Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fisrt Freeze

Thursday: (12/15) Lou’s pork chops, hashbrowns, and eggs for breakfast. Dawn”s friend Andrea came over for a visit. Lou and I ran errands and did some Christmas shopping. Lunch st Sweet Tomatoes salad buffet. Dawn and Andrea made a mice soup for dinner.

Friday: (12/16) Lou and I started with a grocery shopping run. Soft boiled eggs for breakfast. I tinkered at the computer all day. Spam and cheese sandwich for lunch. Still have some leftover hike supplies. Grilled toast and soup for dinner.

Saturday: (12/17) Lou made waffles with sausage for breakfast. We headed out for the day to the nearby city of Fremont and the District of Niles to look around the antique shops. Niles is the original Hollywood of the US where lots of Charlie Chaplin silent movies were filmed. Lunch was at the old Skillet restaurant. Very good. Leftovers for dinner.

Sunday: (12/18) Our first freeze last night. We did some more grocery shopping today. A nice do nothing day.I picked up some dim sum for lunch. I made stuffed peppers for dinner.

Monday: (12/19) Second freeze last night. Granola for breakfast. I dropped Lou off at an appointment and headed down to San Jose. The tenant called this morning and said something broke on the toilet flush valve. Dawn walked from the house to the library while I worked. I found the handle broke off the flush valve. Good thing I bought an expensive handle earlier this year. So I stole one from the toilet i Dawn’s apartment. Then I headed of to Lowe’s to get a cheap replacement. Might as well be cheap as expensive. I also checked on the order that was supposed to be in today. It hadn’t even shipped yet. Not very good online system at Lowe’s. I installed the new handle on Dawn’s toilet then picked her up at the Library and then picked up Lou in Santa Clara. We had lunch at Aqui’s Mexican restaurant in Cupertino. We then headed over to some friend’s house (Connie and Terry). She had broken her ankle and as housebound so time for a visit. Then on home for leftover stuffed green peppers for dinner.


Tuesday: (12/20) Lou made ham eggs and potatoes for breakfast. I tinkered with the computer and websites all day. Leftover zucchini and sausage for lunch. Lou made split pea with ham soup for dinner.

Wednesday: (12/21) Granola for breakfast. We headed down to San Jose for some appointments and shopping. I stopped by at Lowe’s and picked up my gutter guard from Lowe's. Last time I order online from Lowe’s to do a store pickup. They need to work on the process. It took an hour in store to get the order and out the door. We also stopped by friend Connie’s house for a visit before heading home late. We had grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner.

Thursday: (12/22) French toast for breakfast. Worked at the computer All morning. Tinkered in the afternoon. Looked at the garage dog door. It’s not used anymore and is closed off but is coming loose from the door. I hunted for nuts to reattach it and found one. So nw all four corners are attached but four other nuts are missing. Lunch was leftovers, pizza. Lou and Dawn were out to get a knee scooter for Conie. The found a really nice one. Lou and I delivered it to Connie in San Jose and I made some returns to Home Depot and Lowe’s on the way. Lou made pepper steak which made good sandwiches for dinner.

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