Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Again

Tuesday: (06/01) We arrived home about 23:30. Nice to be home again after our 5.5 months away.We got home so late we're camped out front for tonight.

Wednesday: (06/02) Leftover corned beef hash with eggs for breakfast. We were all busy cleaning and moving stuff most of the day. We did start with a walk around the neighborhood and went up to California Avenue for some Mediterranean wraps for lunch. Lou started with cleaning the cooler. It's the first warm day we've seen in a long time. I pruned a tree that was bothering a neighbor. The yard looks pretty good, not as bad as we anticipated due to the sprinklers not working and the weather finally warmed up. Fortunately it was raining regularly all the time, unusual for us. Lou fixed hot dogs and Brussels sprouts for dinner.

Thursday: (06/03) Oatmeal with yogurt and cranberries for breakfast in the back yard. I had a doctors appointment just before noon then Lou and I tasted a tomale at the Framers Market in the hospital courtyard. The we went shopping a little and eventually had a real lunch at Lou favorite restaurant the New Tung Kee in Mountain View. We shared our usual #21, a combination chow fun plate. More shopping followed. I bought some new jeans. I ruined several pair with my rough hiking over the past few months. Dawn fixed vegetable soup for dinner with some garlic bread sticks. I finally got the Kinetic photos up on this blog.

Friday: (06/04) We spent the morning working in the yard. Lou and I brought things out of the greenhouse and Dawn worked on her garden.

In the afternoon we all went shopping for the garden and other projects. Home Depot had what we needed compost, manure, and some hardware. We also stopped by the Grocery Outlet market for  a few things.

Lou fixed ham and eggs for breakfast.
Lunch was just some ice cream.
For dinner we had sauerbraten that Lou had started in the crock pot this morning.

Saturday: (06/05) A clear day. We spent the morning gardening. I finished reconditioning the plants that survived our absence in the green house. Dawn's working on planting her new vegetables and herbs. I also fixed a couple of the locks on the sheds that were not finning correctly now that our clay is drying out.

PBJ English muffins for breakfast.
Grilled cheese and ham sandwiches for lunch.
Sauerkraut, potatoes and pork that I had cooked all day in the crock pot for our dinner.

Sunday: (06/06) Another nice clear day. Lou fixed our back screen door hinge that was loose. Some rivets had come loose and were replaced with screws. I reconditioned the strawberry beds trimming off the dead and adding a few new plants. I also upgraded the drip system around the arbor so that all the plants brought from the green house would be watered.

Ernie and I went to our local Orchard Supply Hardware store for a few things. More drip system materials and a tomato plant for Ernie. We stopped by the Sunset Celebration Weekend at the Sunset Magazine Headquarters in Menlo Park. We attended the first one in 1998 and again a couple of years later. the first  one was nice, not too many people and free. The second time we went was much more crowded and they charged a few bucks to get in. Today, we decided not to enter because we're too cheap to pay the now $16 admission. We do like to walk their gardens occasionally and that's at our favored price, free.

Lou fixed French toast with bacon for breakfast.
Leftover sauerbraten with rice for lunch.
Dinner was BBQ ribs and rice.

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