Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot Summer Daze

Monday: (08/23) I built the forms for the fence base. It was lots more fun today since summer has finally arrived. We've enjoyed a very cool summer so far, even cold as recent as yesterday. Not so today. It got up to 95 today and we'll have a couple of more days of the heat. It makes hanging out in the shade much nicer.

Breakfast was leftover omelet. Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich. Lou fixed a tofu, pepper and onion salad for dinner.

(08/24) An even hotter day, 101 degrees high. I chauffeured Ernie to a doctors appointment. I also picked up a bunch of concrete to pour tomorrow. Lou had a therapy appoint and Dawn was at work at San Jose City College.

Cottage cheese, ham, an peppers for breakfast, leftover tofu salad for brunch, a torta for a late lunch and a ham croisant sandwich for dinner.

Wilton Fence Phase II Wilton Fence Phase II
The fence base behind our storage sheds formed and poured.

Wilton Fence Phase III
Andd finally reinstalled.

Wednesday: (08/25) Oatmeal for breakfast. Ernie and I were busy pouring the concrete for the second part of the fence repair. This pour amounts to a 6 inch wide 2 foot high retaining wall 25 feet long, about the same as the first phase. We finished by 11am well before our hot spell got really hot. We cleaned up an I tinkered doing the finishing then we enjoyed Lou's latkas with apple sauce and yogurt and steak for lunch. In the afternoon  I picked up the concrete for the next pour while it's on sale. Dinner was a nice broccoli raisin salad and fish.

During this hot spell even San Francisco has been very hot. Well fortunately the hot spell should be gone tomorrow and San Francisco will be back to the high 60's which coincides with a break in my fencing work as I let the concrete dry tomorrow. I'll be off on another "walk-about' tomorrow.

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