Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Concrete Solution

Saturday: (09/29) I had the last of the corned beef hash for breakfast. Lou and Dawn had cereal and then were off early on the rummage sale circuit.

Wilton Walkway Project
Ernie and I started with moving the last of the base-rock from the driveway. We now have a a clear driveway again. There was quite a bit left and I wanted to minimize the extra moving of the pile so prepared a spot where at least part of it is in its final resting place the the rest is piled on top of that and the pile is in a good spot to remain, possibly all winter. It will eventually be the base for a walkway across the rear of our house.

Wilton Walkway Project Wilton Walkway Project
We then started pouring the concrete for the slab floor for Lou's pottery shed. We started the pour about 10:45 and finished at 1:00. Lou made homemade egg rolls for lunch. Very good. I spent the afternoon finishing the concrete surface. A lot of troweling interspersed with other clean up tasks or just relaxing. Dinner was sour bratten beef with baked potatoes and cauliflower.

Sunday: (09/30) Today was forecast as a heat wave day. While yesterday was in the low 80's today will be in the low 90's. We were forecast to have a couple of days like this.

Wilton Walkway Project
In the morning I prepared for the second pour by removed and changing forms and adding some rebar. I also collected the bags of concrete that will be needed to finish the second pour for the slab.

Monday: (10/01) I spent the day in the office and computing. Nice to have a day off. Breakfast was bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. Lunch was chow mein ala Lou. Lou made enchiladas and chili rellenos for dinner. 

Tuesday: (10/02) Up and at it early again. It's reported to be another hot day. Our two day heat wave forecast stretched into several. Ernie and I poured the second half of the pottery shed floor. We were finished pouring a little after 11am and I finished the final troweling by 3pm. That's a nice task to have completed. Lou was busy with the laundry and cleaning the car. Lunch was a chicken pot pie. I went over to Fry's Electronics to look for a new laptop computer but didn't decide on one yet. Lou made an Iranian chicken salad for dinner. 

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