. That means the same remote works for all and each remote is laid out the same. This is the first one that is UHD (Ultra High Definition). I intend to use it as a 40 inch computer monitor. My eyes aren’t as good as they once were. The TV is about half the cost of a 24” monitor. It works great. Granola and banana for breakfast. Applebee’s restaurant for lunch. Baked potato and sausage for dinner.

Wednesday: (12/18) We watched most of the impeachment debate and vote today. I moved out to my man cave (the RV) and I attended my regular Wednesday webinar at 1000 My new TV/monitor worked well for the webinar. I made home fried potatoes with sausage and eggs for breakfast. Hummus toast for lunch. Waldorf salad and refried beans for dinner. Our yard man came by in the afternoon and I helped him load our chicken and rabbit coops onto his little pickup. Quite a load for the little truck.

Thursday: (12/19) A second day with no rain and mostly sunny all day. We all went to breakfast this morning to A Good Morning restaurant. Lou’s first time out with no other purpose than to eat out. We stopped at Walmart to get some things then at a couple of Trader Joe’s as well. To get our preferred Red Rose decaffeinated tea, we have to order it online. Most of the markets don’t carry decaf or are usually out of stock. The Trader Joe’s were to try to get Lou some chocolate liqueur candies. Unfortunately they are already out for the season. I enjoyed a second day in my cafe.

Friday: (12/20) I took Lou out to get her hair cut before lunch. We stopped for lunch at Baji’s on the way home. In the afternoon I took a little neighborhood walk. Leftover home fried potatoes with sausage and eggs for breakfast. Lunch at Baji’s Cafe in Mountain View. Leftover bell pepper casserole for dinner.

Saturday: (12/21) Leftover Bell pepper rice and a banana for breakfast. I took a bike ride down to San Antonio Mall and enjoyed a chai latte drink. Since it wasn’t raining and only overcast, i did a little yard work. I weeded the walkway with the Weedeater.

Sunday: (12/22) A rainy day. Leftover pepper and rice casserole. I signed up for my first hike in a month for tomorrow. Lou is doing really well. I am enjoying another day in my man cave. More leftovers for dinner.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Another Pair Of battleborn Batteries

Wednesday: (12/11) I was off shopping in the morning. I stopped for a breakfast burrito at A Good Morning restaurant. I visited Walmart, Safeway and Sprouts to get all my shopping needs. At home I had to inspect the crew doing the asphalt repair on the driveway apron. A little chopped veggie salad for lunch. My new RV BattleBorn Lithium batteries arrived. It's my second pair to replace the two remaining AGM batteries. I installed the new batteries with no sparks. I also corrected a wiring error I made that displayed negative current when charging via the solar system. That was because I placed the negative of the solar charger on the battery negative not below the shunt. It worked correctly for one set of batteries but not the other pair. However, I still have to add a second battery monitor if I want seperate systems. So more to do.


Saturday, November 23, 2019

Fall With Lou

Saturday: (11/23) Leftovers sauerkraut and potatoes fried with eggs and sausage for breakfast. I went to Lowe’s to get some new corrugated steel roofing for the cottage. The roof is rusted through in several places. I was also considering replacing it with plywood and asphalt rolled roofing. Unfortunately, owes had neither. I avoid buying from Home Depot any more because of it’s Trump support but I stopped by reluctantly. They did have the steel panels and rolled roofing. But I discovered the rolled roofing rolls were 95sf and I need about 105sq. I really don’t like that much waste. I also reconsidered the time I have to do this project before Lou’s surgery. Just one day and if I remove the existing roof there is no telling what else I need to repair under it. So I decided to just secure a tarp over it for now. I stopped for lunch at the Lucky China Bistro on the way home. At home I cleaned off the rooftop. It was actually a storage place. I removed the two chicken coops planters and other materials. I also had to move a wood pile leaning against the building. I managed to get the tarp installed before dark. More work to do tomorrow to get rid of the coops and other junk. We also have to move our cars from the roadway all next week due to repaving. We went to the Corner Bakery for dinner. After dinner we went to the Tellabration where Dawn was one of the story tellers.

Sunday: (11/24) Granola and banana for breakfast. Dawn and I went to BestBuy in Mountain View and bought a new laptop for Dawn. We went to lunch at Applebee’s Grill in Redwood City and then looked at some neighborhood open houses. The prices are really encouraging if we were selling. A Chili baked potato for dinner.

Monday: (11/25) Granola and banana for breakfast. I relaxed all morning. Leftovers for lunch. Lou and I went to a laundromat to wash all our bedding. When one of the giant washers was finishing its final spin it was out of balance. It made the building shake worse than our 1989 earthquake did. The concrete floor was even heaving. I think they might have evacuated the 7Eleven next door. Lou and I went to LUU Noodle House for dinner. Dawn was out to a movie with Courtney.

Tuesday: (11/26) A rainy day. Lou and I were off to Kaiser. Lou gets her new knee today. I went off to breakfast at Holder’s Country Inn then shopping. I also took a nap then returned to the hospital by 1345. Lou was in recovery. We left the hospital by 1645. It had started to rain. We are expecting a big storm for the next few days. Dawn had made mushroom soup and toast for dinner.

Wednesday: (11/27) A rainy day. A relaxing day. Lou was busy recovering, I was busy watching here do it. In the afternoon the nurse came by for a checkup. Dawn made rice with fried eggs for breakfast. For dinner Dawn made lima beans with rice and chicken sausage.

Thursday: (11/28) Granola and banana for breakfast. I went grocery shopping for our holiday dinner. No fancy prep needed just market prepared items. I actually prefer the easier holiday and few leftovers. Ernie brought a lot of things as well for our feast for four. Ernie's horderves of deviled eggs, olives, cheese and crackers were enough by themselves.

Friday: (11/29) Leftovers for breakfast. I had Dawn’s rice lima bean with sausage. A turkey sandwich for lunch. More leftovers for dinner. I had chicken, asparagus, carrots, and a twice baked potato section. Lou’s PT person dropped by for a check at 1100. It was another rainy day and we spent the day inside relaxing.

Saturday: (11/30) Granola and banana for breakfast. Leftovers the rest of the day. Another rainy day. We relaxed inside all day. I did make a dash to the market for a few things. Lou continues recovery.

Sunday: (12/01) Granola and banana for breakfast. Dawn made dinner something baked with spinach and leeks. Leftovers for lunch. More rain on a relaxing Sunday. I did make a run to the Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara to their pharmacy for Lou.

Monday: (12/02) Occasional rain all day. Granola and a banana for breakfast. Cecelia came over to Lou sit and Dan and I headed off to the dentist. She had her teeth cleaned and a mouth guard fitted. We were then off to her eye doctors to get some paperwork. Then we picked up some salads at the Corner Bakery Cafe for lunch. Hummus toast for dinner.

Tuesday: (12/03) I made a run to the store and to the pharmacy. Granola for breakfast. Refried beans with sausage for lunch. Dawn made vegetable soup for dinner.

Wednesday: (12/04) Watched the Impeachment Hearing in the morning. Granola and banana for breakfast. I made a batch of my enchilada casserole and had some for lunch and dinner. I also made a big Waldorf salad. Otherwise a relaxing rainy day at home with Lou.

Thursday: (12/05) Enchiladas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lou had a PT visit. The exciting thing for the day was that a work crew started removing the sidewalk for our next door neighbors.

Friday: (12/06) Enchiladas for breakfast. PBJ toast for lunch. Cottage cheese and peaches for dinner. I did a touch of work today before the rains. I cleaned the leaf debris out of the two chicken coops and Ernie and I moved them to the front yard. I only had to remove the gate from the fence for them to fit out. Next week the gardener will take them away. I later made a grocery run to Walmart. Otherwise relaxed inside.

Saturday: (12/07) A rainy day. Relaxed at home all day. I made another Waldorf salad. Granola and banana for breakfast. Enchilada casserole for lunch. Ramen noodles for dinner.

Sunday: (12/08) Another rainy relaxing day at home. I made a pear Waldorf salad with some pears our neighbor brought over. Chorizo chicken patty with fried eggs and toast for breakfast. Chicken with PBJ toast.Waldorf salad for lunch. Baked potato with chilli for dinner.

Monday: (12/09) The big event on this overcast day was that the crew removed the driveway ramp and prepared the forms and base to pour sidewalk and ramp tomorrow. Waldorf salad for breakfast. Enchilada casserole for lunch. LUU Noodle House take home for dinner.

Tuesday: (12/10) Busy day supervising the concrete finishers replacing our neighbors sidewalk and driveway ramp. They manage to do it a lot quicker than I do. However, Ernie and I did about the same area in about 4 days of mixing, pouring , and finishing, just the two of us, not a crew of eight and not delivered readymix. Granola and banana for breakfast. A late lunch of leftovers from LUU Noodle House.


Mt Umunhum Preserve Hike

Friday: (11/22) I met my fellow SJMW hikers at Mt Umunhum Preserve for a hike up to the peak where the old Air Force radar station remains are. Nice weather and nice views for the hike. Granola and banana for breakfast. Lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Lou’s tacos for dinner.

Lou was watching the channel 11 evening news tonight and noticed our San Jose house was featured in the B roll of a report on Generation Z Housing.