Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Cleaning Out The Greenhouse

Tuesday: (06/09) Lazy morning. Dawn prepared sopas with eggs, cheese and salmon for breakfast in the yard. I did a little puttering with plants in the yard. Later we all went to Windsong Nursery and looked for plants. I picked up a nice hanging fuchsia and a plant that should provide some color drooping over the edge of the raised flower bed. We had chopped salads for lunch from our nearby Corner Bakery Cafe. I installed the plants. The fuchsia replaced an overgrown mixed hanging planter with purple wandering jew and some bulb plant and some spider plant weeds. More relaxing in the afternoon. In the evening I did a little more plant puttering mostly cleaning out old pots with bad or no plants in them. More Shepherds pie for dinner.

Wednesday: (06/10) Dawn made egg and cheese sopas for breakfast again but no salmon this time. Still very good. We tinkered in the garden much of the morning. After lunch we headed over to Half Moon Bay stopping at several nurseries along the way there and back. I got a couple more fuchsias and begonias. Lou got some herbs. We stopped at the thrift store in San Carlos on the way home. We also stopped at Harry's Hofbrau in Redwood City and got dinner. Back home a little more tinkering in the garden. Lunch was cottage cheese and fresh strawberries. Dinner from Harry’s, my favorite lasagna.

Thursday: (06/11) Granola and banana for breakfast. Lou and I went to Ace and Lowe’s to get some steer manure, potting soil and mulch. Lou was preparing the new soil for the old greenhouse garden tubs. I repotted and setup my two new fuchsias. Since it was garbage day, and we had newly empty dumpsters, I did some cleanup behind the playhouse and tent and disposed of some of the debris from the pots I collected yesterday. Lasagna for lunch. Lou and I went to Smart and Final to get groceries. On the way home we stopped at Lucky Chinese Bistro Cafe to get dinner. In the evening, I checked the Hyundai error codes and reset a likely over zealous fuel/air intake error.

Friday: (06/12) Granola and banana for breakfast. I did a little yard cleanup collecting some leaf piles from around the yard. Lou and I did some cleanout of the big tent in the yard. Unfortunately our garbage cleanup day was two weeks ago so now we get to dispose of this in our 30 gallon dumpster a little at a time. I already have a 5 week queue for that with concrete and dirt debris. I now get to breakdown some dishwasher parts, bike parts, and other metal debris. We did all this, not only because it needed to be done, but also to get at our four wheel bike. All four tires on it were flat so the first thing to do was to inflate them and how they hold air. We were almost finished with that when the gardener came. He normally comes on Wednesday or Thursday. He just did a good blow job getting leaves out of the lawn and beds. I also placed some mulch under our berry bushes by the garden fence. We had some sprinkles and some threats of a good shower early afternoon. About 1500 I finally got out for a bike ride making a loop through Midtown, University Ave and California Ave. A pastrami and cheese sandwich for lunch. Dawn made creamy carrot soup for dinner.

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