Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Less Power To Us

Wednesday: (03/07) Oatmeal with peanut butter and honey for breakfast. LUU Noodle House for lunch. We shared a Pad Thai, a combination Won Ton Soup and egg rolls. Lou was busy in her doll shop making dolls. I was busy installing my latest tech device. I ordered a TED5000 system to monitor power usage in our house. Our power bill is out of control. This is the first step, providing feedback on how much it costs when something is turned on. It's sort of like a speedometer for power usage. We just have to learn to take our lead foot off the electric panel. It actually installed quite easily. Since it communicates over the power lines there was some tweaking needed to get it all working. I still need to get a line filter so I can turn on the florescent lights in my study where the monitor is. Our power use can be monitored via an app on my phone as well. Cool! Dawn made sausage and kale soup for dinner.

Thursday: (03/08) I started the morning taking Dawn to the trolley in Mountain View. On the way we stopped at the Hong Kong bakery to pick up some breakfast. Dawn enjoyed her's on the trolley. Lou and I enjoyed ours in the back yard.

Today is the second day of Lou's weekend. She picked two days a week to not do any cooking or cleaning and to just spend time doing what she wants to do, like doll making. Sort of like Dawn and I act all the rest of the week. Imagine! So either myself or Dawn needs to cook or? That's why we tend to eat out more often on her days off. Lou and I went to lunch at the Sunny Buffet in Sunnyvale. Very good as usual.

I spent the afternoon working in the backyard. I moved some garden planters that will be used for Wolfie's garden. Wolfie is one of Ernie's dogs and he likes to eat fresh vegetables from the garden. He is very careful picking only what he wants to eat. Usually he works on our garden. This year he'll have his own. I also moved our swing. I made some room for a new dirt pile I needed to start. When I dig out for the new sidewalks and storage shed pad, I'll create quite a lot of fluffed up dirt for the pile. I'll get even more when I do the last three sections of the fence. Now that our city dump has closed, getting rid of the dirt will have to be done in a dumpster, so since I work slowly, I'll need to collect a pile to add to the dumpster all at once. I also replaced some hardware on Lou's new glider chairs.

This afternoon, I received the other part needed for my energy analysis. A Kill-A-Watt meter. It's a device that plugs into an outlet and you just plug whatever you want to monitor into it. I intend to check everything that plugs in to see what the residual and on usage is for each item is.

For dinner I made spaghetti and fresh asparagus.

Friday: (03/09) Lou made latkas with apple sauce for breakfast. We worked in the yard and garden this morning. I worked in the office the rest of the day. Chili Beans for dinner.

Saturday: (03/10) Lou was off to a rummage sale with Dawn and then Dawn went to the library sale. I walked over to the bank and stopped for breakfast at Jack In The Box. haven't been there in a while. i had their egg, cheese and bacon melt sandwich. We did some gardening. Lou and Dawn  transplanted the asparagus. I worked some more power monitoring stuff. it's now working well. Lunch was a Chinese cashew chicken salad.  Dinner was leftover spaghetti and asparagus. We watched the first two Indiana Jones movies this evening.

Sunday: (03/11) I made Don McMuffin's for breakfast with a couple of leftover biscuits, an English muffin, a sausage, fried eggs, cheese, and some latkas. We placed some unneeded Olallieberry plants out front with "Free" signs on them. They were gone in less than an hour. Lou worked in the yard fertilizing the lawn. I worked in the office on the energy audit. They were served open faced for a change. Lunch was leftovers again. Chili and corned beef hash. For dinner we went out to Applebee's with Ernie for their TwoFor$20 dinners. I had bourbon chicken and shrimp. Lou and Dawn had steaks, and Ernie had ribs.

Monday: (03/12) Lou made an oven omelet for breakfast. Kale, red and green peppers, onions, avocados, ham and eggs. Lunch was chili. I was busy today working on my energy audit. I measured everything that was plugged in with the kill-A-Watt meter. I still have a few things outside that need to be checked. I think I found three major players though. The refrigerator, the RV, and the waterbed. Lou and Dawn were out on a thrift store run and didn't return until very late. For dinner I had leftover baked potatoes and steak. When they got home they had chicken and baked potatoes.

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