Friday, June 5, 2020

San Jose Paint Job Officially Ended, For Now

Friday: (06/05) We all drove down to San Jose first thing today. We had breakfast burritos from La Victoria Taqueria there. I put away the scaffolding and picked up some things from the apartment. Lou dropped off some tomato plants at Cecelia’s place. On the way home we got gas. Back home, I got busy installing the concrete blocks for the wall. I only had to cut one block and finished laying all the bricks. Now to get some drip edge to help seal the space between the blocks. Dawn removed the grape vine, poor thing. I pruned some of the wisteria for easier access to install the blocks. Lou and I visited Lowe’s to try to find some plastic drip sticks to fill the gap between the blocks. They didn’t have any. At Ace, I found something that will work, some thin flexible plastic bender board. Chili sizes for dinner.

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