Sunday, June 23, 2013

Warm Summer Daze

Saturday: (06/22) I mostly relaxed today. I did locate and order a window sash rail and stile router bit for use in making the replacement window sash for San Jose. Lou, Dawn and Meili were off to the garage sales in the morning. Lou also washed and vacuumed the car in the afternoon because it goes in for service Monday and they aren't allowed to see how we really treat it. Donuts for breakfast, leftovers for lunch, and  spaghetti squash, green salad and roast chicken for dinner.

Sunday: (06/23) Breakfast and tea on the patio by the green-house. We spent some time watching the grass grow that was planted a couple of days ago. We picked some apricots for dinner. Lou gave me a haircut. Ernie suggest Lou teach me how to do my own as he does but I pointed out the difficulty in accomplishing that training. Some things just can't be taught and or don't need to be. Lou and Dawn were off to the San Jose Flea Market and garage sales in San Jose. I relaxed all day because it was stormy today. For lunch I stopped by the LUU Noodle house for some egg rolls and an avocado smoothie. Lou made apricot blintzes for dinner with some rather hot sausages.

Monday: (06/24) Cereal for breakfast. It was a drizzly day all day except for  morning rain. Lou took the car in for it's service. I dug out one of our scaffold sets to use in San Jose. I also had my big tool box loaded in the Jeep. When I finally got the scaffold pieces adequately tied down on the roof of the Jeep I headed off to meet Lou in San Jose for lunch at the Chinese buffet near the car dealer where the car is serviced. She used her electric scooter to get there from the dealer. Evidently she fascinated the service reps at the dealer when she had them help her get the scooter out of the trunk. I don't think they thought a scooter would fit. After lunch I stopped at Harbor Freight to look at their routers. I need one that will accept a 1/2 bit while my present one only has a 1/4 collette. I didn't like any of theirs so I also stopped at OSH, a former affiliate of Sears and they have a nice Craftsman router that will do fine, if I don't find a better one before my bit arrives to do the window sash. When I got to the apartment in San Jose I unloaded the scaffold and tool box and then installed my new TV antenna in the apartment. It's much like the one we use in the RV having a good 100 mile range. I stuffed it in the attic and it works pretty good there getting 85 channels about a half dozen of which are worth watching. We needed the antenna because of the digital switch by the local cable company. Until a little over a year ago, they didn't require a set top box except for their premium channels. Dawn was able to get all the free channels from a splitter on the cable to the main house. She hasn't had TV there for a while but since I'm staying there while I'm painting the house I decided to do something about the missing TV antenna. I didn't do much else today since I had a good excuse, the rain. My dinner was Spanish rice with some pastrami. I think Dawn worked at the Palo Alto Friends of the Library sorting books today.

Tuesday: (06/25) I walked over to La Victoria Taqueria for a chorizo Breakfast burrito to start my day. After my return I drove over to a nearby Fry' Electronics store and bought some wiremold to route the TV antenna to the TV more neatly. The off to a Sears store to look at their routers and prices. No better than the OSH store. That figures since they are both owned by Sears, but not much longer. I also stopped by Walmart for a couple of things then stopped at the King Eggroll shop and picked up a few eggrolls and a shrimp ball for lunch. Unfortunately that eggroll shop is close enough for me to drop by too often. When i got home I ordered the Sears router online since they offered it for $10 less online and there was no shipping charge. I also looked up and bought some replacement parts for my table saw online. That was easier than I thought it would be. In installed the wire mold as well. In the afternoon I stopped by a good lumber store, Souther Lumber to check on siding to replace some broken siding on the house. The house uses an alternating 8"/4" beveled siding. They had the 8' but have to order the 4". Nice to know there is a source. Last time I replaced some boards when I changed some windows I had to make my own 4" siding. I had BBQ ribs and a baked potato for dinner.

Wednesday: (0626) I fixed eggs and pastrami for breakfast. My first task was to erect a mast for the TV antenna. and complete the antenna installation.

San Jose PrePaint San Jose PrePaint
I removed a bush from the front yard that I was uncertain whether it needed to be removed but decided it must be removed (above left). I then performed a test with the citrus paint remover on the wall behind where the bush was. The test went better than anticipated so I did a larger section of the wall. Chili beans for lunch. Its turning out to be a warm day and a bit muggy as well today. I managed to complete stripping about 100 sf of the wall. Dinner was more BBQ rids and a baked potato.

Thursday: (06/27) Granola for breakfast. I started with a quick visit to Lowe's to get a canvas drop cloth. I setup my scaffold and started stripping some of the eves above yesterdays work. It was a warm day. I had an early light lunch of some fruit and cottage cheese. I don't like to eat too heavy when I worn and it's hot. That plan didn't work because the tenants brought me a big lunch of BBQ chicken and vegetables. I had to be polite and eat it. Very good, of course. For dinner I had a pizza from Papa John's. Lou and Dawn were out to dinner in Sunnyvale and then to a book reading in Menlo Park at Kepler's bookstore.

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