Monday, August 7, 2017

Why I Wanted To Get Away

Monday: (08/07) While having tea in the yard Lou provided a list of things to be done while I wait to go hiking. I moved all the planters from the walkway under the sunroom eaves. Then I cut a few more limbs from over our sun room then cleaned the accumulated leaves off the roof. Not a real easy task. I need to extend the handle on my push broom and use it to rake off the leaves. More like brush them off because they are stuck to the roof. My new blower came in handy for the fine stuff. That created a big pile of leaves that need to go someplace. The bins are already full so Lou got some big paper leaf bags. Next, I used my Webster broom to clean all the spider webs from the outside of the house. And that brought me to wash the outside of the house with the water brush. I also washed Ernie’s trailer while I was at it. All this brought me to about 3 pm and I still hadn’t eaten anything except a piece of Lou’s lemon pie about noon. My shower was nice because I was covered with leaf debris and totally soaked from washing the house. Lou called and said she’d bring a chicken bake from Costco for me I added a request for a berry smoothie. Since we don’t actually speak the same language, or so it seems. She bought a strawberry sundae. Tasty and about the same thing because she got caught in traffic and it was liquid when I got it. I also cleaned all my junk from the Hyundai so Lou can take it to the car laundry. It’s due for service and we can’t have the service folks think we don’t care for it. A third task was to replace the kitchen sink valve. It has an automatic valve that shuts off the water to the faucet when the wand is used. Unfortunately, it never turns fully on and often the water from the faucet is only a trickle. She requires a two valve faucet and they are rarely in the stores so I found one on Amazon and it’s on the way now.

Tuesday: (08/08) I moved the planters into place in the front of the house. I started working on the sprinklers to them and fixed the drip line to the plant on the porch. I ran out of drip ells so moved on to other tasks. I vacuumed the sun room gutter and installed foam to keep debris out in the future. I then made a run to OSH for the drip ells and some other fittings for the shower drain line. Granola and a smoothie for breakfast. Hotdog for lunch. Dim Sum treat in the afternoon. Tilapia fish with rice and vegetables for dinner.

Wednesday: (08/09) I did a little gardening while Lou and Dawn package up the limbs from the oak tree for pickup tomorrow. I filled the empty concrete planters that I placed in the front yard. I added drip water emitters to all of them. In doing that I installed a new ½” line toward the front to catch one planter on the far side of the garage door. I was then able to add emitters to a couple of planters temporarily residing by Ernie’s trailer. It also made the emitters to Dawn’s bean planters flow better than the ¼” line that had gone to them. The new kitchen sink faucet arrived so I installed it. I had to make a run to the hardware store to get a beauty cap to cover where the now missing wand was and a new filter cartridge for our water filter. Low added that I get a new can opener and while there I picked up some plants for the new planters. I change the water filter but had to add a reinforcing board to install the screws in that held up the filter. The screws had ripped out the particle board so i added a piece of ¾” plywood glued and screwed to the particle board cabinet. Sliced apple with peanut butter for breakfast. Chili for lunch. Chicago Pizza for dinner with the Hackmans in our backyard.

Thursday: (08/10) Breakfast in the backyard until we heard the garbage truck out front. We all dashed out to watch. It was interesting because we had two full compost bins, four sacks of compost and a huge pile of bundled limbs. Cheap fun. I then planted the begonias I got last night into a couple of the concrete planters. In the afternoon I was busy working on my resupply plan changes. Granola for breakfast. Cauliflower and sausage for lunch. In the evening we went to Redwood City for a movie. We stopped for dinner at Harry’s Hofbrau on the way. We watched the movie Glass Castles at a theater downtown. It was a special showing with a 20-30 minute trailer interview with the author.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

PCT Hike Delayed Again Due To Fires

Sunday: (08/06) Breakfast in the back yard. Lou insisted on my trimming some oak tree limbs from over the house. I did and Lou and Dawn got busy putting it  in the compost bin.  I continued to finalize my pack loading. One item not located was my pair of sun gloves so off to REI again. I did some more studying online. The reports of the fires on and near the trail were concerning. In fact today the park service closed all the trails in Crater Lake NP due to the two fires there. I had planned on hiking from Ashland into Crater Lake then jumping around the fire. That fire caused an evacuation notice to go out this evening. I was all dressed and having dinner just before heading off to the trail when I decided to cancel the trip until this Friday. By then maybe i can have a plan that gives me some miles. I finally found a map of the trail with the fires on it. I thought there was only two areas affected by the four fires. Not so. There are three areas. Planning this hike will be difficult. It’s not just the fires but the smoke. Lou made a Denver omelet for breakfast. LUU Noodle House for lunch. Lou’s BBQ ribs with baked potato and tomatoes from the garden.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Vintage Computer Festival

Saturday: (08/05) Slept last night in the tent in the yard. My mattress is good, my pillow needs replacement. It flattens in 5 minutes.I worked on my pack load. This should be easier since I haven’t backpacked since i came home but things get scattered. Lou made French toast and sausage for breakfast. We ate in the yard. Lou reminded me that some limbs need to be trimmed from the oak tree that are sweeping the roof. The first problem was extracting my electric pole saw. It was trapped in my shop. Next problem was a good ladder. My 6-foot ladder is far too wobbly, my small extension ladder is in San Jose and my big extension ladder was buried under a bunch of surplus wood and other things. I got the limbs cut and the roof swept then used my new blower to pile the leaves that i swept off the roof. Lou and Dawn are disposing of the limbs and leaves into the compost bins over time.I took a second shower and after that, I headed off with my latest shopping list. REI for a pillow and TP. Walmart for wet-ones and shipping tape. Office Depot for extra strength shipping tape. And Sprouts for trail snacks. I was then off to the Computer History Museum to attend part of the Vintage Computer Festival. Several computer clubs and vendors there. I attended a discussion panel about Commodore Computers. I’ own and have owned several. In fact one of mine is in the museum's collection. The panel consisted of lead engineers involved in the development of those early computers. An interesting tidbit was that the owner of Commodore which also owned Mos technology, the maker of the 6502 microprocessor (used in the Apple II) once turned down an offer to buy Apple Computer for $15,000. It’s interesting that without the 6502, personal computers would have not been developed as soon as they were. I got dinner on the way home at Los Altos Taqueria. Lou and Dawn were out to the Black Bear for dinner.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Extra Smoke At Our Wiener Roast

Friday: (08/04) I was off shopping again this morning. I left the box fan I bought last night at Walmart at the store. I was totally shocked when they told me to go back and get one from the shelf. I have a better opinion of Walmart now. I also stopped at Sprouts and got some trail snacks. Turns out to only be half what I need. I went through the resupply box inventories again. Still a few items to add. Still need to do the equipment. I was so busy with the inventories I missed the arrival of the ten fire trucks fighting a fire at the house diagonally across the street. It’s a four-plex with no one home. The mailman knocked on all the doors, called 911 and quickly departed the area so he wouldn’t be stuck in the area by all the trucks. It was a two alarm fire with two trucks from the city of Mountain View as well. Two big ladder trucks and five pumpers, an ambulance and two chief's SUV’s and another pickup. Today we were celebrating Ernie’s birthday, a couple of weeks late, by having a wiener roast in the backyard. Our guests were passed by the fire trucks coming onto the street to our house and worried it might be our fire that got out of hand. It didn’t. My phone’s battery is dying too quickly so I ordered a new one hopefully arriving before my hike. Sausage and maple bar for breakfast. Leftover enchiladas for lunch. Campfire cooked hotdogs for dinner.

My Special Power

I have a special power. It can be very frustrating to have such a power. My power is that no matter what path  I take, line I get in, or lane I drive in, it will be the slowest. What’s more, it is instantaneously effective. If I forget about my magical power and change lines or lanes, the lane I enter stops immediately and the lane I was in starts cruising along. If for some stupid reason I think that I can just step back into the previous lane I’m always shown how ineffective that is because the lines then reverse their speeds. For this reason, I really love single line check out lanes. We all suffer the same.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Change Of Plans

Saturday: (07/22) Lou made ollalieberry pancakes with sausage for breakfast. We lounged around the fairgrounds all day. There was a rock and gem how at the fair that we got free tickets to and took a look around. We also found the Sucullent Bliss shop and I found a nice cistanthe grandiflora. It is a suculent that I used to have in our raised flower bed but that was extremely prolific for one year and died. Hoping this one lives to a ripe old age and has a large family. We also visited the Humboldt Cider Company, another tenant at the fairgrounds. Great cider. Dawn had a Blueberry fermented cider, Lou had a honey cider and I had a Gravenstein cider. All very good. For dinner we drove up to Arcata to the Chinese buffet. This is one of the best buffets and fortunately still exists. So many have closed. On the way home we stopped at Winco Market to pick up some tings that are cheaper there. Wish they would come in to our area. While having our cide we learned that a close frind of the family had a heart attack. We canceled our stay here and will be heading home tomorrow. Lou and Dawn will speed down in the Jeep. I’ll tag along in the RV.

Sunday: (07/23) Up early and preparing to leave. Lou and Dawn had granola and left for home in the Jeep about 0810. I finished disconnecting the RV and left the park about 0850. I stopped at Pierson’s hardware for a look around then returned to Winco. Dawn had called and said the liked the freeze dried garlic and were snacking on it. They wanted more. I got their garlic and also picked up my breakfast a sausage and cheese English muffin and a couple of donuts. I left Eureka about 0950. I stopped just North of Willits at a rest stop for a nap. I also had the second English muffin sandwich for lunch. I stopped again in Ukiah at Freidman Brothers. I found another succulent like the one I got at the fair yesterday but four times as big and really healthy looking for the same $5 price. I then drove the rest of the way home. Traffic was really heavy and intermittently slow the rest of the way home after Santa Rosa. It took about one hour to get across the Golden Gate Bridge and through San Francisco. I was home just before 6pm. I got dinner at El Grulense and called it a day. Lou and Dawn were at the hospital visiting Courtney.

Monday: (07/24) An unusual start to the day. I wasn’t sure what to do. I don’t want to get too involved so I can get out on the trail soon. We were supposed to be enjoying a week RV camping in Eureka but had to return suddenly. So I spent the morning trimming the wisteria and weeding the patio. Those darned weeds grow so well in the cracks in the bricks. After lunch i got busy on the front. I removed the final form from the driveway and backfilled it. I also vacuumed the concrete debris out of the lawn. I also cleaned out the debris that had collected in the walkway digout. And finally I made a bunch of form pieces for the front walkway. Tomorrow I’ll install the forms and move the baserock. Leftover pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Chilli beans for lunch. Grilled cheese sandwiches with pickle salad for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/25) We went with Dawn Hackman to breakfast at a Good Morning Restaurant. While Lou Dawn and Dawn H. went shopping I looked over a coupe of construction projects in progress near the shopping center. I took a bus home. Eventually I got to work out from installing the forms for the walkway. Later in the afternoon Ernie and I placed the baserock for the walkway. Some day probably in the fall i’ll pour the concrete. I’d prefer not to get involved with that now because My next order will be for three-four pallets of concrete and the paving bricks. The bricks can stand up to weather. The concrete can’t take heavy dew and rain so I want to pour it soon after delivery. While there is still a rock pile in the center of the driveway ramp, the Jeep can now be parked in the driveway. Chili for lunch. A chicken bake from Costco for dinner.

Wednesday: (07/26) Soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Ernie and i worked on removing the baserock top coat I placed 20 years ago on the area between the driveways. It’s as hard as concrete. It was four inches thick with clay soil beneath. We stacked the rock on the driveway next to the hole. The rest of the day was spent digging out the clay to 10 inch depth. All but 2 feet of the trench done. We now have another dirt mountain. It’s in the front yard. I didn’t get a dumpster because I only plan on this dig right now and then pouring the front walkway and this section of driveway before I go out hiking. I’ll still have the trench under the RV and Meili’s sidewalk to create even more dirt. A tuna salad and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou’s stew for dinner. Weather wasn’t bad. Clear skies and a little breeze.

Thursday: (07/27) I was out early to do the final digging out in the driveway. Then I had Lou’s eggs and cheese breakfast. I made a shopping run to Home Depot to order to pallets of concrete. I also found some trench drain sections i’ll need in the backyard and haven’t seen for quite a while at any of the Home Depots or elsewhere. I also found the bricks I’ll need in the backyard. I will have them delivered with the next load of concrete later this September. Hopefully they are still available.  I then went up to San Carlos to Lyngso to get some more fabric for the trench. Once i got home Ernie and I placed the fabric and and the base rock and tamed it. I ended up with about 12 gallons of extra rock. Nice to have the driveway clear of rock for a moment. At Home Depot a regular delivery would have cost the usual $79. For $10 more they could provide a 4 hour window but in either case the earliest delivery would have been next Tuesday. But for $20 more they could deliver it today. I paid the $99 delivery fee and it arrived about 1440 just a few minutes after the driveway was clear. I then headed back to Home Depot to get the rebar I forgot to get and need for the driveway. After Lou’s bean soup dinner I installed the rebar in the driveway. But oops, i then noticed i needed some for the walkway. Back to Home Depot to get more rebar. This time i wasn’t conservative. I got plenty to do the walkway and most of Ernie’s shed later this fall. Enough for the day.

Friday: (07/28) Granola and banana for breakfast. Ernie and I installed the rebar in the walkway and trimmed the corners of the fabric so it lays neatly. While discussing where I’d put any excess concrete bags I remembered I had 10 bags in the storage tent already. We brought those out to use first so we can store fresher bags. We finished all that fairly quickly. We had decided before we started that today as a day of rest so no concrete pour today. We all went to lunch with Ernie, Cecilia and Dawn H at Bill’s Cafe. In the afternoon we all relaxed. I binge watched a few episodes of Versailles.

Saturday: (07/29) We were busy pouring the driveway concrete by 0800 and finished that by 1010. I spent some time finishing that and taking a break before we started the walkway. We poured six feet of the walkway before the mixer stalled again. It was fortunate to be six feet because the sections are scored at three feet so a little wait was no problem  We let the mixer cool and moved it. The change of location may have been the main reason it worked OK for the rest of the pour. I tinkered with the finishing and cleaned up the yard. The hardest thing was moving the ¾ of a pallet of concrete bags to the back yard storage tent. The only thing that remained in the front was the dirt pile. After a shower, I walked down to get dinner. Nice to relax the rest of the evening. Lou and Dawn were out shopping in the morning and visiting in the evening. Granola and banana for breakfast. A late lunch of Lou’s leftover navy beans. Dinner was a nice super nachos from El Gruelense.

Sunday: (07/30) A little Sunday morning TV to start the day. Mid morning we went to the California Avenue Farmers Market. We had tamales for brunch there. Lou and Dawn visited Courtney, I returned the pallets that came with the concrete. The deposits returned $98. It evidently was too hot for my wallet. I bought a new Ryobi battery powered hammer/drill and a high speed variable speed blower. They all use the same batteries as my present tools. My existing drill seems to stall too easily. I also needed some new batteries. I got three with the two tools. On the way home I picked up some dim sum for a late lunch. More relaxing in the afternoon after i tested the new blower. Nice and powerful. Lookout leaves. Lou and Dawn returned to visit Courtney. I prepared my enchilada casserole for dinner.

Monday: (07/31) I back filled most of the edge of the new front walkway. I then worked at the computer preparing my pack list and resupply quantities. Lou and Dawn were off shopping in the morning. In the afternoon I went over to Courtney’s and installed a new shower wand. In the evening Lou and I went out shopping for my resupply needs. Simple menu today. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were my enchiladas.

Tuesday: (08/01) A relaxing morning. Later in the morning we all went to Redwood City on my resupply shopping run. Visited REI, Best Buy, World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target. Interesting how one has to search for some things. I got to socks at RI, lithium AAA batteries at Best Buy, hand sanitizer at BBB, sausages at World Market, and bacon jerky at Target. We also visited a thrift store in San Carlos. As we passed another thrift store in Redwood City Lou noticed a recliner couch in their yard. We didn’t stop. She did return later and decided to buy it. I had to go up and meet her and we loaded it into the two cars. In the afternoon we went over to Courtney’s and set up her shower with a curtain instead of doors. A little work in the evening preparing the resupply boxes. Enchiladas for breakfast and dinner. Lunch at a German Restaurant in Redwood City.

Wednesday: (08/02) We headed off toward Santa Cruz early. Made a stop at Lou’s Cafe in Los Gatos for breakfast on the way. Spent the day people watching in Santa Cruz while Dawn looked around book stores. Just milkshakes, pearl drink or tea for lunch. Soup at 99 Bottles Of Beer for dinner. We made our way to the Rio Theater for the 10,000 Maniacs Concert by 1800 in time to be at the front of the line waiting for entry when the doors opened at 1830. We got a nice seat and waited for the concert to begin around 1930. The show was opened by a singer named Cindy Lee Berryhill A little after 2000 the Maniacs started. It was a nice show, longer than last year at Yoshi’s. A nice venue. Good show we were home a bit after 2300.

Thursday: (08/03) I pitched my tent and inflated my mattress in the yard. I cleaned the tent and was testing the inflation of the mattress. I also was working on resupply boxes. Of course, I was missing some items so in the evening i went out shopping again. I don’t want to get too much but obviously need enough. Lou made Swedish pancakes for breakfast. Sausage and cheese sandwich for lunch. Hamburgers for dinner.

Friday, July 21, 2017

On The Road To Eureka

Friday: (07/21) We finished loading the motorhome and drove off to the gas station for gas and LPG at 1100. We had to return home again for Dawn to get something then were on the road North a little after 1200. Traffic was heavy all the way through Santa Rosa. We stopped for a break at Freidman’s Building Supply in Santa Rosa and stopped for dinner at a reststop in Laytonville. We stopped for gas upon entering Eureka and were settled into our space by 1010, too late to visit the cidery. Ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast. A roast beef sandwich for me and salads for Lou and Dan from Safeway for lunch. Leftover macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Moving Rock

Saturday: (07/15) I was up at 0500 and outside to move some rock. It was supposed to be hot today so starting early helped. Ernie joined me after an hour or so. We filled the rest of the area for his shed. The remaining pile of rock will probably be a little short for the front walkway and for Meili’s walkway. Lou and Dawn were out at estate sales and called me to come and get some aggregate concrete flower pots. They probably weigh over one hundred pounds empty and they were all full of dirt which we had to take. I had help to load them by the sales staff but unloaded them by myself. Using a ramp to slide them makes it fairly easy. They will have to sit around for awhile until a home can be found for them. About 1500 Home Depot arrived with my three pallets of concrete. It was a 14 hour work day today. Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, a salad for lunch and sausage and baked potato for dinner. Lou and Dawn made the sausages.

Sunday: (07/16) Leftover mexican omelet for breakfast. After the usual Sunday morning TV i finally got outside. Today was a 100 degree day so I started by erecting a 10x10 sun shade. I then tried to drill some holes to pine old concrete to new but had to go get more drill bits. I got the one that each of two Orchard Hardware stores had. While out i picked up some dim sum at King Dim Sum. The first bit of those seemed to melt too quickly. So I changed direction. I started installing the forms for the driveway. I made a run to Home Depot and got some 2x4’s and more drill bits. At home I cut a bunch of rebar to make the pins. So, really not a productive day today. Leftover pizza for dinner.

Monday: (07/17) Ernie and I got to work just before 0800. I cut the rebar and wired it together. I also drilled holes for the pins that attach to existing concrete. Ernie installed the dobbies (little blocks of concrete that raise the rebar about 2 inches.) We then made and installed some forms to section off the pour for easier control. I changed my original plan to pour three large sections in one pour rather than six sections on two days. If all goes well we should be able to finish the concrete pour over the next two days. Two ifs are the condition of my back and the amount of concrete on hand. Before quitting for the day we moved the mixer out front.  Lou made ham, eggs and potatoes for breakfast, homemade sausage and ranch beans for lunch, spaghetti for dinner and pineapple upsidedown cake for dessert.

Tuesday: (07/18) Busy day. Granola and banana for breakfast. Ernie and I planned on starting the concrete pour of the driveway at 0800, the time we can begin making noise. We poured the three big sections of the driveway. The first section got away from me and dried a little too much before I finished it. It took some extra effort to get it good enough or at least to city sidewalk crew perfection but not to don’s normal standard. We poured 113 bags of concrete so I hefted over 3 tons of concrete into the mixer and Ernie pushed around the same. We had a late lunch after the second pour. Ernie went down the street to El Gruelense Mexican Restaurant while I continued to mix concrete. We finished up around 4pm. My dinner was leftover lunch. Lou and Dawn were out all day in San Jose.

Wednesday: (07/19) Granola and banana for breakfast. Ernie and i were out at 0800. We got the holes drilled, rebar and forms installed and were ready to start pouring around noon. I grabbed a burrito from El Gruelens which i shared with Dawn. After lunch we started mixing and pouring the concrete. We only got about 12 bags mixed when the mixer failed. It kept stalling and the motor started smoking. I couldn’t get it working so we mixed enough bags by hand to complete the first section of the three we needed to do. I did the finishing until I completed the last troweling. I then trotted off to Home Depot and bought some nuts and bolts, grease and a few bags of concrete. When i got home I disassembled the mixer and found nothing wrong. I lubed the mixer, added new bolts to the gearbox, made a little adjustment to the gear housing and the mixer tested OK. I guess it wanted the day off. Lou was off to San Jose to to try to get a San Jose parking permit and get the Jeep washed. Dawn made macaroni and cheese with wieners for dinner. Tomorrow we will hopefully get the pour completed after 1000 when I have my new tooth crown installed

Thursday: (07/20) Granola and apple for breakfast. Lou and I were off at 0700 to the Dentist. I had an appointment to get my new crown installed and a replacement filling as well. Lou had her previous crown checked. After the appointment we returned home. Ernie and I were starting the concrete pour by 1000. All went well and the mixr did a great job. We used my old antique wheelbarrow to transport the concrete. It’s at least 70 years old. As te last of the concrete was busy drying and i was doing the final finishing we cleaned up the front yard. The sunshade was moved to the backyard, debris removed, and tools put away. It looks pretty good now. I still have a deep hole where the new sidewalk will go and it was taped off. Sam for the hole in the backyard where the new flower beds will be. I then spent some time working on the RV trying to get the new inverter/charger to work. When I powered it up it didn’t charge and continually ran on inverter. I thought it had now AC to it. Still a possibility though i replaced the power cord to it. It seems the more likely cause was just a switch setting that told it to always run from battery. I also installed a jumper so i can bypass it if it gives any problems in the future. Since all power goes through it if it doesn’t work there would be no power for Lou’s CPAP even though we would be in an RV park with electrical hookup. All tested good by 1900. Lou got me a nacho supreme from El Gruelense for lunch. For dinner we went to the Corner Bakery nearby.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Pogonip Hike

Friday: (07/14) I drove over to Santa Cruz for a hike at pogonip Park. it was only 6.5 miles with 22 hikers. I stopped for breakfast at Jack In The Box on the way. The hike started at 0930 and ended about 1315. A little drizzle on the drive over the mountain but nice temps on the coast for the hike. We visited the stone garden and old country club. After the hike i stopped by the Pacific Cookie Factory for some great cheap cookies then went to lunch at Zachary’s downtown. I had an avocado tomato and lettuce sandwich with clam chowder. I drove home but had to stop about 2 miles before getting home for a nap. I’d already used my energy drink and didn’t have anything to crunch on. After the nap I got some cash at the bank where i stopped before heading the rest of the way home. A shower after a hike is always a pleasure. Lou’s chicken pot pies for dinner.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hot Time

Saturday: (07/08) Today was a hot day. My first task was to unload the recliner loveseat from the Jeep. To save work I jumped the curb and backed up to the front door. Next task was to check the error code on the Hyundai. The main problem was locating one of my two code readers. I eventually found it and found that the code was an error  with the high fuel sensor. I cleared the error, car OK to drive. Next task was to go shopping for some pipe that I failed to get yesterday. Lou came with me so we took the Jeep. I decided go to Lowe's in Sunnyvale. I wanted to check the concrete price there. I also did a return run to Home Depot and checked the concrete price there as well. While Home Depot has a higher delivery cost, the concrete is 30 cents less per bag. HD wins. On the way home I picked up Chinese at the Wok On restaurant and stopped for quessodillas at Super Taqueria for Lou and Dawn. I napped in the afternoon. I didn’t feel well and the heat gave me another reason not to work. Granola and diced apple for breakfast. Chinese food for lunch. Leftover Chinese for dinner.

Sunday: (07/09) The usual Sunday morning TV shows to start. Lou made eggs, ham and potatoes for breakfast. I dug a trench and laid the gray water discharge pipe then dug out a little more to allow and angle base for the walkway. It was going to be a square corner. That left me with more dirt so part of the area I dug out for garden now has debris dirt. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch.  For dinner asparagus with pork and rice.

Monday: (07/10) I had a dental appointment in the morning to have a crown replaced. It was supposedly one of my Mexican crowns but i can;t tll. It just fell apart a few months ago. The metal jacket was OK, just no enamel. After lunch I got outside, eventually. I built the forms for the rear yard edges. Granola for breakfast. Soup with ham and cheese for lunch. LUU Noodle House for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/11) Ernie and i were busy all day. First we laid the fabric in the hole in the backyard and placed some baserock on it to keep it in place. I had to make a run to Home Depot to get some more cement to mix with the baserock for two retaining walls, one by the garden and the other by the new flowerbeds to be. When I got home we mixed and poured the concrete in the forms. Tomorrow we’ll move the last of the baserock into the hole and install the drain and sprinkler lines into the baserock. While at Home Depot I ordered three pallets of concrete mix to be delivered this Saturday. Lou made a choriso omelet for breakfast. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. And today was Two For Tuesday at Papa John’s pizza so we had pizza.

Wednesday: (07/12) I installed the drain, water and sprinkler pipes. Ernie and I then move the rest of the baserock into the hole. After tamping it i took measurements and ordered another 12.5 tons of rock. It will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. Lou and Dawn were off shopping. Lou is looking for upholstery fabric. Lou made chicken fried steak and potatoes for breakfast. I had leftover pizza for both lunch and dinner.

Thursday: (07/13) Busy day. Today was brother Ernie’s birthday so we took him out to breakfast ab Bill’s Cafe in Midtown Palo Alto. Once home i drove up to San Carlos to Lyngso and bought some more fabric for my walkways. Next project was to install the new batteries and inverter in the RV. They’ve been sitting around over a month. I shut off the power at noon and re-energized the RV at 1430. The refrigerator should have been OK with that short outage. While i got the inverter/charger installed, I didn’t set it up or test it so it’s is still off. The solar charged then new batters to full in a couple of hours. I cleaned up the area when i got the call from the Lyngso driver saying he’s on the way. He dumped my 11.5 tons of baserock in the driveway ramp area about 1500. I moved some to the backyard to clear the sidewalk and street side. Ernie’s was busy enjoying his day off (birthday). Lou made more chicken fried steak with eggs and potatoes for a late 1530 lunch/dinner. I finished moving rock a little after 1700 then took a shower. Lou and i went out to the Mountain View Farmers Market in the evening. She had a mango pastry and i had a coconut pearl dring.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Castle Rock West, Beekhuis Loop Hike

Friday: (07/07) Since my car has a warning light on, I walked over to L&L Hawaiian for my breakfast then walk over to Alex’s to carpool to our hike at Castle Rock State Park. We met our fellow hikers at Sempervirens Point. It was a hot day even up on top of the mountain. We hiked about seven miles in a loop including part of the old Toll Road Trail and the Skyline To The Sea Trail. We were back to Alex’s shortly after 1300. I called Lou and started walking home. They picked me up shortly on their return from a Costco shopping run. I relaxed ome before taking a shower. Lou and I were then off for the evening. We stopped at the Walmart neighborhood market and bought some electrolyte drink mix. They had my preferred flavors of Orange and Fruit Punch. The normal Walmarts only seem to carry raspberry and grape. We visited some thrift stores on our way toward Almaden Valley in South San Jose. On the way Lou spotted a loveseat double recliner, which we have been looking for. It was placed by the curb. I looks in really good shape but could use reupholstering. Lou thinks she can do it so into the Jeep it went. We made it home about 2230. Breakfast was and egg sausage and cheese English muffin with a male bar. Lunch was a tuna snack and apple. For dinner we stopped at the Country Inn and shared a prime rib dinner.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Almost To China

Saturday: (07/01) Pizza for breakfast. I started the morning with a simple task. I installed some of the drip tube I got the other day on the bougainvillea and strawberries. This tubing has 1gph emitters every 6 inches embedded in the tube. That should make the volume emitted about 3 times the previous. I then got busy with more digging by Ernie’s trailer. I first had to install a cantilevered beam to the from hacks and move the tough support which were sitting on the area i need to dig out. Lou helped me clear the next area I’ll be digging, the cactus raised bed. That dirt is leftover bad dirt from a previous dig hidden in plain sight. A nice chopped salad ala Lou for lunch. Spaghetti for dinner.

Sunday: (07/02) Leftover apricot blintzes with sour cream and a couple of wieners for breakfast. It was a typical late Sunday start due to watching Face The Nation. Onc outside I dug out behind Dawn’s shed, then some from the new garden area to be. I eventually started on our neighbor Meili’s walkway. I am installing about 15 feet of walkway there. I needed to grub out for the baserock removing a lot of difficult tree roots in the process. About 75% done today. Leftover pizza for lunch. Salmon chowder and toast with roasted veggies for dinner.

Monday: (07/03) Granola for breakfast. I had a dentist appointment and Lou and Dawn came with me. They dropped me off and shopped until I was through. We then dropped by Aqui’s restaurant for an early lunch. At home I relaxed some then finally got to work on the neighbor's walkway. I got some more roots out and completed the first 4 inches dug out. Two 5 inch diameter roots remain to do after the holiday. Lou made salmon rice and bacon wrapped cheese stuffed mini pepper poppers for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/04) Independence Day. We all (Lou Dawn Meili and I) went up to the parade in Redwood City. It was a two hour parade. We got a nice shady viewing location and seating on a raised tree planter. After the parade we had lunch then walked around the vendor booths. Then we looked around the Cost Plus World Market. I then walked back to our car while they all visited Savers Thrift store. I just got to sleep in the car as they called to say they were ready for pickup. Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Lou made split pea soup for dinner.

Wednesday: (07/05) I spend the morning moving the plans in the junk dirt raised bed into pots to save them for future new homes. Then I spent the rest of the day moving the dirt into the dumpster. I followed than by digging out the ramps I had left in the big hole and added that to the dumpster. That filled the dumpster to all but over full. I still have a few buckets more to dig out of one ramp but no room for it. I’ll have to hide it somewhere. Granola and apple for breakfast. Ham, cheese and spinach dip sandwich for lunch. Leftover split pea soup with baked cauliflower for dinner.

Thursday: (07/06)  I called to have the dumpster picked up. Also called to change my dentist appoint later this month that conflicts with my Lost Coast hike. I needed to go get some materials today. That turned into an all day activity. I was looking for a bull float to make cement finishing easier. None found. I stopped at San Carlos Home Depot and got some material but they had very limited ½” PVC fittings and no 3 inch drain pipe.  I stopped at the Redwood City Orchard hardware. No 3 inch there either. I did get my ½ inch PVC there though. A final stop in East Palo Alto’s Home Depot scored me 5 of the 8 required 3 inch pipes. Oh well. Another day they may get something in. Blintzes for breakfast. Lunch at Chavez Market. Lou made tacos for dinner.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Long Ridge OSP Hike

Friday: (06/30) I made ham, cheese and spinach artichoke dip sandwiches for Dan and I. We didn’t have any eggs. I hoped it would last for my hike. It did. At 0900 Katherine and Alex met me and Katherine drove us up to Grizzly Flats for our hike. We joined the other 11 hikes there for our 1000 hike around the Longridge OSP. This is the same hike I’ve led here before. Jonathan, our leader for this hike added a little post hike for some of the interested hikers over to a sort of waterfall on Peters Creek, about an additional 2 miles making our hike a total of 10.2 miles. At home I showered then had some leftover apricot blintzes and mac and cheese for a late lunch addition and dinner.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Fast Morning

Thursday: (06/29) I was off early to the Kaiser Lab for some blood tests to go with the physical i had a few days ago. While I waited for them to open I watched the building construction going on next door. Evidently Mountain View allows them to start work early unlike Palo Alto. On the way home I got a Loaded breakfast Sandwich at Jack In The Box. At home again We moved a metal bench to the front yard by the Little Library so people can relax and read. I got busy digging in the back yard. I made some progress but also enjoyed relaxing occasionally. For lunch Lou made tuna salad stuffed tomatoes. Dinner was mac and cheese with a sausage and cob of corn. In the evening we all went to the Stanford Shopping Center to a Jazz concert.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Fair Day

Wednesday: (06/28) Since i had a lull in the project at home we headed off to Pleasanton to the Alameda County Fair. This week the temperatures are much better than last week. We stopped at Safeway for a snack before entering the land of junky fair food. We had to wait a couple of minutes before the gate opened. This fair is one of the best remaining anywhere nearby. Lots of art, crafts, and even some wood projects. A great garden area. And a lot of commercial stuff. We managed to keep busy until about 1800 then departed and went to dinner before driving back toward home. Of course we stopped at a couple of thrift stores in Milpitas before heading off the rest of the way home. About 1430 the dumpster folks called and asked if they could swap the dumpster today rather than tomorrow. I confirmed it with Ernie who was at home. He met them and got it swapped. That means a work day rather than a wait day tomorrow. Apricot pie for breakfast. Brunch at Safeway. I had chicken strips and potato wedges. Curly fries at the fair. Dinner at Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant in Pleasanton.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

In the Trenches

Saturday: (06/10) Granola and banana for breakfast. I removed the rest of the baserock, dug out some dirt, and broke out some concrete that was below the baserock. Evidently a lot of extra from another pour like the house foundation. I took a break before noon to drive Dawn to the Mountain View and Los Altos libraries and to visit Sprout’s Market for some bread. Lou was busy planting some grass plugs from the front lawn in the back yard. The front lawn was a good shade crass that didn’t need much water and little mowing. It’s mostly dead since we stopped watering it a couple of years ago. Lunch was a chicken cheese and avocado sandwich. Lou and Dawn were out shopping at Home Depot and picked up dinner at Mi Pueblo Market.

Sunday: (06/11) Dawn made eggs with nopalitos and sausage for breakfast. I worked on digging out the driveway. Almost finished with the original areas just need to skim and inch off about 30 sq ft tomorrow. Then I get to start digging out the additional area for the widening. Lou made pork chops with salsa rice for lunch. Leftover pizza for dinner.

Monday: (06/12) Granola and banana for breakfast. I was busy outside digging out the expansion area of the driveway. About ¾ done. The dumpster is getting fuller. I built a ramp to allow topside loading and the doors have been closed. Ernie helped with the unloading and pulling the cart up the ramp. Lou made a nice chicken cheese and spinach artichoke dip sandwich. In the evening we drove up to San Mateo to look and a dual recliner couch Dawn found on FreeCycle. We decided to take it. No time to get a trailer so we put the two recliners on top and the center seat inside. We stopped for pastrami dinners at Harry’s Hofbrau in Redwood City on the way home. Dawn was busy at the Friends Of The Library this afternoon.

Tuesday: (06/13) Granola and banana with berries for breakfast. I unloaded the sofa we picked up last night from the top of the Jeep. We managed to get it in the living room but now need to figure a way to fit things in and what to get rid of. Then we were off to the San Mateo County Fair. They have a very nice craft, art and literary section. Not too many animals and not too much else. We enjoyed a shared gyro with Greek fries for lunch and some kettle corn. About 1830 we headed off to Jack’s Restaurant for dinner. Got back home about 2130.

Wednesday: (06/14) Leftover sticky rice and pork for breakfast. I got busy digging out the last of the driveway. I still have about 9 square feet to do where all the pipes are. I also cut out an old metal sprinkler pipe that was in the way. I pruned the geraniums and removed some plant from the flower bed so i can pour concrete under the mail slot. I also skimmed the grass off the area where the new sidewalk is going in in front of the flower bed. Tomorrow I’ll did out the sidewalk area to top off the debris bin. I was confident enough this morning that i called for the dumpster pickup for Friday Morning. Lou made chicken tacos with sweet corn salsa for lunch. For dinner Lou baked some cauliflower, made some bacon wrapped cheese stuffed mini peppers and added wieners for dinner.  

Thursday: (06/15) Lou made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. I finished the driveway digging and filling up the dumpster. It is now full and ready for pickup tomorrow. Ernie helped by lugging some of the buckets to the dumpster. It was a nice day because I finished up about 1500. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Especially good with mixed Olallieberries and blueberries from our yard. Lou made chili baked potatoes for dinner.

Friday: (06/16) Hot day. Busy no work day. I got dressed early. The last two dumpster pickup happened at 0730 so i was outside then. This pickup didn’t happen until after 1000. I then headed off shopping. Lou and Dawn were off to a rummage sale. I stopped by Lyngso Garden in San Carlos to get some geotextile fabric and ordered some base rock for delivery. The 11 tons of base rock will be delivered Monday. Before then i hope to install the fabric in the driveway holes to help stabilize the rock and keep root out. Should be ready to move some base rock into the holes right after delivery. I then met Lou and Dawn at Applebee’s Restaurant for lunch. After lunch i stopped by Home Depot for some pipe and fittings that i need to get in before the base rock. I also installed an anchor to brac the fixed driveway gate. That should help with the ease of locking the gate. Since it was in the mid 90 degrees, I relaxed inside the rest of the afternoon. Lou made chicken with potato salad for dinner.

Saturday: (06/17) I installed some of the fabric in the bottom of the driveway hole and Ernie and I moved the used baserock on to it.. Now ready for the baserock delivery Monday. It was a very hot day so nothing more done today. Granola and apple for breakfast. Hotdogs and potato salad for lunch. Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant for dinner.

Sunday: (06/18) Father’s Day. Granola and berries for breakfast. I started the day with good intentions. I started to dig out for the RV sewer line. I didn’t get too far until Lou asked me to go with her for an appointment. I had already worked up a good sweat and it wasn’t even 1000. Dim Sum for lunch. At home we vegged inside. The cooler did a pretty good job in the 101 degree heat of the day. Lou made hobo dinners.

Monday: (06/19) Up by 0600. Granola for breakfast. I started digging the new front walkway out for baserock. Also need it to be able to dig below it for the new RV sewer line and waterline. When Ernie got up he helped haul the dirt buckets. I was finishing the rough digout as .the Lyngso driver called and said he was on his way with the base rock. It was piled in the driveway ramp area by 1030. Ernie and I got busy moving some into the driveway and tamping it. The first lift was the old base material. The second lift is what Ernie and i move today. Tomorrow the third lift should be close to the final level. We finished a little after noon just as Lou and Dawn got back home from an appointment and shopping. They brought lunch with them, dim sum for me and KFC for them. A nice relaxing afternoon in the yard and a shower. Nice. For dinner we went to LUU Noodle House.

Tuesday: (06/20) A day off, just because. We had leftovers for breakfast. Mine was leftover pork footballs (dim sum). We drove over the hill and out of the heat to Santa Cruz for the day. Traffic was bad going over and also terrible when we drove from Santa Cruz to Capitola about 1700. We looked around the Capitola Mall and the village area before returning to Santa Cruz for dinner. Lunch at a new find, Zachary’s Restaurant. Dinner at 99 Bottles Of Beer bar. I won a beer glass there in a raffle. Traffic was nice heading home after 2000.

Wednesday: (06/21) Granola for breakfast. I was out early again to beat the heat. I started exposing the sewer line to find the connection point I need. Then Ernie and i got busy moving more base rock into the driveway/ We got that tamped to level at the desired level. Then it was time to do some digging. I moved dug out some dirt from the backyard where Ernie’s shed pad will be. About 1500 David from SimplySolar came by to discuss possible solar for our house. Looks like it still is not practical having over a nine year payback point, at best. Our neighbors trees really pose a problem for ever having solar. Lou made a nice roasted red pepper with chicken and cheese sandwich for lunch. Then she made sweet corn salsa chicken tacos for dinner.

Thursday: (06/22) Lou made ham, eggs and fried potatoes for breakfast. I had a doctors appointment this morning. On the way home I did some shopping. Once home it was time for lunch, a nice ham and cheese sandwich. I took the rest of the day off with other errands in the afternoon.  Dawn made beef stroganoff for dinner. No work on the yard today. Good thing because it was another hot day.

Friday: (06/23) I spent the day out front digging a trench for the sewer line. I also had to cut out a piece of concrete to allow the lines to extend beyond the driveway work. That trench will continue on across the RV driveway sometime in the future. This second dirt dumpster is almost half full. Looks like a third dumpster will be needed. The weather was much nicer today. Granola for breakfast. Pepper and cheese sandwich with potato salad for lunch. Spanish rice with pork for dinner.

Saturday: (06/24) We headed out for some shopping for parts. I needed ome special plumbing parts so I planned a route of stores. We stopped at the newest Orchard store in our area on Hollenbeck Rd in Sunnyvale. Being the newest they were most likely to have a properly stocked store. It seems that is ihe only time they are properly stocked. As it happens, they had all the plumbing parts but didn’t have the steel cable clamps Lou needed for a project. Dawn found a thrift store in the shopping center and it had some special books. Next stop breakfast at  the Country inn restaurant  near Saratoga. Great omelets and Swedish pancakes. Another stop at Home Depot across the street where we got Lou’s cable and clamps. At home i relaxed all afternoon. I did get outside only to put some penetrating oil on a pipe plug i need to get off tomorrow. For dinner we had leftover Spanish rice. Dessert was some of Lou’s apricot pie.

Sunday: (06/25) Worked on installing the sewer line today. Fortunately the plug where i was connecting to came off quite easily. It looked really rusted together so i put WD40 oil on it last night. That may have helped. I found that the plug was 3” rather than 4” to match the pipe size so i had to make a run to the hardware store to get the correct adapter. Actually makes it much easier. Next mistake was cementing all my fittings before checking alignment with my trench so I had to undercut my trench so i didn’t have to remove Lou’s blueberry bushes. Bending the pipe made the angle of the fitting better anyway. With the line in place Ernie and I scraped some of the fines from the old baserock in the backyard to backfill the trench. We also repaired the sprinkler pipe I drove the pickaxe through and cut out the old abandoned metal sprinkler pipes. Leftover Spanish rice for breakfast. Ham, cheese and pepper sandwich for lunch. Leftover Spanish rice for dinner.

Monday: (06/26) We (Ernie, Dawn, Lou and myself) started the morning by moving the recliner sofa we got a few days ago over to Courtney’s. We decided it wasn’t for us. We used the two wagons to roll it on the street to courtney’s, only a couple of bloks and much easier the hefting it on top of the Jeep again. Ernie and i gleaned some more fine base rock (most of the bigger rocks removed) from the backyard and used it to fill the trench in the front yard. Then we finished up the piping for the storm drain, water and electric which passes under the driveway. Then we moved a lot of baserock from the pile and I tamped just before dinner. I needed a couple of pipe fittings about noon so picked up lunch on the way home. Granola for breakfast. Lunch from Los Altos Tagueria. I do like their chili rellenos so I got their combo #1, which included an enchilada. Lou had nachos and Dawn had a torts. All like homemade. Yum. For dinner Lou and Dawn made apricot blintzes.

Tuesday: 906/27) Blintzes and sausage for breakfast. Ernie and i did a final add of baserock to adjust the base to the final level. The rest of the day was spent digging in the back yard and filling the dumpster. I finished that around 1745. Earlier on one of my breaks, i called and scheduled the pickup for Thursday. I’ll be getting another empty dumpster because i have lots more dirt to get rid of. I wasn’t sure I’d finish today but now that I have, tomorrow we’ll go to the Alameda County Fair. For lunch I had a ham, cheese and spinach artichoke dip sandwich. For dinner I stopped by Papa John’s for Two For Tuesdays pizzas. Lou and Dawn were out shopping all day but arrived shortly after the pizzas.