Monday, April 24, 2017

Back To The Wall

Monday: (04/24) Threat of rain but none appeared today. I started with a trip to Harbor Freight. I picked up a burrito at a taqueria next door. I got some cement finishing tools. I can’t find mine and the set was only $13. Of course I found a few other things that I “needed” as well before I left. On the way home I stopped at Home Depot for some concrete mix bags. I also got a piece of rebar and some EMT conduit for a trellis. I returned three more times to Home Depot for more concrete increasing my stock to 36 bags to be used to pour the fence base. It’s 6-7” thick, 2 feet tall and 21 feet long. I should end up with too much concrete but never like to be short. In the afternoon I finally got back to the lat form and finished digging the trench and installing the form. Tomorrow I intend to remove the first one I installed because I’m not satisfied with its installation it has a taper getting thinner on one end. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Lou’s clam chowder for dinner.

Tuesday: (04/25) Lou and I headed off shopping early. Breakfast at Walmart’s McDonald’s. Other stops were Trader Joe’s, Sprout’s and Grocery Outlet. Once home I got busy on the fence. I reinstalled the first form i had been lazy with and was crooked. I also formed the little piece connecting the new base to the old base up front. I mixed and poured about 23 bags of concrete doing one fence section. My estimate was off and I didn’t have enough bags to do even one more section so I changed plans. I spent the rest of the afternoon making 4 more runs to Home Depot for 36 more bags of concrete. Should have enough for the other two sections if they consume similar amounts. Lou made a sausage sandwich for lunch and gnocchi for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/26) My birthday. I had granola and a banana for breakfast. I was outside about 0730 to get ready to pour more fence base. I mixed about 35 bags of concrete and placed it into the forms. I used my little red wagon to haul it to reduce carrying the buckets. I was finished about 1005 and took a shower and cleaned up and awaited the drying of the concrete to allow finishing.By 1700 I had done the final finishing. I seem to have a real problem estimating concrete consumption. I thought i had what I needed yesterday and was short more than ⅓ of what I needed. I bought way too much more and ended up with 14 extra bags of concrete. Then i had to put those away in a nice dry place in the tent. Leftover gnocchi for lunch. We all went out to the Los Altos Taqueria for dinner. Ernie joined us. I had a nice chilli relleno combo. Nice homestyle Mexican cooking. My cake was a cheese cake thanks to Ernie.

Thursday: (04/27) Lou and Dawn had appointments this morning After those i met them for breakfast at A Good Morning. Once back home I got to work and stripped the forms on the fence base. Backfilled and cleaned up a little.Lou made clam chowder for dinner.

Friday: (04/28) I got out early and stopped by Orchard hardware to get the posts, rails, and hardware for my fence project. I managed to forget to get the fence board screws so Had to make a second trip later in the day. I installed the posts and rails, trimmed the fence boards and installed most of them. I have to trim some to fit and reinstall the neighbors gate tomorrow. It’s going to be nice to have it finished but i may not get it done before heading out camping next week.I stopped at Super taqueria for a burrito for breakfast/lunch. Lou made beef stroganoff for dinner.

Saturday: (04/29) I picked up a breakfast croissant and maple bar for breakfast. Ernie and I did a little work on the fence installing the spacer boards on the end post to connect the short fence to the tall fence and also install the neighbors gate. About noon I cleaned up and cooked some corned beef hash for the potluck tonight. I drove down to Morgan hill in the afternoon for a potluck get together with the San Jose Mid-Week hikers at Chris Harringtons place.

Sunday: (04/30) I spent the day working on the fence. Installed the neighbors gate and trimmed it to fit. Realigned some fence boards to make them vertical and also trimmed some to fit. Installed a permanent fence from our driveway gate to the new fence. Job now complete except for some concrete work when I get back next week.  Leftover pancakes with strawberries and a sausage for breakfast. Leftover beef stroganoff for lunch. Dinner at Marie Callender's with Ernie.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Contemporary Jewish Museum

Sunday: (04/23) Dawn and I caught the train up to San Francisco for a tour at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. The two exhibits were the Cary Leibowitz art exhibit and the

Roz Chast Cartoon Memoirs. Followed by a Disabled Comedy Show and panel discussion. We had a snack at Whole Foods Market on our walk back to the train to head home. Granola for breakfast. Pastrami sandwich, potato salad, matzo ball soup for lunch. Iranian chicken salad for dinner.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Goodbye Concert for Redwood Bluegrass Association.

Saturday: (04/22) I worked on the fence base forms all day. Dug out the remaining two sections and formed a second one. Just one more section to form. In the evening we all went to the last concert to be presented by Redwood Blugrass Association. They have decided to disband but had this one last concert. The 27 Strings started the show composed of Tom Bull (guitar), Greg Frees (mandolin, guitar), Howard Gage (acoustic bass), Rachel Gage (fiddle), and Hildy Licht (banjo). The Flatliners were the main act consisting of Paul Knight (acoustic bass), Blaine Sprouse (fiddle), Sharon Gilchrist (mandolin), Avram Siegel (banjo), and Keith Little (guitar) with special guests AJ Lee (guitar) and Sullivan Tuttle (guitar). Very good show lasting almost 3.5 hours. Leftover pancakes with Peanut butter and jam for breakfast.  Lou’s Iranian chicken salad for lunch. Beef stew with cottage cheese and peaches for dinner.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Point Lobos State Park

Friday: (04/21) I made breakfast sandwiches for breakfast. I met Alex and Stephanie to carpool to Carmel for a hike at Point Lobos SP. We met our fellow hikers there for the 6.8 mile hike. Lots of flowers and poison oak. Lots of sea lions on the beaches and rocks, some otters playing, and a whale was seen. I don’t think I’ve visited this park before. Should have. Leftovers for dinner.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Break

Saturday: (04/15) I worked in the yard weeding and cleaning up. Usually we have chocolate fondue on Easter morning. This year we can’t so Cecelia and Courtney made beef stew for dinner tonight. As often is the case, we celebrate when convenient rather than by calendar. We also enjoyed a campfire after dinner. Granola and banana for breakfast. Beef stew for dinner.

Sunday: (04/16) Official Easter holiday be for us, the day after. I made pancakes and sausage for breakfast. After breakfast we visited Home Depot in East Palo Alto. Lou and Dawn needed some garden soil and I needed more concrete mix. We took both vehicles because the Jeep is clean and full of stuff and the little care is my haul vehicle now. But, it’s at max load with me and 8 bags of concrete and 2 bags of soil. I unloaded the everything as it was starting to rain. It rained the rest of the day. A nice ham and cheese sandwich with grapes for lunch. Lou made meatloaf, baked potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner. I did a final review of our tax return and eFiled the returns. Then I relaxed the rest of the day.

Monday: (04/17) Overcast and occasional sprinkles all day. I got out about 0830 and started installing the sonitube forms for the fence post bases. First order of business was to set a line string for alignment reference. I then installed the forms and shaved the holes to allow the tubes to fit. I was just finishing as it started to rain about 1700. Lucky work day. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon i can pour some concrete. Leftover enchiladas for breakfast. Hot dog and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou’s stew/soup for dinner.

Tuesday: (04/18) I took Dawn to an appointment in the morning. On the way home we stopped at Home Depot for more concrete and the Palo Alto and the Los Altos libraries for deliveries. About 1430 I started working on the fence. By 1500 I was ready to pour except i couldn’t find my finishing tools. I dashed off to Orchard Hardware and picked up a trowel. When i got home i mixed and poured 23 bags of concrete for the three bases. Pancakes with peanut butter and peach jam for breakfast. Eggrolls and shrimp for lunch from House of Eggroll. Enchiladas and avocado for dinner.

Wednesday: (04/19) Enchiladas and avocado for breakfast. I went outside and stripped the supports from the forms and stripped the top of the sonitubes to allow finishing the top edges of the bases. I then headed doff to San Jose to the City Maintenance Yard for a Traffic Signal Association meeting. The topic was safety harnesses and an aerial truck show. Nice to see some of the folks. I stopped at a Chinese food place and picked up lunch then headed home. After my lunch I napped before heading outside to strip the sonitubes from the bases and cleanup the area. Lou’s beef stew/soup for dinner.

Thursday: (04/20) Enchiladas for breakfast. I made a shopping run to Walmart and Grocery Outlet in the morning. I also stopped by the RV garage to check on the RV repairs. They seem to be on the right track to finding the loss of power problem. They say they should have it done in time for our mid May outing to Dave’s ranch. .Some hot and sour soup for lunch. I spent the afternoon installing one of the fence wall forms between two of the post bases after digging a trench for it. In the evening I gave myself a haircut. Chili size for dinner.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Pinnacles NP, High peaks, Tunnel, Juniper, Balconies Trails

Friday: (04/14) Off early toward Pinnacles NP. I stopped for breakfast in Morgan Hill at Scramblez restaurant. I met my fellow hikers at 0915 for the 0930 hike. We hiked the High Peaks, Tunnel, Juniper, Balconies Caves trails for about 8.4 miles. Nice weather but no condors to be seen. Lunch at the Chaparral picnic area. We finished a bit after 1400. Of course, ice creams were needed from the camp store before heading home. Leftover enchiladas for dinner. Lou and Dawn had fun themselves having lunch at Ann’s restaurant in menlo Park.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I'm Stumped

Tuesday: (04/11) A few showers early in the morning but the rest of the day was nice with some winds. Breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant. I drove Dawn down to San Jose to pickup ome things and then we stopped at Los Altos library to swap videos. At home I got busy working on chipping away at removing the tree stump. I managed to get a couple of blisters and break my sawsall. In the evening i prepared the first draft of our tax return. A chicken and cheese sandwich for lunch and some of Lou’s chicken pot pie for dinner. Dawn made a chocolate peanut butter pudding for dessert.

Wednesday: (04/12) Granola for breakfast. I was off to Kaiser for some lab work. Lou took Dawn to a class downtown. I then took Dawn to an appointment in Santa Clara. I picked up some dim sum for lunch. An afternoon nap turned into an all afternoon nap. No work today. I made an enchilada casserole for dinner.

Thursday: (04/13) Lou and i were off early to do some grocery shopping. Leftover enchiladas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I worked on removing my stump the rest of the morning completing the removal and the removal of an adjacent fence post base about 1300. After lunch I worked on removing three more fence post bases finishing a little after 1700. Now ready to start forming for the fence post bases.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Pinnacles Condor Gulch / High Peaks Trail

Monday: (04/10) Off early for the Pinnacles hike. It’s 96 miles down from home. I stopped at the Cozy Cup Cafe in Hollister for breakfast. I arrived at the park at 0850. Lots of time. Met my fellow hikers at 0930 for the hike up Condor Gulch to the High Peaks Trail them back down to through Bear Gulch. We finished the hike just before 1400 and stopped for snacks at the park store. I was by myself so i took the back way home on the dirt road that connects Highway 25 to Highway 101 at Gonzales. I stopped for lunch at the Santa Fe Market for a nice burrito. I go home a bit before 1800 and washed the car before showering and having dinner, the last half of my burrito.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fun With The Jackhammer

Wednesday: (04/05) While eating my granola for breakfast I got a call from a friend requesting a ride to Redwood City. Lou and I gave the ride then took a walk nearby before heading home. I got to work with the Jackhammer breaking out the rest of the old fence base and removed one of the four post bases. I finished my day working on removing the tree stump next to the fence. I didn’t make much headway bending my maul and breaking my axe handle. This may take a while. Lou made a chicken sandwich for lunch and i got a super nacho from El Grullense for dinner.

Thursday: (04/06) A rainy day. Harbor freight visit for ax and splitter. I tried to use my battery powered sawsall on the roots but it kept stalling. So I headed back to Harbor Freight and bought a new corded sawsall. I recently threw away my old one away because it had a bad blade jaw and was generally obsolete. Since rain was threatening more, I headed down to San Jose to deliver the two new yard chairs that were banging around in the back of the car. While there I picked up Dawn’s old desktop computer and returned it to Palo Alto. Also brought my air compressor home. On the way home I picked up 8 more bags of concrete mix at Home Depot. The little car carries the load well. It was raining really hard when I got home so i just left everything in the car.Granola for breakfast.  I picked up some Chinese food when out on my first run for lunch. My dinner was leftover Chinese and some of Dawn’s Mac and cheese.

Friday: (04/07) Granola for breakfast. I drove Dawn to an appointment in the morning. We had some extra time so we walked the Valley Fair Mall. It’s really torn up for remodeling but it looks like it we be getting about 50% bigger. We stopped at Sprouts for a couple of thing on our way home. Lou and I went out to get Dawn some Hot and Sour soup. She has a sore throat. On the way we stopped at Walmart for some more groceries and I found a couple of nice shorts as well. When we got home we realized we forgot the soup. I returned and found that the place we usually get it has new hours and is closed from 1430 to 1630.I’d have had to wait an hour so I headed over to their other location and got some. Mission accomplished. After dinner of Lou’s roast beef baked potatoes and corn on the cob, I finally got to work. It still wasn’t raining, just the occasional sprinkle. I was able to remove several roots and chip away about half of the stump I need to remove. A good workout to a bit muddy work.

Saturday: (04/08) A potentially rainy day. Some sprinkles and a heavy shower or two but also some sun. Breakfast sandwiches to start the day. Lou and I made a shopping run to Walmart and sprouts in the morning. Lou and i visited Walgreens midday. Lou and I made another shopping run to CVS, Sprouts and Grocery outlet in the afternoon.  I was busy working on our taxes all day and evening. Leftover Chinese food and roast beef for dinner.

Sunday: (04/09) I worked on collecting info for doing the taxes all day. All collected not minus a couple tiny items. Lou and I drove up to Redwood City to take a walk in a Kmart. Lou and Dawn were busy with the laundry. They also visited the Farmers Market. Granola and banana for breakfast  A roast beast and cheese sandwich for lunch. Roast beast pasta casserole for dinner.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fall Creek Hike

Tuesday: (04/04) Breakfast at L&L Hawaiian. They were out of English muffins so I had a croissant sausage, egg and cheese sandwich.  I headed on to Felton for a hike at Fall Creek unit of Henry Cowell State Park. Bob led a hike up to the Barrel mill. Lost of water in the creeks. One of the trails is closed due a washout so we had to do an out and back route. It was a 9.4 mile hike. I Stopped at Home Depot on the way home and picked up some rebar and the fence post base anchors. Then I stopped by at Dim Sum King for a snack. Lou made hamburgers for dinner.