Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sutro Open Space Preserve

Thursday: (08/26) My "walk-about" started as usual with lou dropping me off at the train. A problem with a switch on the track in San Jose was delaying all the trains. My train arrived about 10 minutes late and we arrived 15 minutes late in San Francisco so there wasn't too much of a problem. I made my way to my favorite restaurant near Golden Gate Park, the Crepevine again. After my corned beef hash breakfast I explored the neighborhood South of the park.

San Francisco's Mt Sutro San Francisco's Mt Sutro
I visited San Francisco State University and discovered the Mount Sutro Open Space Preserve which is the top of the mountain above the university campus and also where Sutro Tower, the big TV transmitter tower for San Francisco is located. Interesting to have so much open space in the big city. I went up the North Ridge Trail, wandered around on several other trails and came down the West Ridge Trail. Up on top my head was really in the clouds.

The main reason for the cooling off today was the return of the marine fog which hovered over the city. As I walked up I walked into the clouds which obviously worked because some points on the trail were very muddy due to recent rain. Maybe I should have gotten a hint of  what was coming when I visited the campus and came upon a wonderful piece of art in one of the courtyards. It was a glass brick looking wall that projected moving clouds that was really interesting.

About halfway down the hill I came upon a street with homes perched on the edge of the very steep hill. From that street I took a short cut. There was a steep stairway of what seemed like several thousand steps that eventually came down to the neighborhood below and returned me close to where I started. There were some beautiful homes up on the hill but today's view wasn't too good.

San Francisco's Mt Sutro San Francisco's Mt Sutro
Flowers at a community garden below Mt Sutro.

San Francisco's Mt Sutro
More community garden flowers.

I enjoyed a donut and tea and watched some linemen for Muni re-rigging the hot power lines for the trolleys.

After having another slice of Goldies piazza downtown I caught the train home. Another day consumed having fun. I've been enjoying these San Francisco "hikes". I can get away into nature but return to civilization quickly if I get worn out, unlike a hike into the wilderness.

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