Saturday, November 25, 2017

Approaching Completeion

Saturday: (11/25) I visited the hardware store for a couple of items for the RV. After lunch, I started work on the RV wiring. I made some progress on the wiring to the Inverter and wiring the battery switches. Not near finished yet but probably past the halfway mark. PBJ toast for breakfast. A chicken, avocado, cheese, and hummus sandwich for lunch.  Leftover Thanksgiving items for dinner.

Sunday: (11/26) Just relaxed, enjoyed the Sunday morning shows and computed all day. Lou and Dawn were out shopping/walking at the mall. A rainy day. About ½” today. Boiled eggs for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. Chinese noodles for lunch.

Monday: (11/27) Dawn and I had an appointment in Campbell first thing in the morning. At home, after an early lunch, I got busy on the RV. I made up and terminated some cables and wiring. It’s almost ready, just the solar connections and the AC in the rear compartment.  Soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Black beans with rice and some of Lou and Dawn’s homemade sausage.
In the evening I started binge watching a Netflix series Marcella. Very interesting mystery drama. Twist after twist.

Tuesday: (11/28) I slept in having continued my binge TV watching into the early morning. Lou made strawberry waffles for breakfast. I relaxed watching part of the Live with Kelly and The View TV shows. They were interrupted by a ridiculous press conference by the idiot president.  It was supposedly called to talk about the new North Korean missile launch but he almost didn’t even mention it being too busy touting his other destructive efforts and blaming others for his gross failures. ABC actually televised the whole diatribe. When I switched to CBS, they had left the conference and pointed out the failure to discuss the topic of interest. I left and got to work. I needed to move some concrete that was piled up at the rear of the RV. I moved it into the front yard with the dirt pile. Hope the neighbor don’t complain too much. To move the concrete I needed the big wagon. It was in Lou’s shed. No problem, but her door hasn’t closed for a while due to the building settling too much. I trimmed the door and adjusted the lock so it all worked and would shut and lock. Eventually, I completed the concrete move then laid some concrete pavers next to the driveway then placed some rubber mats down to make working in the rear compartment easier. I then diverted to working at the battery compartment by hooking up the old batteries through the new switches and sensors with some of the new wiring I installed. That activated the battery monitor for the old house batteries and the starter battery. I added some cable protection and secured all the wiring under the coach. Getting closer to the end. I still need to complete the solar charger wiring and install the new batteries for the inverter and do the input AC wiring in the rear compartment. I get the wire for the charger Thursday so tomorrow may finish the AC wiring. We all went to dinner at Cecelia Mexican restaurant.

Wednesday: (11/29) Lou’s apple pie for breakfast. I worked on the RV, as usual. I got the inverter connected. I started work in the back compartment and got the power return from the inverter connected and then was able to start the rest of the transformation with no power present. I found that the 30 amp connectors I have are not suitable so new ones are on order. I should finish everything this weekend. I did make a quick run to the hardware store midday. Lou made hamburgers for lunch. We had leftovers for dinner.

Thursday: (11/30) Lou and I were off for the day shopping just for fun. We stopped for breakfast at A Good Morning restaurant in Los Altos. We then headed South on El Camino Real stopping here and there. In the process, we looked at some things we’d passed for years, bought all the things on our shopping list and more. We had lunch at King Noodle house in Santa Clara. We made our way down to Eastridge Shopping Center in East San Jose before heading back. For dinner we had a cup of soup at Nob Hill market in Mountain View. I then dropped Lou off for an appointment. Busy day. While out, I got an Amazon delivery of the parts i need to finish the solar hookup. I have a hike tomorrow so that won’t happen until Saturday. I hope to have all the electrical done Sunday.

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