Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Henry Coe SP Moonlight Hike

Wednesday: (07/01) Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I cut a shelf for Lou and worked some on my shop cleanup and organization going through and disposing of junk. Lou made salads for lunch. I tried to take a short nap about 1530 but wasn’t too successful.

I checked my email and found a message from Jessica one of my fellow SJMWH organizers. She wanted to arrange to led one of the hikes I’ve led before at Pescadero Park on Friday and ask if I wanted to lead it or she would. I gave her an OK to lead it and agreed to go with her. When she copied the description it ended up listing me as the host so I guess I’m leading the hike. We carpool to the hikes anyway.
About 1730 I took off to Gilroy stopping for dinner at Chevy’s Mexican restaurant for dinner before heading up to Henry Coe State Park’s Hunting Hollow entrance to meet my fellow hikers. 

We hiked up the new Jim Donnelly Trail then hiked along the mountain ridge on Steer Ridge and Wagon Road Trails and returned on the Hunting Hollow Road to the start point.   A great hike with nice trails, a full moon, and a lightening storm viewed from a distance all along the ridge.  We had 8 hikers. The hike was led by Dave, one of our SJMWHmembers who is also a docent at the park who was helped by another docent for the hike. 
Thursday: (07/02)  About 2/3 of the way through the hike at 0100 we stopped on the ridge at the top of our last climb and all took a two plus hour nap. That was very welcome. We watched the lightening strikes in the distance and the full moon dance with the broken cloud cover as we attempted to go to sleep. I got about two hours of sleep in the comfort of my Trekker chase lounge air mattress and quilt. Most of the others reported they were cold and bothered by the interest in the lightening.
We stopped for breakfast at Betsy’s Restaurant  in Morgan Hill after the hike. Traffic was, of course, terrible due to the morning going to work congestion. I stayed off the freeways and took surface roads arriving home about 0915. A nice shower and then to bed for some sleep. I awoke about 1530. I then updated this blog.
Henry Coe SP Hike Full Moon 439314973 Henry Coe SP Hike Sunset 439323068
We enjoyed the full moon all night. The sunset was great due to the nice broken cloud cover.
Henry Coe SP Hike Full Moon 439323121 Henry Coe SP Hike Midnight Meal 439377257
A nice view of the big moon through a tree and a photo of most of the hikers enjoying a midnight snack.

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