Friday, April 27, 2018

Dave's Ranch Visit

Friday: (04/27) Granola for breakfast. We finished packing to leave for our weekend visit to Dave’s Ranch. Lou and Dawn went off to a Verizon Wireless store to get her replacement iPhone setup. That took a long time. While they were busy I gassed up the RV and got LPG. Still, they weren’t ready. We had Chipotle bowls for lunch. At about 1445 I decided to head off toward the ranch to get through traffic and they could follow when the phone was ready. Before I got on the highway they called and said it was ready so they met me and we hooked up the Jeep and were finally off at 1500. Traffic was bad until we got onto Highway 84 in Pleasanton. It took an hour to get from Milpitas to Fremont on Highway 680 due to a stalled truck in the middle lane. We arrived at Dave’s Ranch about 1730. Leftover sauerbraten for dinner. We were not the first but not the last to arrive either. Terry and family arrived about 1030. We settled in by the house allowing a short walk to the house for Lou. Her knee is bothering her.

Saturday: (04/28) I started with a short hike out to the Homestead cabin and around by Lower Lake then back home. Lou made an omelet for breakfast. Dave led a hike/tour of the ranch. I went with them and it was basically the hike I took earlier. When I returned from this second hike my brother Ernie had arrived and Lou and Dawn were off to a nearby thrift shop. When Lou returned we had lunch. I took Ernie on a Jeep tour of the ranch. He departed before dinner. A bunch of the ranch visitors including us went to the nearby Junction Cafe for dinner. As seems usual, the cook lost our order slip so even though we ordered first in our group, we were served last after everyone else was finished. It was good in spite of the delay. After we got back to the ranch we had a campfire until 2330.

Sunday: (04/29) I started the day with a 5+ mile hike around the ranch. I started with the South ridge loop and added a hike up to the North ridge as well. It was via a steep undeveloped trail that the motorcycles use. By the time I got back to the RV, breakfast was ready and Lou and Dawn had finished their showers. Leftovers for breakfast. After breakfast, we prepared to roll and departed about 1150. We took highway 84 to the Niles District of Fremont. We had lunch at a deli bar then we looked around the antique shops. I returned to the Rv with my usual abbreviated looking while Lou and Dawn made their more detailed look. We were home before 1800. Cereal for dinner.

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