Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Golden Gate Park To Golden Gate Bridge

Tuesday: (08/17) Lou and I put all the garage sale leftovers out for pickup this morning then she dropped me off at the train station. I was off on another day trip to San Francisco and an evening computer user group meeting there. By 10am I was out by Golden Gate Park at the Crepevine restaurant for breakfast. I tried their corned beef hash, which they call an "El Paso". It was excellent as expected. Everything I've had there on these past three visits to the park have been great.

After breakfast, I walked over to the Arboretum as I did on the previous two visits. I like the arboretum but evidently San Francisco is growing tired of me. They now charge admission to the arboretum for non-residents. That means I wont be visiting it as often.

Crawdad At Golden gate Park's Stow Lake
I enjoyed a walk through other parts of Golden Gate Park instead. I explored Stow Lake and shared the path with a poke-o-dot crawdad.

Bridge At Stow Lake Pagoda At Stow Lake
I crossed the bridge onto the island in Stow Lake. There is a nice pagoda on the island presented to San Francisco by their sister city Taipei.

Flowers At Stow Lake
There are a lot of flowers in the park at other places than the arboretum.

Bison Art At Golden Gate Park Polo Field Bison At Golden Gate Park
Some bison were brought to the park in 1891 and some are still there. The one on the left is still green though.

Golden Gate Park At Beach Golden Gate Park Windmill
Eventually 9 made my way to the beach.

Golden Gate Bridge Seen From Coastal Trail Golden Gate Bridge
Then on to the Cliff House and along the coast and through the Presido to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Palace Of Fine Arts Photo Subjects Posing Palace Of Fine Arts
From there through Crissy Field to the Marina area and the Palace of Fine Arts. It seems to be a popular place to get a picture taken.

It was then nearing 6pm so I caught a bus downtown for dinner and my meeting. I picked up a piece of pizza and an energy drink to keep me awake during the meeting. I had walked well over 12 miles and was starting to feel it.

The meeting was presented by a couple of Adobe engineers on their upcoming application distribution tool code named "Melrose". It should release in a couple of weeks with some new name. It's sort of like the Apple App Store on steroids. Applications that you develop using the Adobe software can be distributed through many channels from one site. Now all I have to do to take advantage of it is to actually develop something worth while. It was an interesting meeting. After the meeting I caught the train and was back home before 11pm. It was a good day of avoiding the fence.

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