Saturday, March 10, 2018

Finishing Touches To Front TV

Saturday: (03/10) I finished the adaptor pieces and installed the TV onto the drawer frame and then installed it in the RV. I hooked it up and all’s working well. Now to add the printer. I cut the printer shelf and sprayed it. Lou and I stopped by the bank to handle a few things. We were there at rush hour and it took some time. Granola and banana for breakfast. Chili and grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Chili and artichokes for dinner.
New TV installed on the new steel drawer frame.

Sunday: (03/11) I worked in the RV installing the printer shelf, and trying out the printer on it. It is really too tight for easy use. It does fit with no front to back clearance and could be used but won’t be easy to use. I’ll be looking at other printer options and at other uses for the space. I made a door to cover the open space below the TV and some trim and sprayed some finish on them. I also installed a door mirror in the bathroom to provide backside view from the vanity mirror. I think the TV cabinet will be finished when I install the door and trim but may have to install a shelf and sides to the drawer if other than the printer is used in the space. Oatmeal with apple for breakfast. A late lunch at Armadillo Willy's BBQ in Sunnyvale.
The new bathroom mirror on the door.

Monday: (03/12) Clear sky in the morning changing to rain in the afternoon. Up early for Lou’s appointment. I dropped her off and on the way home picked up a pulled pork breakfast burrito at A Good Morning Restaurant. Just right shared by Dawn and I. I watched my morning TV shows and napped due to the early rise. I eventually got outside and was organizing the RV getting it ready to roll. I Installed the trim under the TV and found I couldn’t turn the TV on. The trim blocked the IR receiver which was on the bottom edge of the TV. I did a little trimming by cutting a notch and sprayed it then reinstalled it. Lou called about 1145 and I went to pick her up. On the way home I stopped at Orchard Hardware and got a pair of hinges for the door below the TV. I installed the door and now the cabinet will be considered complete. I still need to resolve the cramped printer and possibly add some storage inside but no hurry for that. We had Lou’s artichoke chicken with rice for lunch and dinner.
Finished Front RV TV installation. The LCD Tv replaced a huge vacuum tube TV and provided extra storage behind the new TV.

Tuesday: (03/13) Rainy. I cleaned up all my stuff in the RV and did some vacuuming and cleaning. Tinkered with the computer collecting tax info. Otherwise relaxed inside, out of the rain. Granola for breakfast. Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Lou’s spaghetti for dinner.

Wednesday: (03/14) Rainy. I did our grocery shopping in the morning. I worked on our tax return in the afternoon. The tax app crashed so tomorrow I get to start again. Granola for breakfast. Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Artichoke chicken over rice for dinner. Pupin pie for Pie Day dessert.

Thursday: (03/15) Rainy. I worked on income tax preparation all day. I finished the first draft of our return. Granola and diced apple for breakfast. Pumpkin pie for lunch. Dinner at Chili’s Restaurant. After dinner, Lou felt ill so we went to Santa Clara.

Friday: (03/16) Rainy. Up early. Dawn and I shared a breakfast burrito from A Good Morning on our way to see Lou. We spent today with Lou in Santa Clara. Dawn and I had lunch from the Farmers Market, some really nice egg rolls. We all returned home about 1500. Leftover Chili’s items for dinner.

Saturday: (03/17) A rainy day. I spent the day relaxing and trying to catch up on sleep. PBJ toast for breakfast. Lou made corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

Sunday: (03/18) Lou made scrambled eggs with pico de gallo for breakfast. We drove over to Stockton to a shoe store that handles the shoes Dawn needs. Our local store closed. We stopped for lunch at Xochimilco Cafe in downtown Stockton then visited the shoe store. We also stopped at a few thrift stores before heading back toward home. We made this trip today because it was the first day of little rain for a while. Traffic was heavy. We made it home a little after 1900. I prepared grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

Monday: (03/19) Up early to deliver the Jeep to Yeaman Auto Body to get the damage repaired. It should be back home this Friday. Ernie brought me back home. After PBJ toast for breakfast, I drove Lou to Kaiser for an appointment. We did some grocery shopping on the way home. Lou made beef stroganoff potatoes for lunch. I had a dentist appointment at 1500. On the way home our tenant in San Jose called to say the toilet was stopped up. The plunger didn’t free it up. I agreed to come down but had to return home in Palo Alto first to pick up my tools. It was rush hour it took me a while to get there and I stopped for some egg rolls for dinner on the way. I got here about 1745. I tried out Dawn’s toilet a few times and it wasn’t stopped up. I then tried their toilet and it was clogged. I tried my super duper plunger and it wouldn’t clear it. I checked in the basement and there was only four ft of drain line that could be clogged but no cleanout. I removed the toilet and ran a snake through the drain pipe, no plug. So, evidently the toilet itself. I couldn’t get the snake through it either direction. I decided to just replace it. Thewas toilet has been a pain for a while with numerous problems and never flushed correctly anyway. I dashed off to Orchard Hardware to get a new toilet and returned. Not really a one person job to lift it but I managed. It took a while to get it in and when don it flushed extremely well. Better than ever. I did have a little leak at the bottom of the tank but need to remove it to fix it so not tonight. I’ll return with a wet vacuum tomorrow. They finally had a working toilet at 2200. I cleaned up my stuff and loaded the old toilet in the car. I also brought home a big four wheeled cart. And my final task was to remove all my tools from the apartment. I got home about 2300 and unloaded to the car. Really nice to get a good shower and get to bed.

Tuesday: (03/20) We all went down to San Jose early. I stopped on the way and bought some caulk for the toilet project. Breakfast burritos from La Victoria Taqueria. I love their orange sauce. Dawn had an appointment in the morning. Dawn and Lou were busy cleaning the apartment. Lou and I were off to visit Kaiser again. Later I got access to the new toilet and tightened the tank to eliminate a leak. The problem was that I followed the directions. Usually a bad idea. I had to lift it off the base, tighten a couple of nuts and reattach it. Easy to do because I had my wet vacuum this time. We had lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory in San Jose. It didn’t agree with Lou so we dashed home. About 1630 I returned to San Jose on the bus and put some things inside that were moved outside the other day. The ride was nicer that anther commute in rush hour traffic, in the rain. I walked about five miles toward home through downtown San Jose and out the Alameda before catching the return bus. My dinner was a peanut butter cookie from a Mexican bakery downtown and some yogurt and a leftover grilled cheese sandwich. Home about 2030.

Wednesday: (03/21) Occasional rain in the morning drying out in the afternoon. Granola and diced apple for breakfast. I was off to an early dentist appointment in Cupertino. I got a new crown started. I picked up some dim sum for lunch on the way home. So nice that the newer pain killers they use don’t leave your entire face numb for hours after the appointment. In the afternoon I took Lou to an appointment. Back at home I cleaned my tools and disposed of the old toilet by breaking it up and putting into the garbage. I also disassembled the solid oak table I bought a few days ago. Should make some nice things when reused. Leftover stroganoff over bread for dinner. I also baked some cauliflower pieces for dinner.

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