Monday, October 15, 2018

A Concrete Effort

Monday: (10/15) Leftover pizza for breakfast. Lou and I went to Walmart where I tried to find some grease for the mixer bearings. They had a spray but no canisters for my grease gun. I then visited Kragan Auto and found it. Lou, meanwhile did some shopping at Sprout’s Market. At home I found the existing canister wasn’t empty but all the grease and moved behind the plunger. I reassembled it and it worked well enough to lube the mixer. I stripped the forms on the already poured concrete so I can install the forms for the other side of the driveway. Ernie and I then poured the fourth section on the first side. The mixer threw it’s chain on the last mixer load. I had to mix a half bag in a bucket to finish the pour. It was easy enough to reinstall the chain but it provided a good opportunity to lube the chain, as well. We didn’t do a second pour again today because of the delay. I installed the forms for the next sections as the concrete cured and I waited to do the finishing. After dinner I went to Home Depot and got more rebar and dobbies for the remaining concrete sections. Pizza for breakfast. Pork sandwich for lunch. Roast chicken with asparagus for dinner.

Tuesday: (10/16) Ernie and I mixed and poured the concrete for two sections of Meili’s sidewalk. In the afternoon I completed the rebar for the driveway. Granola and banana for breakfast. Ham sandwich for lunch. Dinner at Luu Noodle House.

Wednesday: (10/17) I stripped the forms from the concrete we poured yesterday. Ernie and I mixed and poured the concrete for two sections of the driveway. I spent the afternoon cleaning up and doing the final finishing. Mr Hobbs, our neighborhood cat walked through the wet concrete in the morning and also again after we finished the second section. Then he returned to the earlier section, which was almost dry and did his cleaning and defleaing. Only left a little scratch there. Always great to have some help. Granola and banana for breakfast. Hot dog sandwich for lunch. Chicken pot pie for dinner.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2018

Saturday: (10/13) The first day of Silicon Valley Code Camp 2018. I stopped to pickup a breakfast burrito on my way to the PayPal campus in San Jose. I found some interesting presentations to attend but had difficulty staying awake. Oddly, the last presentation was on Strategy, an unusual topic, and it was very interesting and I was wide awake. Made the drive home safer as well. Other topics i attended were about training the Google Assistant for special purposes, Javascript, coding interviews tips, Oauth2, and Chatbots. An interesting thing occurred. Evidently they were supposed to order pizza for 375 people but ended up with 375 pizzas. They were giving the multitude of extra pizzas away so I came home with one even thought I had opted for a sandwich for my lunch earlier. More tomorrow. Dinner was baked cauliflower with chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.

Sunday: (10/14) Breakfast from Happy Donut, a sausage, egg, and cheese English muffin. I returned to the PayPal Campus for the second day of the Silicon Valley Code Camp. I’ve attended many of these annual events since they started in 2005. Today’s presentations were on MongoDB, Web Scraping with Python, The Location Of Things From A-XYZ, and Exploring Google API’s With Javascript and Python. Again, the best was the last one for the day on Google API’s. Leftover pizza for dinner. 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Catching Up At Home

Sunday: (07/29) I finished setting up the RV in the driveway putting the jacks down and slides out. I parked it with extra room on the left fence side which will allow me to service the generator. It was shutting down when we tried to run the air conditioner on the road. I found the oil low and added some but it still shut down after a while. I’ll replace the fuel filter and change the oil soon. I moved some things inside and washed my hiking clothes. Otherwise, I relaxed in the RV and tinkered on the computer. I did send in my PCT completion notice to PCTA. Should get a certificate and a medal.

Monday: {07/30) Lou made refried beans for breakfast. I pruned the wisteria on the arbor which obviously liked the warm growth weather. Dawn made a salad for lunch. Roast chicken with baked potatoes and ?? for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/31) I had some leftover rice and beans for breakfast. I was then off to South San Jose to get the Jeep oil changed and a few other items that were due for it. I picked up lunch at Dim Sum King on the way home. At home, I sorted and put away my hiking things. For dinner, Lou made

Wednesday: (08/01) We went to Trader Joe’s Market for a few things. At home, I prepared spam quesadillas for breakfast. I have quite a few extra supplies to get rid of. I washed my pack, tent and air mattress cover. I installed a new oscillating fan over the dining table. It should help ventilate Dawn while we’re on the road. I also caught up on the blog entries from my notes. Nice salads for lunch. Lou made hamburgers for dinner.

Thursday: (08/02) I fixed spam hash and eggs for breakfast. I'm doing a good job getting rid of the leftover spam packets. Lou and Dawn were off to San Jose for an appointment and to do some thrifting. I was off to the dentist to have my implant preparation checked. it turns out it's 90% OK but I won't be getting the crown Monday as planned. There is a little inflammation and a small area where the bone receded. I'll be back next week to get that fixed and won't get the replacement tooth for a couple of more months. Lou called and needed me to come help get a new dinette set they have been watching at a thrift store in San Jose. The table and the five chairs fit in and on the Jeep and Hyundai. They continued on to Gunther's Deli for lunch and I headed home stopping at China Bistro in Mountain View. I was busy looking for new wipers for the Hyundai and getting information about the RV generator servicing. Lou made a salad for dinner.

Friday: (08/03) Forgot to blog today.

Saturday: (08/04) Forgot to blog today.

Sunday: (08/05) at 1530 we all went to Los Gatos park for Chris Harrington’s birthday celebration. There was a western band there for a concert in the park.

Monday: (08/06) I had a dentist appointment to get fitted for my crowns at Dr Hong’s. Lou and I went shopping afterwards and had Lunch at Applebee’s.

Tuesday: (08/07) I was off to Kaiser, first thing, for a blood test.

Wednesday: (08/08) At 1120 I visited Dr Pechak for some rework of the bone graft for my tooth implant. Dim Sum for Lunch after the numbness subsided some. Hamburger salad for dinner.

Thursday: (08/09) Leftovers for breakfast. I received my new laptop today. Dim Sum King for lunch. Dinner at Harry's Hofbrau then Lou and I went to see the movie “The Spy Who Dumped Me.”

Friday: (08/10) I started setting up new laptop. It will take a while to move my stuff over to the new laptop. I drove up to San Carlos to Lyngso and purchased the base rock and geotextile fabric. I also went by Harbor Freight and bought a couple of solid tires to replace the flat tires on the dump cart. Granola with banana for breakfast. A Lou salad for lunch. I made creamed asparagus soup for dinner.

Saturday: (08/11) Lou and Dawn were off shopping and picked up Cecelia at the airport. I visited Home Depot to order the concrete and rebar for delivery and picked up a few other things. I also weeded the front lawn area and moved the used pavers to the side yard. Granola bars for breakfast. Lucky Chinese Bistro for lunch and dinner.

Sunday: (08/12) I made corned beef hash for breakfast. I then replaced the two rear wheels on the dump cart. I had to assemble the new wheels using the old hubs because I got 3.5 inch hubs rather than 3”. The new wheels are solid tires. I moved the woodpile throwing away a lot of the little stuff. Still too much left. I finished cleaning around the fence and broke out the concrete for the temporary fence posts. I need to relocate the fence during the concrete replacement.

Monday: (08/13) I made a quick run the Orchard Hardware and bought a tarp that I’ll have the baserock dumped on to keep the dirt out. I then caught Caltrain to San Francisco for a walk-about. I got off at the 22nd Street station. I had breakfast at a cafe near the station having a nice huevos rancheros. I walked along the bay trail through India Basin out to Hunters Point. I caught a bus over to the Mission District and walked up into the Castro District. I had a donut and tea there as lunch. I caught the Muni train downtown the walked through The new Trans-Bay Terminal. It was opening day there. I caught Samtrans bus #392 down to San Mateo for dinner at a Cuban restaurant then the ECR bus home .

Tuesday: (08/14) Leftover hash for breakfast. The baserock from Lyngso was delivered about 1000, the concrete from Home Depot was delivered about 1120. I moved the RV out from the driveway and parked it across the driveway. I had some computer tasks to get done in the afternoon. I also ordered a concrete dumpster. Wieners and roasted veggies for lunch. I moved two of the pallets of concrete to the backyard. For dinner we went to Lucky Chinese Bistro.

Wednesday: (08/15) Soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Wieners with leftover muffin and yogurt for lunch. I relocated the driveway fence, which was basically the gate since Ernie’s she'd wall provided most of the fence at the new location 3 feet back from where it was. At 1000 I attended a webinar. After I finished the fence I intended to take a break in the RV. At 1545 I heard a truck outside. It was my concrete debris box. Hamburgers with asparagus and artichokes for dinner.

Thursday: (08/16) Granola bars for Breakfast. I got to work a bit before 0800. I made a ramp for the dumpster then started breaking concrete in front of Dawn’s shed. I got it broken and loaded into the dumpster. Dawn made tomato soup for lunch I also cleared most of the stuff from the concrete in front of Ernie’s trailer, which is next to break out. Then it was time to clean up for my dental appointment. I got my new crown installed and teeth cleaned. After the appointment we went to an early dinner at the Country Inn. After dinner I moved the washer. We went to Marshall's to buy new towels later.

Friday: (08/17) Wieners and leftover hash for breakfast. I spent the day breaking concrete and loading it onto the dumpster. Tuna quesadillas for lunch. Steak with baked potatoes and coleslaw for dinner.

Saturday: (08/18) Soft boiled eggs for breakfast. I started my tasks by bracing the temporary gate. Now that the concrete walkway is gone it was sagging because the wheel had nothing to ride on. It now works better than ever before with crossarm above the posts to spread the posts. I then broke out more driveway, about ⅓ of what will be removed up front. That filled the dumpster. I will have almost enough to fill a second one. Hopefully I can get the empty Monday. We had chili baked potatoes for lunch. For dinner we went to Marie Callender's. 

Sunday: (08/19) Waffles and sausage for breakfast. I did as little work as possible today. I cut and installed the threshold strips for the doors in the hall now that Lou removed the carpet. I also installed 2x4 edges by Ernie’s shed to hold the bricks in place and also by Dawn’s shed. Dawn made tomato soup with some of her weird yellow tomatoes from the garden and also some sausage patties. Otherwise a relaxed, watched TV and worked on the computer.

Monday: (08/20) I called to have my dumpster picked up and an empty left. Then I visited Kwik Key lock shop and got a couple of keys made and ordered a new FOB for the Jeep. Mine has a way too sensitive Lock key. I then visited Dim um Kink to get an early lunch. Granola for breakfast. Dim Sum for lunch. Shredded sweet potato spaghetti for dinner.

Tuesday: (08/21) Lou and I went grocery shopping first thing this morning. The dumpster was supposed to be swapped out this morning. A little before lunch I was called by the driver who asked to delay the swap until tomorrow morning. Finally i also got an Idea of when it might happen, 0600 pickup and dump, 0800 returned empty. We’ll see. So, another day off. We all went to lunch at the senior center in Menlo Park. Lou and i went shopping at Orchard Hardware while Dawn played pool. Lou and Dawn returned in the evening for a pottery class. I got some hardware to attach Lou’s new swings to the swing legs. I then took a nap, quite nice. I made pork chops with sauerkraut and potatoes for dinner in Lou’s new slow cooker/pressure cooker.

Wednesday: (08/22) We were awakened by the dumpster driver a bit after 0600. He loaded up the full dumpster and hauled it off. He returned with the empty around 0800. I got busy. First i sawed around the gas meter. I’ll be leaving a small path of concrete under it and will cap it with concrete to adjust the level for drainage. I then got busy breaking and loading concrete into the dumpster. Lou and Dawn went to an early movie with our neighbor. I had a dentist appointment at 1400 after which iIrested. In the evening we all went to IKEA for dinner and a walk and visited Home Depot. Looks like there will be lots of room left. I may have to look for some more to remove. Leftover spaghetti for breakfast and lunch. Dinner at IKEA.

Thursday: (08/23) I spent the day breaking and load concrete debris into the dumpster. I also removed one of three fence post bases that need to be done. Granola bars and bacon jerky for breakfast. Leftover sauerkraut, potatoes and wieners for lunch. Hawaiian Luau at Menlo Park Senior Center for dinner.

Friday: (08/24) The dumpster was picked up just before 0800 and returned before 1000. I started filling it with dirt. My first effort was moving some of the old baserock to make a ramp toward the dumpster. The 6 inch lip created by removing the concrete needed the addition of the ramp. Not as much accomplished as I’d have liked but will have to do. Peach blintzes for breakfast. Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Leftover sauerkraut potatoes with wieners for dinner. I received my completion certificate for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in the mail today. Nice to see it.

Saturday: (08/25) My first order of business was moving the new toilet that we got for the rental from the Jeep to the Accent. Eventually it will get down to San Jose. We dashed out to Orchard Hardware to get the toilet because the ones we’ve installed recently work so well and Orchard is permanently closing soon. I don’t want the hassle of finding a properly working replacement later. In the process of moving it i used my dump cart to carry it from one vehicle to the other. In the process one of the wheel hubs fell off of the wheel. Fortunately i had some parts left from when I changed the rear wheels last week. Good as new now. I was busy removing the usable baserock that was left under the driveway. It is from zero to 6 inches thick. Possible about a yard salvaged. I then was busy digging dirt and loading it into the dumpster the rest of the day. I had a little help for Ernie and Meili on occasion. Leftover blintzes and bacon jerky for breakfast. A nice chopped salad from the Corner Bakery Cafe for lunch. Meatloaf with baked potatoes for dinner.

Sunday: (08/26) We went grocery shopping in the morning. I made my enchilada casserole for lunch. After lunch I got busy digging the driveway and loading dirt into the dumpster. Leftover blintzes for breakfast. We had salads for dinner.

Monday: (08/27) I tinkered on the computer updating my spreadsheet data for my PCT hike so I can post the info. Eventually I had to get to work and loaded the rest of the dumpster only completing half of the front driveway. Leftover enchiladas for breakfast. Leftover sweet potato spaghetti or lunch. Fried sauerkraut potatoes with sausage and eggs for dinner.

Tuesday: (08/28) I called to get the dumpster picked up. I also checked with the local service and their dirt dumpster cost is identical and there is no time limit for the dumpster. Our neighbor took us to lunch. I napped all afternoon. Lou told me that the garage sink was leaking. I couldn’t tighten the hoses without removing the sink. Lou and I went to the hardware store to look for a new faucet. We also returned some things and bought a new ceiling fan for the living room. I searched Amazon and found a part i need for the faucet. Too bad things can’t be found in brick and mortar stores. Enchilada casserole for breakfast. Lunch at a German restaurant in Redwood City. Leftover Chinese food for dinner.

Wednesday: (08/29) I was busy working on the wash tub dinh faucet. I determined it was leaking from the valve. I managed to break it while disassembling it. It was the cause because the paper washer was out of place. I found a cheap replacement at the closing Orchard Hardware store and installed it. Now OK. The dumpster was picked up about noon. I called the city to get the new dumpster. Should arrive tomorrow so another day off. Nap time in the afternoon. Off to a meeting on Auxiliary Living Units. Lots happening since the state law change. Enchiladas for breakfast and dinner. Lunch at Bajis Cafe.

Thursday: (08/30) While waiting for my dumpster delivery, I removed the last fence post.The dumpster arrived a bit after 1100. I started removing the last of our neighbors dirt for a section of sidewalk I'm installing for her. I the removed most of the pile of dirt that's been piled in the front yard. That almost filled half of the dumpster. Lou and Dawn were off to Gilroy for shopping. Enchiladas for breakfast and lunch. A super nachos from El Grullense for dinner.

Friday: (08/31) Enchiladas for breakfast and lunch. Burrito from Super Taqueria for dinner. I helped the neighbor with a meeting with her plumbers in the morning. I called to arrange a dumpster pickup for Monday. I spent the rest if the day moving dirt to the dumpster.

Saturday: (09/01) We all went grocery shopping in the morning. I spent the rest of the day digging and loading dirt. I quit a little before 1800 with just a few buckets more needed to complete the dumpster load. Leftover enchiladas for breakfast. Lou brought home dinner from Super Taqueria.

Sunday: (09/02) I watched all the Sunday TV shows in the morning. I did add a little more dirt to the dumpster to top it off, just enough to work up a little sweat. Mostly a relaxing day. In fact, i was asleep early in the evening. Leftover enchiladas for breakfast. Lou’s sausage vegetable soup for dinner.

Monday: (09/03) I relaxed out front after moving the cars and RV so that the dumpster could be picked up. The dumpster was picked up about 0900 and returned empty about 1030. With respect to the Holiday today, I did not labor moving dirt today. I tinkered on the computer. Lou and Dawn took a walk in the afternoon. Granola bars and bacon for breakfast. Lunch at Fowl Play, a new chicken fast food joint nearby. Leftover soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (09/05) We went to breakfast at Bills with Cecilia. I then took the Jeep to the locksmith to get my replacement Fob. After an hour’s wait, I took a walk around the neighborhood, I was told they had gotten the wrong Fob. They had got the order corrected by talking to the MFG so it should be available in a week. Unfortunately, the Jeep will be in Bakersfield with Lou for the rest of the month. After lunch I finally got to work digging. Dawn picked some of her tiny second generation cabbages and made hobo dinners.

Wednesday: (09/06) I attended a webinar in the morning. Lou and Dawn were off to an appointment in San Jose and some shopping. I finished digging out the RV driveway. It was made more difficult because there was a spring in that last portion that made it very muddy. I don’t know where the water is coming from yet. We checked under the house for water. I’ve turned off the front sprinklers and it’s still flowing. In addition, the past couple of weeks the sump pump kept disposing of water to the street several times a day. I thought it was because we doubled the rear yard watering of the lawn (to twice a week) when we got back from Bishop because the lawn had really dried out. I’ve since returned to once a week and the water is still flowing. It actually could really be a spring or something from some neighbors yard? It does need to be addressed, somehow. Granola bars and bacon with yogurt for breakfast. Wieners and yogurt for lunch. Peanut butter waffles with berry preserves and sausage for dinner. 

Thursday: (09/07) I found my hole for the driveway half flooded by what was a smaller seep yesterday. I decided i had to find the problem. I ran the sump pump down low so i could look for which direction the water was entering the sump, front or back. It was from the front. I dug a posthole near the center of the front flowerbed and struck water. I dug another by the main shutoff valve and didn’t find water.. I started chasing it from the center and ended up heading away from the valve along the flower bed but nowhere near where i expected the main water line to be going. It doesn't head toward the street but toward the front door. It must make a U-turn somewhere. In either case about 4 feet from the porch I found the leak which, one exposed was flowing at about 15 gallons per 10 minutes. The waterline is badly rusted and the rust is likely the cause of the leak. We sort of expected that the leak was related to the rock delivery but not so. In fact I’m sure it was leaking before we returned home. It just wasn’t noticeable on the surface because it went to the drain system. I called the city to turn off the main valve at the meter. I had hoped, after they loosened it up that I could turn it on and off as need but it was too stiff. So, rather than a mickey mouse clamp patch on the leak with a delayed waterline replacement, i decided to leave it off tonight, dig the trench for the new line and install the new line. Possibly we’ll get water late tomorrow. Nice to have water and a shower in the RV. Granola bars with bacon jerky for breakfast. Vegetable soup for lunch. We went to Sweet Tomatoes salad buffet for dinner. 

Friday: (09/07) I was out fairly early to try to fix our water. I planned on installing a new water line from the meter to the house. To do so i had to move the wet dirt i dug out yesterday and some of the remaining pile of dirt that has been in the front yard for the past year. With a clear path between the house and meter I started digging. I skimmed off the top soil and saved it. At about 6 inches deep I scrapped an old pipe. It wasn’t anywhere I’d expect one but it inspired me to do what I should have done to begin with. I needed to dig out at the main shutoff valve to  the house and see where the pipe ran. Yesterday I was only chasing the leak. It turns out the main waterline is copper, not the rusted out steel pipe that was leaking. The steel pipe should never have been left connected when the line to the house was replaced some time in the past. It went nowhere and was before the shutoff valve.  dug it out with plenty of room to work on it then went off to Lowe's Hardware to get some copper pipe and fittings. ON the way there I had lunch at the Chinese bistro. At home I cut the old pipe out and installed the new piping. I called the city to come and turn it on. I needed to go and get a jack to raise Ernie’s trailer so I can dig out to replace the walkway beneath it’s wheels. I had planned on going after dinner but Lou said she would wait for the city and confirm no leaks before they left. So I was off toward Harbor Freight. On the way i passed a Pep Boys Auto Parts store. They had the jack I needed at a price Harbor Freight couldn't beat. I had also been asked to pick up dinner on the way home. Lou called to confirm the water was on and no leaks. Nice to enjoy a relaxing dinner then a nice shower. While i was out getting the copper fittings, Lou and dawn were off to Ann’s Cafe in Menlo Park for lunch. Being without water for the previous 24 hours wasn’t too bad. We took showers in the RV and had saved lots of drinking and wash water before turning it off. Tomorrow I can get back to work adding dirt to the dumpster. I have to hurry thought having wasted two days fixing the water line.Granola bars with bacon jerky for breakfast. Lunch from Lucky Chinese Bistro, my favorite chow fun noodles with salt and pepper fish and sweet and sour pork. Dinner from Super Taqueria.

Saturday: (09/08) I scraped off the baserock from much of the next section to be dug out. I moved it over to our neighbors walkway that I’ll be pouring later. I got the dumpster about ⅔’s full. Dawn was off to Santa Cruz for a conference. Lou was supposed to be off to Bakersfield this morning but the events the past couple of days with the water line put her behind in getting ready to go. Granola bars and bacon jerky for breakfast. Leftover chow fun noodles and some chopped salad for lunch. Leftover soup for dinner.

Sunday: (09/09) I was out dogging and loading dirt into the dumpster which I got filled up. Only about half way past Ernie’s trailer so we’ll definitely fill the next dumpster and will likely need a fourth dumpster. Granola bars and bacon jerky for breakfast. Super Nachos for El Gruelense  Taqueria down the street for lunch. Baked potato chili sizes for dinner.

Monday: (09/10) I called to have the dumpster emptied and returned. It will be picked up tomorrow morning. I lifted Ernie’s trailer blocking up the axle so the tires are above the level of the brick pavers. It wasn’t a simple process since i also had to adjust all the other jacks os his door would still open and close properly.  Dawn and I went by the Menlo Park Senior Center ceramic shop to pickup some projects Lou and Dawn worked on before. We also went to Ann’s Cafe for lunch. I napped in the afternoon. In the evening Dawn went to a book sale and i went shopping at Lowe’s for some pipes needed for the driveway project. I had dinner at Los Altos Taqueria.

Tuesday: (09/11) I moved the RV from across the driveway and waited for the dumpster swap. It was picked up about 1030 and returned a bit before noon. I installed the new living room ceiling fan while I waited. I then went shopping for a few more things from Lowe’s. They didn’t have enough stock last night and the first store I visited today didn't have anything but the third store had what I needed. I had lunch in Santa Clara on my way to San Jose. I also got gas and some groceries on the way home.  Granola bars and bacon for breakfast. Egg rolls from House Of Egg Rolls in Santa Clara for lunch. Pork chops with mashed potatoes and chunky applesauce for dinner.

Wednesday: (09/12) I spent the day digging dirt from in front of Ernie’s trailer. Dumpster about ¼ full now. Eggs with bacon for breakfast. Chili for lunch. We went to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes Salad Buffet.

Thursday: (09/13) Finished the rough dirt dig out by Ernie’s trailer. I also skimmed the used base rock by Dawn’s shed and started digging out there. Granola bars and bacon jerky for breakfast. Lunch from El Gruelense Mexican restaurant. Leftover pork with mashed potatoes for dinner. 

Friday: (09/14) I was off at 0830 for a hike in San Francisco, i carpooled up with the hike leader Alex. We hiked from the Presidio along Crissy Field past the Marina, through Fort Mason and Aquatic Park to the Hyde Street Pier. We toured a couple of old ships there then went through the museum. We had lunch at Ghirardelli Square before returning to our cars. Nice 7.4 mile hike.  No digging today. Granola bars and bacon jerky for breakfast. Halfway through the excess granola bars from my hike. An Italian meat calzone for lunch. Subway sandwich for dinner.

Saturday: (09/15) I relaxed all morning. Just didn’t get moving. After lunch I dug out in front of Dawn’s shed including trimming the sides. Should be able to place the fabric tomorrow before the edges fail and make getting the new fabric under the old much harder. After dinner we made a shopping run at Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Grocery Outlet. I needed fixings for a tortilla casserole. Granola bars and fried spam for breakfast. A pork and cheese sandwich for lunch. Dawn and i went to Panerra Bread restaurant for dinner.

Sunday: (09/16) I trimmed up the hole by Dawn’s shed and added the fabric and filled the hole with base rock. I added several layers tamping each with my plate compactor. I had to leave a portion unfilled where I need to pour a wall of base rock mixed with cement. The wall provides a solid surface to stick the edge bricks to as well as preventing lose of baserock when working the dirt in the planters. Granola bars and spam for breakfast. Wiener and cheese sandwiches for lunch. For dinner I made a tortilla chip casserole.

Monday: (09/17) I finished trimming the hole by Ernie’s shed and from around the temporary fence posts. The dumpster is full and all the dirt I need to be rid off, for now, is in it. I had called this morning to have it picked up tomorrow. I won’t be having an empty returned, this time. This makes the fourth dirt dumpster and the previous two concrete dumpsters add up to a few tons of material moved.Tortilla chip casserole for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tuesday: (09/18) A morning of waiting for the dumpster to be picked up. It started with moving the RV out of the way. I also visited the bank. They picked it up about 1130. Dawn and i were off to lunch at IKEA and I picked up a few things at Home depot. Granola bars for breakfast. Lunch at IKEA. Tortilla chip casserole for dinner.

Wednesday: (09/19) Not a whole lot accomplished. I started installing the forms for the edge of the base rock by the garden. I mix cement with the base rock to make a stable, solid edge to retain the base rock when digging the garden next to it and also to attach the mortar to for the edge bricks. Anyway, I didn’t get too much actually installed but did spend some time setting levels and determining drainage needs. I had to make a run to the hardware store to get more 18” stakes and some PVC fittings for the neighbors drain pipe which I am burying under  the walkway I’m doing for her. Granola bars and spam for breakfast. Lunch from the Dim Sum Kink while out shopping. Leftover Tortilla chip casserole for dinner.

Thursday: (09/20) I finished installing the outside forms for the base rock. I also set the inside form for the area by Dawn’s shed. I also dug a tiny trench for the sewer lines. It was only 1-2 inches but the top 1 inch of dried clay was like concrete. My maul just bounced off. Eventually I broke through. I quit a bit early and Dawn and I went up to San Carlos where I picked up some seemingly rare drain fittings that that Home Depot had in stock. Turns out the 6 they had in stock was actually two. They ended up back ordering the third and gave me one for free. Dawn did some thrift store looking while I was at HD. We also picked up some cider at a cidery there. We had dinner at Harry’s on the way home. The usual granola bars and spam for breakfast. Leftover tortilla casserole for lunch. Dinner at Harry’s Hofbrau.

Friday: (09/21) I prepared a real breakfast this morning and watched the morning TV shows until about 1030. I finally got outside with the intent of moving some base rock and installing some pipes. I looked everywhere for some pipe fittings I thought I had gotten and couldn’t find them so I was off to Lowe’s to get them. On the way home I got lunch at Dim Sum King. At home I installed some pipes and moved some rock. I moved about a ¼ of my rock pile. In the evening I ordered another 10 tons of base rock to be delivered Monday.  I prepared home fried potatoes with wieners and eggs for breakfast. Lunch from The Dim Sum King. Chili sizes for dinner.

Saturday: (09/22) I moved rock and installed more fabric and forms. Pretty good progress. The rock pile is much smaller now. I also eliminated all the used base rock into the hole. Granola bars and spam for breakfast. Tortilla casserole for lunch. Dinner at the Corner Cafe.

Sunday: (09/23) I watched the Sunday morning TV shows then got to work. I installed the drain pipes by Ernie’s trailer then placed the rest of the base rock in the hole. I then ran the tamper over it. Now ready for the rock delivery tomorrow. Leftover home fried potatoes for breakfast. The last of the leftover tortilla chip casserole. Dinner at Lucky Chinese Bistro.

Monday: (09/24) Today was a wait for delivery day. While I waited, I installed the rest of the piping for drain, electrical, sprinklers and water. About 1600 the rock arrived. I threw some on the pipes I installed earlier. Granola bars for breakfast. Lunch from El Gruelense. Soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (09/25) I started my day making two 3” to 1.5 inch adapters for the trench drain. They don’t seem to be available so I made them from 3” caps and 1.5” MIP to slip adapters.  After some hacking and hewing I had what i needed. I hung the drain trench on the edge of the existing slab using stainless screws and some concrete construction glue. I was missing a 3” tee so couldn’t finish. After dinner I went to Lowe’s to get the missing materials I needed. Granola bar and yogurt for breakfast. PBJ toast and a wiener for lunch. Pork chops and pinto bean rice for dinner. 

Wednesday: (09/26) I attended a webinar at 1000. I finished connecting the drain pipes for the lot drain. I then moved some base rock and compacted it. After lunch I finally started pouring the concrete for the edges of the base rock. I finished about ½ of the pour before quitting time. Lou made it home from Bakersfield after 1900.  Scrambled eggs with chorizo for breakfast. Lunch from the Panda Express. Dinner from Super Taqueria.

Thursday: (09/27) First project was to visit the Kwik Key store to get the new Fob for the jeep. After lunch I started pouring the second half of the base rock border. Then I moved the remaining base rock into the hole. This morning I ordered another 12.5 tons of base rock for delivery tomorrow afternoon. The driveway is now ready to receive it so I can goof off some tomorrow. Leftover scrambled eggs with chorizo for breakfast. Chili for lunch. Leftover smoked corned beef for dinner. 

Friday: (09/28) A relaxing morning. I walked over to Stanford University to watch the construction of their new residence buildings that will provide thousands of living spaces in 4 10 story residence buildings. They are supposed to be earthquake proof and are prefabricated concrete pieces glued together. After some observation I met Lou and Dawn for a very late breakfast at noon at Coupa Cafe on campus. I rode home with them and, after a little more relaxing I got to work filling the holes I had dug in the front flower bed chasing down the water main leak. About 1615 my load of base rock arrived and was dumped in the driveway. I moved a little of it and tamped it and the rock I moved yesterday. Lou was busy smoking meat. Yesterday, when she was out in the RV getting something from the refrigerator, she noticed it wasn’t working. This morning it was working again. Oh boy, not a good thing to have an unreliable fridge. Dinner was some wieners with a baked potato and yogurt.

Saturday: (09/29) I stripped some of the forms from the concrete edge. I then made another estimate of how to relocate the gas line then went to Lowe’s to get the needed material. I stopped for lunch on the way home. I also picked up something for the party tonight. Then I went home and changed for the party and headed down to Morgan Hill for it. It was great to see many of my fellow hikers at the party. Susan’s home is such a great location on top of a hill with 360 degree views of the south valley. Granola and a wiener for breakfast. A super burrito for Super Taqueria for lunch. Party food and pizza at the SJMWH party for dinner.

Sunday: (09/30) Lou fixed a nice breakfast and we enjoyed the Sunday morning shows. Today’s project was to lower and improve the gas line that was laying on the ground until now. It will get buried no. After Dawn and Lou had finished their showers, I removed the existing gas line that went to the dryer and water heater. Then i started installing the new line. I finally got to the point where the materials I had gotten yesterday were consumed or incorrect so I noted what I needed to finish the job and we headed off to Lowe’s to get what I needed. I went to the Lowe’s in San Jose because I knew that the pickings were too limited at the one in Sunnyvale that I visited yesterday. Back at home I finished the pipe installation and relit the water heater just as it got dark. A nice baked potato chili size for dinner.

Monday: (10/01) I restored the washer and dryer back into their positions. Reconnected the downspout to the drain line. I then covered the pipes and added base rock in a couple of layers with tamping to reach the final level in the area in front of Ernie’s trailer and Dawn’s shed.
Granola and a wiener for breakfast. Chili baked potato for lunch. Glop for dinner. 

Tuesday: (10/02) I dug the two post holes for the driveway fence and installed the post sleeves. I then filled, leveled and tamped our neighbors sidewalk section and the front RV driveway. I may be able to start forming for the driveway and sidewalk concrete and do the final depth adjustments. Corned beef hash, ala Lou, for breakfast. Hamburgers for lunch. Vegetable beef soup for dinner.

Wednesday: (10/03) Not a busy day. Lou was off to an appointment. Dawn was off to a class. I was off shopping. I stopped at Orchard and got more wood stakes then off to Lowe’s. At Lowe’s I got some plumbing parts to hook up Ernie’s trailer. I also got some 2.4x8’ studs and some concrete cushions. When I got home I relaxed some then finally got outside and set a field of stakes and marked levels on them to allow me to adjust the baserock depth to 5-6 inches. It started to rain so I called it quits way early. I will still need to mark the levels for the drain slope on each stake the install the forms and rebar. Leftovers for breakfast, Dim sum for lunch. Carnitas with onions and zucchini for dinner.

Thursday: (10/04) Ernie and I moved the excess base rock to a more permanent location in the front yard from the RV driveway. I also made an un-shopping run to return all the excess pipe and fittings. I had way to much. The excess was due to a change of plans, failure to remember where some of it was placed so it was not available when needed, and just a little extra to avoid extra trips to the store. I decided to add another drain pipe under the driveway so I saved some of the return for that. We all went to A Good Morning cafe for breakfast. I had leftover vegetable beef soup for lunch. For dinner Lou made smoked pork chops with mashed potatoes and carrot salad.

Friday: (10/05) Up for an early hike at Sanborn County Park with the San Jose Mid-Week Hiker Group. It was a nice clear day for the 8+ mile hike. It was nice to get a stretch in. At home, I relaxed a while before trying to get to work. I only got a couple of simple tasks done. No work on the driveway. A breakfast sandwich from Happy Donut for breakfast. Lunch from Dim Sum King.

Saturday: (10/06) I did the final hookup of Ernie’s sewer line from his trailer. I had to make a parts run to Lowe’s and Walmart to finish it. I then worked on installing the drain channel for the driveway. There is a little fabrication needed for one of the connections then I can finally do the final grading of the base rock and install the rebar. Dawn was off to the De Anza flea market. Peach cobbler for breakfast. Macaroni and cheese for lunch. Wieners with fries and broccoli for dinner.

Sunday: (10/07) I installed some more forms for the driveway before heading off to a community meeting about housing developments in the neighborhood, plans for railroad improvements and grade separations, and to meet some city council candidates. Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Deviled eggs for lunch. Pork with sauerkraut and potatoes for dinner.

Monday: (10/08) I finished the forms on the South side of the driveway then did the final grading. I also drilled and installed pins to connect to the old driveway concrete. Tomorrow i hope to pour some concrete in the driveway but first need to add a thin layer on top of the concrete under the gas meter for adjust height and drain to match the new concrete. Doing it before is required because the patch concrete has a different finish time and I can’t mix with the regular concrete. Not quite what was planned but I couldn’t find a better product this time. PBJ toast for breakfast. Granola and deviled eggs for lunch. Red pepper chicken portobello soup for dinner. 

Tuesday: (10/09) I hooked up the water line to the new faucts first. I wanted to see if any obvious leaks were apparent before covering the pipes with the driveway. Ernie and I poured the first section of the driveway. The plan was to do to but I called off the second section. Seemed like it would have been too much with the finishing. We also fixed the door ro ernie’s trailer which seems to have dropped down about ¼ inch. We moved the hinges to raise the door and all works properly now. Granola and bacon jerky for breakfast. A hamburger for lunch. Fried sauerkraut potato and pork hash with fried eggs for dinner. 

Wednesday: (10/10) Lou and Dawn made a Costco and shopping run in Redwood City. Ernie and I mixed and poured the concrete for another 4x10’ section of the driveway. I spent the rest of the day finishing the concrete. I also verified the electrical conduit. I didn’t locate it at the service panel where I thought I had installed it. That portion of the conduit was installed many years ago. When I couldn’t find it I thought I must have been mistaken. I wasn’t. It was just my “Wood” eyes”. It was actually right where it should have been but it had a cap on it, which evidently made it invisible the previous time I looked. I also moved the old leftover concrete bags from the tent, 46 bags. They seemed hard, possibly ruined so I opened one and it was 80% OK and 20 percent hard, But, the hard pieces break down to normal when hit so they should be good. I’ll still be short a lot of concrete. We used 67 bags for the two sections we poured and there are still six sections to do plus Ernie’s 8x10 shed floor. I have 198 bags left and will need about 180 for the rest of the driveway. I’ll need another 200 bags to finish my concrete work. (135 for the shed plus 98 for the surrounding area near the shed.) I’ll probably get that delivered with my pavers to save delivery costs. Granola and a banana for breakfast. A hot dog burger for lunch. A Costco chicken bake for dinner.

Thursday: (10/11) We went to Bajis Cafe for breakfast. Lou dropped me off at Kaiser in Mountain View where i got my flu shot. Only a 30 minute wait. At home i relaxed a while then got outside to work about noon. I removed the forms to get ready to pour concrete tomorrow. I also installed the forms for our neighbors sidewalk and started the rebar install. I quit a little before 1600 to get a shower. Lou and Dawn were out at a dentist appointment. I picked up Courtney and we all met at Sweet Tomatoes Buffet for Courtney’s birthday dinner. After dinner I was off to an Orchard Hardware to get a new long steel trowel to do my concrete finishing. My existing one has a loose handle that causes me to foul up my finish when it slips. Breakfast at Bajis Cafe. A weiner and apple fritter for lunch. Dinner at sweet Tomatoes Salad Buffet.

Friday: (10/12) Another day pouring concrete, the third section of 8 to complete the driveway. I had planned on doing two sections today. I was using old, stale concrete bags from last year. They required dumping out and breaking up the 205 that had gotten stiff before inserting into the mixer. That was at least three times the work to get each mixer load ready. To top that, the mixer is stalling again. We had to reduce to only 1-1.5 bags per load from the normal 2 bags. Since we stopped early after completing only one pour, I was able to complete the rebar for the neighbors sidewalk and make it ready to pour. Granola with banana for breakfast, a ham sandwich for lunch. A chili size for dinner.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Headed Home From Bishop

Saturday: {07/28) We ate leftovers for breakfast and prepared to roll. Lou had some final shopping to do then we checked out of the Highland RV Park. Our electric bill for the month of constant running at $.24/kwh was only $156, just short of my estimate of $160. Not bad. We stopped at the casino for lunch on our way out of town.e stopped in Lee Vining and I checked the generator and added some oil. It had died while on the road. It was very low on oil. We continued North on Hwy 395 to Highway 89, then 50, 5, 205, 580, 680, 237 and home. We stopped in Placerville for dinner of leftovers then took a walk to RiteAide for ice cream. The sun was low in the sky so we visited a pizza parlor where they had Karaoke night and listened to some of the singers while we enjoyed a drink. With the sun down we continued home arriving about midnight. W tucked the RV in the driveway and hit the sack.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

PCT Hike, MM903 to MM942, Reds Meadow to Tuolumne Meadows

Wednesday: (07/25) Breakfast at The Village. I drove down to the Interagency Information Center to check on the status of the trail in that Yosemite was closed due to a fire near Wawona. No problem but smoke likely. We drove up to Mammoth and they dropped me off for the shuttle. I was on trail from Reds Meadow at noon. I hiked the rest of the day about10 miles and camped above Agnew Meadows at MM916. I was within a mile of the shuttle bus stop #1. Reds is stop #10. Once I was away from Reds the scenery improved. I didn’t go to see either Devil’s Postpile nor Rainbow Falls. I’ll see those another time.

Thursday: (07/26) Up at 0530, on trail 0640. Uneventful climb toward Donahue Pass all day. While it was smoky all day yesterday, I awoke to clear skies. In the afternoon came the usual thunderstorm after which the smoke returned only to be driven back by a later storm. I made it over the pass about 1800 and camped just a little way down at MM930. 14 miles hiked.

Friday: (07/27) Up at 0530, on trail at 0630. I completed the rest of the usual rough downhill from the top of the pass and got down into the trees and nice forests again. It was 14 miles down to Tuolumne Meadows Store where I was to meet Lou and Dawn. There were some nice meadows on the way down and a lot of granite steps as well. I had my permit checked by volunteer rangers on the way. When I got to the store, I had an ice cream cone and a soda while I waited. We headed down to Mammoth Lakes to the Mammoth Brewery for a celebration meal and drinks. At home in Bishop, it was nice to get a shower and relax.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Last Zero In Bishop

Tuesday: (07/24) Breakfast at the Pupfish Cafe. I bought some fuel and bug spray at the outdoor shop downtown. We had dinner at Los Amigos again. During the day I washed my trail clothes and resupplied my pack. I also posted some recent photos to Facebook.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

PCT Hike, MM790 to MM903, Kearsarge to Reds Meadow

Saturday: (07/14) Leftover Amigos Mexican food for breakfast. We scooted down to the Kearsarge trailhead. I was on the trail by 0810. The climb up wasn't as bad as I dreaded. Once back on the PCT, I met a hiker named Alec (SOBO) from Philadelphia. He wanted to hike together because he needed a slow hiker. So we did. We hiked over Glen Pass then camped at Rea Lakes. Camped at MM793.5. Only 12 miles hiked today.

Sunday: (07/15) Up at 0540, on trial at 0700. It was mostly downhill for 7 miles then uphill. The plan was to get over Pinchot Pass but I stopped short 3 miles from the top at 1700 figuring I'd not make it over the top before 2000. I enjoyed soaking my feet on Woods Creek. Camped at MM804.


Monday: (07/16) Up at 0530, on trail 0645. The climb up Pinchot Pass wasn't bad. I met an older man with his son from Palo Alto. I also crossed the South fork of the King's River. My afternoon and evening were spent climbing over Mather Pass. I stopped for the night just before 2000 once I cleared all the rocks and saw a flat unvegetated spot. Camped MM818. 14 miles hiked.



Tuesday: (07/17) Up at 0530, on trail 0640. A strenuous hike down from Mather Pass which included the Golden Staircase. I took a 30-minute nap after the stairs. When I returned to the trail I met Alec, my hiking Buddy from before Pinchot. We hiked on to Big Pete Meadow Camp. Alicia, Andrea, and ???, Invited us to their campfire. Simon, a hiker I met near Forrester Pass joined us. Camped at MM832 for 14 miles hiked today.



Wednesday: (07/18) Up at 0530, on trail 0645. Climbed up Muir Pass six miles. There are a couple of nice meadows along the way with the King's River meandering. Everywhere else the river is rushing and falling. Nice weather and scenery at the top. I had s good lunch then started down. I shouldn’t have mentioned the nice weather. It started to rain and hail for the next four miles to Evolution Lake. I camped at MM845.5, 13 miles hiked today.




Thursday: (07/19) I walked through some pretty areas today. I had to wade across two creeks today. One was Evolution Creek, which puts most rivers to shame. I camped at MM860, a mile N. of Muir Ranch where I had stopped to get my resupply bucket. I headed toward Vermillion Valley Ranch. Alec caught up to me after the Evolution Creek crossing.

Friday: (07/20) Up 0530, on trail 0645. A climb up to Selton Pass with good views. Lunch at the top then downhill the rest of the day. I had to ford Bear Creek. I did it barefooted this time. Nice to have dry shoes but I tended to fall backward? It started to rain before 1600 and didn’t stop until 1830. I set my tent up during the rain and camped at MM873. Only 6.5 miles to Vermillion Valley Resort, my next resupply.

Saturday: (07/21) Up at 0530, on trail 0645. A 1000 foot climb over the mountain, then down even further to Edison Lake. Unfortunately, I arrived an hour late for the morning ferry. If I'd have remembered, I would have gotten up earlier. 6.5 miles to here to wait for the 1645 ferry. I took the time to dry all my things, then set my lounger up for a nap. A 19 person group had scheduled a ferry trip of their own for 1530 pickup. Fortunately, the captain allowed the 15 hikers on board too. There were a few hikers left for the 1645 run. Unfortunately, that run didn’t go because the weather turned bad. No lightening allowed on an all metal boat. I was lucky to not have to spend the night there. I started a tab at VVR, set my tent up, enjoyed a BBQ ribs dinner, collected my resupply, enjoyed a free drink, and relaxed. I camped off trail and a boat ride away at MM879 Vermillion Valley Resort by Lake Edison. Dinner of BBQ ribs, baked beans, a cobbet of corn, potato salad, and jalapeno cornbread. When I awoke at 0139 the campfire was going and s half-dozen loud talking people remained by the fire. During dinner, we had a heavy rain and hail storm. It put out the BBQ fire and some folks had other things for dinner. Glad I was first in the restaurant.

Sunday: (07/22) Awake at 0530 but the restaurant doesn't open until 0700. Nice breakfast burrito and cream cheese donut. I caught the 0900 ferry. Once at the far end of the lake, I dried the tent and washed and dried the footprint. I was finally on the trail about 1145. Beautiful area. There was a great waterfall along the tough climb up to Silver Pass. I camped just below Silver Pass at MM886.

Monday: (07/23) Up at 0530 and on trail by 0645. Today was supposed to be mostly downhill but there was a 1000 foot and couple of 500 foot climbs. When I was past the worst of the climbs I checked the time and distance to Reds Meadow (MM903). Even though I wasn’t supposed to get there until late Tuesday I decided it was worth the effort to speed up and try to get there before the last shuttle bus. I hiked 21 miles and arrived at 1850 and the last bus departed at 1910. I couldn’t reach either Dawn nor Lou by phone, a problem of never ringing the other party. A lady on the bus offered dinner and a place to stay while I waited for Lou and Dawn, who were expecting me tomorrow. She provided a nice pasta and meatball dinner and I answered all her questions about backpacking equipment and the trail. I eventually had reached Lou and they were on their way but I never got the agreed call about their arrival in Mammoth. Eventually I called them and they had been trying to reach me, but of course, the phone never rang. Verizon service is terrible. Since I didn't know the address of the condo I was at, nor did the lady, I had arranged to meet Lou at Von’s Market a few blocks away. We got home a little after 2230.