Saturday, August 24, 2019

Trip Interrupted

Friday: (08/23) We had sausage and eggs for breakfast. Lou made me go to the hospital to get my breathing problem checked. The Adirondack Medical Center in Lake Placid was just five miles away. They determined I had angina and sent me by ambulance to Champlain Valley (CVPH) Emergency Care Center in Plattsburgh for further checks. After the nice 70 minute ride I was rolled into the Cath Clinic and within 30 minutes they were doing the test and installed a stint in one artery that was 99% blocked. Must be why pushing Lou around in the wheelchair was so difficult. No symptoms except a pressure on my chest with exertion. I had a nice early dinner in my room. Meanwhile, Lou was busy locating a way to get our RV out of the park we were in. Our space was reserved by others tonight. She got a reference from KOA for a towing company that could drive it to the hospital parking lot.
(GPS: 44.70198, -73.47364)

Saturday: (08/24) Nice wake up visit at 0530 to draw blood and another EKG. Excellent breakfast at 0830, not at all like any previous hospital food. I was discharged at 1100 from the hospital. I have now, finally joined the everyday pill crowd. After receiving a lecture that will eliminate all pleasure from eating I was discharged. We went out to lunch at the Chopping Block Restaurant nearby that was recommended by my nurse. My next pleasure was a shower.  We spent the rest of the day camped in the hospital parking lot. We had dinner at the hospital cafe and spent the evening watching videos.

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