Friday, October 12, 2012

Coal Mine Ridge Loop

Friday: (10/12) Today was kind of busy. It started with taking Courtney to the San Jose Airport at 0545. I stopped by a donut shop for breakfast. While I was relaxing waiting for my hike, the dumpster was picked up. Evidently rather quietly, because I never heard it. Then, with just a little break, I was off at 0900 to my hike. 

Midweek Hikers Group
It was just myself and four other hikers. 

Toyon Trail Bridge Sabrina On Toyon Swing
We hiked out the Toyon Trail in Portola Valley. It was drizzly most of the hike. Not so much so that we ever got wet, just moist. These are some of the nicest trails in the area. The Toyon Trail has a couple of interesting features. The above bridge and a tree swing. 

Lake By Old Spanish Trail Jenny On The Fall Leaves
Above left, one of the two lakes at the end of the Toyon Trail. On the right, the fall colors were showing on the Lake Trail.  I managd to lead the group thrugh the maze of trails that made our loop except for one missed trail where we had to backtrack .3 miles to get on the correct path. So our planned 6.9 mile hike became an 7.8 mile hike. I did manage to make it back with all hikers though. The cut on my foot didn't bother much at all.

After my post hike shower, I stopped by Chevy's Mexican Restaurant for a late lunch or early dinner. Since Courtney is gone, as well as Lou and Dawn, I am the cat sitter. Courtney's cat Spunky got my attention for a few hours before I returned home. More informaion on the hike is available here

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