Thursday, October 4, 2012

A New Laptop

Thursday: (10/04) I have been searching for a new laptop to replace my bigger one that I've had for nine years. It is a real power consumer when we travel and is about as slow as a computer can get, compared to newer models. Trying to find a good computer show is getting difficult. Many have closed in the past couple of years. I found the one I liked at Best Buy, an Aspire V3-551, a 15.6" machine with a good assortment of features and a really low price. The little Aspire I got Dawn a few months back has been a good machine so that also influenced the decision. This post was made using the new laptop. I spent some time in the evening starting to set it up. Breakfast was cereal and yogurt. I stopped by Jack In The Box for a hamburger for lunch. For dinner Lou made chow mein.

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