Monday, May 7, 2012

This is Really Draining

Placing Baserock For Walkway Baserock Ready To Place Pavers
Monday: (05/07) I worked in the back yard on the walkway. I cut some heavy weight geotextile cloth to line the hole and started filling it with base rock. More of that to do tomorrow. I also went to Home Depot and bought some drain pipe to drain under the walkway and new shed pad.  Lou was busy with the wash and cleaning. In the evening we stopped by and picked up a used mattress from a Freecycle listing. We're going to try out some new sleeping arrangements. Our waterbed may finally depart if it works out. It's going on 37 years old now.

PBJ toast for breakfast. Chili Relenos for lunch. KFC chicken for dinner.

Tuesday: (05/08) I worked on the walkway again today. I installed the drain line and palced all the base rock including mixing cement into the rock on the edge. It should be rady to lay the pavers text. Lou was busy with the laundry. Dawn made Dutch Babies (fancy pancakes) for breakfast. Chicken tacos for lunch. Tuna stuffed portobello mushrooms for dinner with rice and sliced cucumbers and peppers. Apple strudel for desert. Now for a day off. Lou usually takes Wednesday and Thursday off anyway but tomorrow I'll also be off, off to San Francisco for the day.

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