Sunday, March 18, 2012

It Doesn't Seem Like Spring?

Sunday: (03/18) Oatmeal with yogurt and honey for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off to a craft swap meet. They loaded a box of stuff to take to swap and came back with more than they left with. Dawn fried up some sopapilla  served with honey for lunch. I tinkered at teh computer all day. In the evening we went over to IKEA and had Swedish meat balls for dinner. We checked out a mattress Lou had found there, stopped at home Depot across the street to get a couple of blueberry plants and look at flooring. Most a nice day with almost no rain. There was a deluge lasting a second or two just as we tried to have lunch outside.

Monday: (03/19) We started the day with a free breakfast at IKEA. The normally serve a 99 cent breakfast everyday of scrambled eggs, home fried potatoes and two strips of bacon, a good deal. But on Mondays it's free. That's hard to beat. Lou needed something at Home Depot next door anyway. Lou and I tried to go look at cars but that didn't work out so thrift stores had to do. For a late lunch we stopped at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) for their #2.99 chicken and corn Tuesday special. Today my Scottish roots are showing. There wasn't much need for dinner. some leftover pancakes worked for me, Lunch meat and cheese for Lou.

Tuesday: (03/20) A pretty nice morning with no rain and a bit warmer than recent days. I fixed sausage and eggs with toast for breakfast. I worked at the computer most of the day studying and organizing. Lou made open faced hot chicken sandwiches for lunch. Dinner was salmon with rice and Brussels sprouts. In the evening I worked on the tax returns. A fun fun day!

(03/21) Oatmeal with yogurt and honey for breakfast. I worked in the office while Lou worked in her doll shop most of the day. We went to LUU Noodle House for combination chow fun and egg rolls for lunch. Homemade pizza for dinner. In the evening we went to Stanford University to the Memorial Church for an organ concert.

Thursday: (03/22) We had Subway breakfast sandwiches this morning. I bought two foot longs which were twice too much. Turns out one would have done. So guess what was for lunch. I fixed chili sizes for dinner. More of the same otherwise.

(03/23) Lou made an asparagus omelet served with toasted blueberry bread for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were busy with errands all day. Used books to the second hand book store, recyclables to the recycle place for some cash and other errands. I was busy in the office all day. Leftover Subway sandwich for my lunch. Lou and Dawn had a wrap in Mountain View. Dinner was fish and chips with green beans.

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