Friday, May 5, 2017

A Long Night

Friday: (05/05) I relaxed a while enjoying the Colbert Show with another easy did at trump. I had just gotten to sleep when Dawn woke me up. A friend was missing. She was supposed to meet another friend and never showed up. A search party was instituted and the police were notified. The pinged her phone and knew the area she was in where we searched. Never found. Later in the morning, she reported in having taken refuge with another of her friends because she wasn’t able to charge here car. Made an interesting evening. To bed about 0500.

Saturday: (05/06) Up about 1300. I made breakfast ham, egg and cheese sandwiches. Continued to relax the rest of the day. Lou made baked potatoes, hamburger steaks and green beans for dinner. Can’t stand being out all night anymore.

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