Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bye, Bye Baby

Wednesday: (01/03) Some things just don't last. About three weeks ago I felt a problem begin with a tooth. While hiking in the Pinnacles having lunch I caused one of my teeth to start wagging, literally hanging by a thread. Fortunately never any pain just pressure sensitive. Upon our return home, I contacted my dentist for an appointment. Of course, the holidays were underway so today was his first available appointment. The problem tried to correct itself because last night while brushing my teeth, the loose tooth fell out. It really wasn't too surprising. It was my last baby tooth finally coming out. Unfortunately, there is no permanent tooth ready to come in so I started the process of an implant today. My dentist removed the tiny root that the tooth broke off of today. I guess a 66+ year old baby tooth is actually a pretty good deal.

Granola for breakfast. Dim Sum for a late lunch. Lou’s corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

Thursday: (01/04) Lou made my favorite breakfast, corned beef hash, and eggs this morning. I went to the Kaiser pharmacy to get some prescriptions I’ll need this afternoon. We headed off about noon and dropped Dawn off in Mountain View at the library. Lou and I then stopped at Sweet Tomatoes salad buffet for lunch. I cut back on the salad and concentrated on the soup for lunch. We then arrived at the dental surgeon's office about 30 minutes early for my 1400 appointment. They took me right in and by 1500 my bone graft was completed and we headed home. Fortunately not too painful, today. Lou made me some mashed potatoes with spam and cheese all emulsified for dinner. Actually really good. Now I just need to heel. A couple of follow up appointments in a couple of weeks and then four months to fully heal and be ready for the implant. We should be able to travel on our round the country tour but it will be interrupted by a two week treatment back here at home and another treatment a month or so later. I’m not sure how well handle that interruption in travels. Possibly we’ll put the RV in storage and return home the head back to the RV to continue?

Friday: (01/05) A rainy day. My mouth felt quite nice today. None of the anticipated pain. I relaxed all day. Lou and Dawn went out shopping part of the day. Lou and I did walk over to our new credit union where were setting up accounts to move from Citibank. Lou made scrambled eggs and cheese for breakfast. Lou made a liquified refried beans and weiner with cheese for my lunch. And dinner was liquified roast beef, onions and potatoes for dinner.

Saturday: (01/06) I relaxed all day. Lou and Dawn worked on their projects and made a shopping trip. They also met the Apple Genius and arranged to have their phone batteries replaced. Leftover emulsified refried black beans with weiner for breakfast. Leftover roast beast with onions and potatoes all emulsified. For dinner emulsified beef with mushrooms and rice, basically beef stroganoff. Pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.

Sunday: (01/07) I relaxed all day. Lou and I made a run to Lowe’s to look for a few things. Dawn was busy organizing things. Scrambled eggs for breakfast. Beef stroganoff for lunch. Refried beans with spam for dinner.

Monday: (01/08) A really rainy day. Lou and Dawn were out doing the grocery shopping in the morning. I continued relaxing. We headed out to Redwood City for a movie at 1100. We saw Lady Bird which I found to be an excellent movie. Not one explosion or car chase in it. After the movie, we had lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I spent some time after we got home moving boxes around in Dawn’s shed to expose the floor. After dinner, we drove over to the IKEA store for a walk out of the rain. I haven’t been out for a walk since my dental appointment last week. Scrambled eggs for breakfast. Minestrone soup for lunch. Artichoke chicken for dinner.

Tuesday: (01/09) The last of our current rainstorm kept us inside in the morning. I worked in the office filing stuff and making phone calls. Dawn took a long walk at Fry’s Electronics before dinner. When I picked her up she showed me a couple of modern refrigerators. One, from LG, has a window in the door and when you knock on the door a light comes on inside. One advantage is you will know that the light really does go out when the door is closed. The other refrigerator, from Samsung, was similar but used a networked monitor in the door and cameras inside to view the shelves. In also does all the apps your phone does. A little too much for me both in feature and cost. I noticed a neat folding electric bike. Folds tiny and carries my weight. It’s called the VeloMini Dual Power. Of course one of the powers is the pedals. Diced hard-boiled eggs in butter for breakfast. One of my oddities is that I can’t eat egg yolks that are not fully cooked (hard) without gastric problems. So my normal order is eggs over hard. Lou preferred to hard boil eggs for breakfast then adds butter. Meets my needs as well and quite yummy. Lou’s cream of broccoli soup for lunch. Leftover artichoke chicken on a baked potato with some avocado for dinner. In the evening I was watching Infinity Live and discovered the group Wailin Jennys. I added them to my playlist.

Wednesday: (01/10) A nice dry day. I relaxed in the morning and had a dentist appointment in the afternoon. After the appointment, I looked around the Home Depot store. I managed to find a Ryobi battery powered air compressor and a digital tire gauge to add to the RV. Lou and Dawn met me for dinner. Hard boiled eggs with butter for breakfast. Leftover Broccoli soup for lunch. Dinner at the Country Inn. Leftover shredded chicken and rice for a late snack.

RV Show In Pleasanton
Thursday: (01/11) Thursday is “Date Night” for Lou and I. Today is was the whole day. We drove over to Pleasanton to the Alameda Fairgrounds for the Manufacturers RV Show. This year we are able to attend without fear of ending up driving away a new RV. That issue was settled last October when we traded our 1999 Seabreeze RV for a 2006 Surfside RV. Only 29 feet long but feature rich. Of course, the price reflects that so we’ll be buying Lotto tickets hoping to win so I can get a new toy, or not. We stopped for dinner on the way home. Granola with berries for breakfast. Garlic fries for lunch. Mexican dinner at Mexico Lindo Cantina across from the fairgrounds. Traffic wasn’t at all bad coming home during rush hour. We did a little shopping in Milpitas on the way.

Friday: (01/12) Busy day today. Busy sleeping. My cold was in full force. I had a couple of bowls of hot and sour soup and a half a grilled cheese sandwich.

Saturday: (01/13) Another do nothing day. Lou and Dawn were out shopping and visiting the Apple Genius again. Hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Hot and sour soup for lunch Lou’s chicken soup for dinner.

Sunday: (01/14) Finally a little more normal day. I walked over to Happy Donuts for breakfast of an English muffin with egg, bacon and cheese and, of course, some cronut holes. But that was about it for my effort. I relaxed the rest of the day watching Vegas episodes on TV. It was nice to be on my feet a little today. I did find and order some “pantry slides” to use for a sliding desk in the RV. Not easy to find at a reasonable price. So often it’s all in knowing what things are called to find them. A ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and Lou’s chicken soup for dinner.

Monday: (01/15) Lou did her early Walmart shopping to begin her day. We all went to breakfast at Bajis Restaurant in Mountain View. After breakfast we did the rest of the grocery shopping at the Milk pail, Trader Joe’s, Sprout’s And Grocery Outlet. I took most of the rest of the day off until Lou request I get my shop door open. They couldn't get it unlocked. The wet weather seems to cause problems. I had to crawl through from the other door past stacked wood, shop vacs, and tools to reach the inside of the uncooperative door. With a lot of wiggling and knob turning it suddenly opened. I added some graphite to the lock and just hope it lasts a while. I then started assembling my new tool pouch dedicated to the RV so I don’t have to keep taking the one from the shop. I have about half the needed tools. I also tried out my new battery air compressor and digital air pressure gauge. Dinner was a nice baked potato topped with chili, sausage disks, and cheese.

Tuesday: (01/16) Lou and Dawn were off early for an appointment and some shopping. Finally a reasonably active day for me. I planned on making a shopping run for tools today. When I got ready to leave I discovered I didn’t have my wallet. Not good feeling. I reviewed my activities for yesterday and thought is was likely lost in the Jeep. I called Lou and she confirmed it was there. I drove down to meet her in San Jose and picked it up. I then visited Harbor Freight for most of the tools I needed. I also stopped at a couple of Grocery Outlet Markets looking for some gluten free bread that Lou found yesterday that was quite good for this morning's French toast. Neither market had any left. I also stopped by EV World in Santa Clara and test rode a folding electric bike, the Velo Mini. Very nice. I’m thinking of getting it for the RV. On the way home I got lunch at Dim Sum King and stopped at Walmart for some final tools and some LPG for our camp stove. At home, I brought out the table saw and cut the shelf boards needed for the RV pantry retrofit. Lou made French toast with blackberries and bacon for breakfast. I got some Dim Sum for lunch. Lou made gnocchi with meatballs for dinner.

Wednesday: (01/17) I had an AlphaAnywhere webinar in the morning. I also started dinner in the slow cooker. Dawn was busy working in her shed organizing books. Lou got the Jeep washed. That should fix the drought. In the afternoon I had a dentist appointment to get some stitches removed. Next appointment in three months to get the implant started. On the way home I stopped at Orchard Hardware to get some paint and screws for the pantry. When I got home I sanded the pantry pieces and spray painted them. Lou made hash and eggs for breakfast. Berry pie and the last of the hot and sour soup for lunch. Sauerkraut potatoes and pork for dinner.

Thursday: (01/18) Another relaxing day. I spent a good part of the day starting the process of moving my cell service from Verizon to Total Wireless. I’m hoping to move my existing phone it’s not operational until the move is complete in 2-3 days. Dinner at the Crepevine in Mountain View.

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