Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lake Cachuma County Park, Santa Inez, Ca

Wednesday: (02/22) We enjoyed donuts from a local shop for breakfast. Our first task was to find a drinking water vending machine to refill our bottles. For some reason the two markets in town don't have any. They did but when thy remodeled Von's they removed them and they are currently remodeling Albertson's and the machines there don't work. We finally located some machines at a little market right at the exit to the parke we didn't use. We broke camp and headed on up the road turning off Highway 101 onto Highway 154 to Cachuma Lake. It's a nice road but a long climb up and the drop down to the lake.

Cachuma Lake County Park Site 481
We located a nice campsite, #481, at Cachuma Lake County Park. We are one of only a very few campers here, currently. I don't think we can count on that this weekend if we remain here that long. The park is really nice. Lou served leftovers for lunch. I had a hamburger and she had chicken both served with potato salad. It's nice and warm here in the valley by the lake. We relaxed at camp the rest of the day. I uploaded some recent photos from the past week to the blog.

Cashuma Lake Mohawk Mesa Trail Cashuma Lake Oak Canyon Trail
later in the afternoon we took a walk around camp and chatted with some neighbors. Then we hiked two of the three trails in the park, the Mohawk mesa trail (above left) and th Oak Canyon Trail (above right). Neither trail is long but both are nice typical California oakland trails.

Cashuma Lake Sunset Lit Bluffs
The sun setting lit the bluffs on the other side of the lake nicely. For dinner we had macaroni and cheese with green beans.

Cashuma Lake Camsite 481 Scrambled Eggs With Chorizo, Onions And Spinach
Thursday: (02/23) Lou made scrambled eggs with chorizo, onions, and spinach for breakfast. We had only one near neighbor last night that came in after dark and was gone before sunrise. Other than that we had our section of the park to ourselves.

SKU the Cat At Santa Inez Hardware Store Solvang
We took a little road trip today. It's about 10 miles down to Santa Inez. We looked around a few shops including our usual stop at the local hardware store. We were greeted by the store cat name SKU. Store cats must really enjoy their job. They're always so glad to meet the customers. Next, we explored Solvang, the Danish village. We had lunch at the Red Viking Restaurant. We both had their combo Danish meat ball and Danish Sausage with red cabbage salad and mashed potatoes. Very good. On the way home we stopped for a visit to the Chimash Casino. A nice casino but not RV friendly. There is not RV parking at all. Fortunately we have such a nice place to camp up at the lake. For dinner we had leftovers. I had leftover onion soup with a sausage. Lou had chicken with potato salad.

Friday: (02/24) Another nice clear morning. We prepared to leave our wonderful campsite and were on the road toward Pismo Beach by 9am. We planned to move up to our usual Pismo Beach campground for the weekend but half the campground is closed and the other half was full enough that we weren't happy with any of the remaining sites. And our clear day had turned to fog. So we decided to continue on home. But first we visited a couple of thrift stores in Grover Beach then stopped for lunch at the Pismo Fish And Chips Restaurant. We can never pass the place when we're in town. After lunch we continued on to Paso Robles and stopped at another thrift store. Then we were on the road in earnest. We stopped in Salinas for a walk and in Gilroy for gas.We arrived home shortly after 6pm. Dinner was leftover onion soup. Nice to be home.


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