Monday, August 6, 2012

St Joseph's Hill Hike

Monday: (08/06) Oatmeal for breakfast in the backyard.

Valley View Mid Week Hikers On St Josephs Hill
I met my hiking partners in Los Gatos at the Forbes Mill Museum and we hiked up to the top of St Joseph's Hill along Los Gatos Creek giving us some good views of the valley and Lexington Reservoir at the top.  There were then a few hikers that needed a rest. We started at 0915 and were back from our 5 mile hike by noon. I stopped at the Wok On Chinese restaurant in Sunnyvale for lunch before heading home. I set a few more edge bricks in the afternoon. Lou made a zucchini lasagna for dinner.

Note: I finally uploaded some photos to the blog for the past month or more. The added photos go back to the 6/28 entry.

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