Monday, October 9, 2017

Moving out of the RV

Monday: (10/09) Lou made an open-faced ham and egg sandwich for breakfast. Busy all day moving out of the RV. Leftovers for lunch.  I made popcorn for Lou and Daw’s dinner. I picked up dinner from Los Altos Taqueria.

Tuesday: (10/10) Popcorn for breakfast. More RV move out this morning. Dawn took me to Costco at 1000 so I could get a new house battery for the RV. I pulled out the existing expensive AGM batteries. For lunch, I got some dim sum and did a little grocery shopping and storage box shopping. We used all the boxes we had. So much stuff was in the RV. In the afternoon I swapped out the inverter charger and batteries and removed the solar panels and system. Almost done. Lou made a corned beef sandwich for dinner.


Wednesday: (10/11) A wasted morning. I had an 0800 appointment to get the Jeep serviced at Stevens Creek Jeep. It is due for an oil change and has a problem with the start/stop feature. The dealer service line was empty. I pulled up and the service manager greeted me and said they had zero mechanics in today and evidently np service reps either. He said they can’t find any and when they get one they don’t stay. A similar though lesser problem was experienced at Normandin Jeep in San Jose for the last service. So nothing done today and tomorrow is very unlikely. The oil change can be anywhere, the start/stop problem can only be repaired by them under the lifetime service warranty. So we’re at their mercy. I still have lots of time on the oil per the onboard service adviser. I stopped for breakfast at the 85 bakery for a couple of breakfast savory pastries. At home, I collected the maintenance history for the motorhome. It was smoky outside from all the fires up North so possibly a good reason to stay inside. I got a call from the RV dealer and our pickup day is now set for next Tuesday. Lunch was leftover BBQ ribs. For dinner, we all went to Super Taqueria.

Thursday: (10/12) Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. In doing so she killed her food processor. Had to finish dicing by hand. I finally started the loan process for the new RV. I also sealed the roof from the solar removal and removed the Unified Tow Brake control box. I also fished out all the stuff that found it’s way from the “office” drawer in front of the passenger way back under the dash. I planned to remove my Link 10 battery monitor but decided to just leave it. It has a 500 amp shunt the provides the current sensing and it would have to remain. It would also leave a 2-inch hole in the wall that would have to be patched. Getting a new one seems like a better deal, all considered. In the afternoon we went to Kaiser in Mountain View to get our flu shots. On the way home, we stopped at the Mountain View, Los Altos and Palo Alto libraries where Dawn returned books. Leftover macaroni and cheese with Portuguese sausage for lunch. For dinner, Lou made sauerbraten with baked potatoes.

Friday: (10/13) I had the pleasure of paying bills in the morning. Then outside and finished up the items on the RV. I removed the macerator and the driver and passenger sun shades. Swapped back one of the AGM batteries for the sealed battery. I forgot that the batteries were in a sealed space so can’t have a battery that vents. I also wired up one of the valve stem extensions. It was missing a nut which seems to be a 5/16” 28 thread nut which isn’t available anywhere I’ve looked. And finally, I removed the Datastorm dish from the roof. All ready to go now. We went out to dinner and over to IKEA for a walk. Lou made shrimp omelets for breakfast. Smoked pork chops and baked potatoes for lunch. Dinner at LUU Noodle House, Desert at IKEA.




Saturday: (10/14) Loaded the RV with the limited items we’ll need on our trip Monday. Otherwise relaxed. Pineapple upside down cake for breakfast. Wieners and cheese for lunch. Salmon with Spanish rice and broccoli for dinner.

Sunday: (10/15) A relaxing day of mostly watching TV. Granola for breakfast. Mexican spaghetti for lunch. Pork with potatoes and sauerkraut for dinner.


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