Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Now OK To Put Up the Christmas Tree

Saturday: (11/27) The rain has returned after a couple of days of freezing weather. Ahh!, winter is here, If you like that sort of thing. And since Thanksgiving is now behind us, you can now put up your Christmas tree and play the Christmas music without grumbles from me.

Lou made an omelet for breakfast. We went out shopping this morning, A stop at Costco early before the crowds arrived. Then Lou dropped me off at REI and best Buy while she stopped at OSH hardware and Michaels crafts store. BIG mistake. Best Buy had the HTC Incredible for free. We've been planning on replacing our phones and I've been drooling over the Droid phones. Free is a good inspiration. We decided to all get one. The bigger screen should be great for Dawn. Dawn had a bunch of notes on her phone which couldn't be moved to the new phone so we returned home to transcribe the notes. Dinner was turkey gravy on bread with a nice salad. After dinner we returned to Best Buy and picked up our phones after they moved all the photos and contacts to the new phones. I guess we'll be busy learning how to use them now, especially me. I wonder if I'll get to sleep tonight?

Sunday: (11/28) I spent more time with the new toy. It is amazing. Now I don't need a new camera, a GPS device, an MP3 player nor a cell modem for my laptop. It does it all and quite well. I've tried about everything already.

Dawn made pizza for dinner. She made the dough in the bread maker. Very good.

Monday: (11/29) I spent the morning looking for and loading geocache apps on my phone. I eventually learned how to load the cache data and was ready to try finding one. Dawn and I headed out about noon to a cache near home. It was located a few blocks away so it was also an afternoon walk. The cache had been located in a newspaper rack per our estimate but had since been removed. Maybe tomorrow we'll really find one. The new phone works well as a geocache finder. I've been intending to start geocaching for over four years now and finally did one, pretty fast for me.

Lou has fired and prepared a bunch of dolls to take with us on the road.

Breakfast was oatmeal with bananas and honey. Lunch was tacos a la Jack in the box. Sauerbraten for dinner.

Tuesday: (11/30) A more successful day geocaching. I located four nearby caches. One under some bricks, one in a bridge guard rail, one in a hole in a tree and one in a fake sprinkler. The phne worked very well. I used an app called Geobeagle. So, now four down and 496 more to go near home.

Eggs toast and sausage for breakfast. Lou made tortilla soup for lunch. Leftovers for dinner.

Friday: (12/01) I tackled a couple of projects this morning. The radio in the jeep hasn't ever worked so I took apart the dash and repaired a bad connector on the antenna. Works much better now. I also looked into why the brake lights sometimes stay on. I found that the floor mat slid toward and hangs up the peddle. I relocated the mat and will watch to see it is fixed. If not I'll have to adjust the switch. I also started packing th TV.

Lou and Dawn were busy returning books to several libraries where Dawn had books checked out.

Today's post was updated using a little Wordpress app on my phone.

Breakfast was oatmeal with peanutbutter with honey. Tortillas soup for lunch. Super nachos from Chavez Market for dinner.

Thursday: (12/03) A nice day, but a storm is coming tonight. I went out to find two more geocashes today. Both were creative caches in a nearby park. We also were busy packing to leave. Dawn pulled out the frost bitten tomato plants in the garden.

I fixed eggs sausage and toast for breakfast. We had chicken salad for lunch. BBQ Canadian bacon and horseradish cheese pizza for dinner thanks to Dawn.

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